Barack Obama Hosts German Campaign Stop For World Presidency–UPDATED

July 23, 2008 / 12:14 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

A note about the picture juxtaposition: This is about artistic tone. The profile view. The serious expression. The shading. When I saw the Obama flier picture, my mind immediately called up this Hitler image and I was struck by how similar they are in feel the color choice differences aside. Unnerving really.

Patrick Ruffini draws attention to the advertising and rally literature that is written in German. This action would be shocking, but this is Obama we’re talking about. Patrick says:

So, this isn’t just some sober, high-minded foreign policy speech, part of a foreign trip occurring under the auspices of his official Senate office. It is a campaign rally occurring on foreign soil. They are using the same tactics to turn out Germans to an event as they would to any rally right here in America. This after Obama’s campaign said this:

“It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.

“But he is not president of the United States,” a reporter reminded the adviser.

The sea of Germans drummed up by the Obama campaign will be used as props to tell us Americans how to vote, and the campaign isn’t trying to pretend otherwise. That’s breathtakingly arrogant, and par for the course for Barack Obama.

And there is more about this stop. The Guardian reports this:

The centrepiece of the European leg of Obama’s visit will be his Berlin speech. Liberal and conservative politicians in Germany expressed consternation that Obama plans to address the crowds from beneath the golden angel statue which graces Berlin’s Siegessäule, a landmark which Hitler moved to its present location as part of his bid to transform Berlin into the world capital Germania.

“For him [Hitler] it was the symbol of German supremacy and victory against Denmark, Austria and France,” Rainer Brüdele of the liberal FDP party told the Bild am Sonntag. “It makes me wonder if Barack Obama was correctly advised in using the victory column as the location to talk on his vision for global cooperation.”

Is Barack Obama campaigning for president of the world? Not only is this a political flier meant to influence American voters via the Deutschland, it is seriously unnerving propaganda. What are the Obama people thinking? This is nuts.

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Okay, Lefties, you’re getting on my nerves. I made no comparisons between Hitler and Obama unlike the open-minded progressive nutroots have about President Bush. My point was very specific and in context and called into questions Obama’s judgment about his advertising image and where and how he chooses to share his message. He is making a campaign stop in Germany, handing out German-language campaign materials with disturbing imagery alluding to a former fascist leader and he is making this trip on the taxpayers dime as a Senator. He is not President. He is a CANDIDATE. The way the mainstream press treats him, it’s no wonder he’s confused about that.

Now, let’s get to how Progressives have made the equivalence between Bush and Hitler. First, a parody, since Lefties love arch humor so much:

The People’s Cube What? Not funny? Where’s your sense of humor?

Read about How Bush Became The New Saddam

Oh! And here’s the incisive commentary at Democratic Underground. In case subtlety is lost on you, it’s spelled out.

Don’t forget the wack-job conspiracy nuts who see the direct connection between Bush and Hitler. Here’s a quote you’ll love from Truthout: “It may not be Nazi Germany – it might be a lot worse.” Even more conspiracy wackiness, but it all makes sense to the Left. Bush is ushering in the Nazification of the world.

Kos gets in on it too. It’s too much fun to compare Bush to Hitler to let the people in institutions write all the nastiness.

Want to explain why the Left gets outraged when a point is made about the substance and form and context of an Obama slogan, style, speech location, etc. but it’s okay for President Bush to be directly compared to Hitler in thought, ideology, intention and action and the conclusion is invariably that President Bush is worse than Hitler?

Me thinks the Left doth protest too much.


Ed Driscoll gives this feedback:

I can see though, why the poster does appear to give off, at first glance, a definite whiff of, to borrow from a line from John Glenn back in 2004, “the old Hitler business.” But as Jonah Goldberg has pointed out in Liberal Fascism, these sorts of propagandistic design elements were in the air throughout the west in the 1930s. As were programs such as this.

Because everything old is new again!

  • JohnR

    I’ve read this post twice and still am not sure whether it’s a parody or not. I’m no doctor, but this post looks like evidence of early stage “Obama Derangement Syndrome”. Reducing exposure to Fox News may be an effective treatment.

  • Lea

    All the other stops on Obama’s trip to Europe and Middle East, including the Berlin stop, are being almost entirely paid for by his campaign funds.

    Why is he campaigning in Europe?

    I don’t find the imagery disturbing or the language (it’s Germany, why shouldn’t it be in German), but the fact that he is CAMPAIGNING for president of the USA in Germany is bizare. What idiots in his campaign staff thought this would be a good idea? Why is the city of Berlin paying for half of it?

    I do find the fact of it creepy, and the fact that he seems to not understand that he is not yet president. And that he seems to take for granted that he’ll be president for the next 8 years. This is beyond the power of positive thinking at this point.

  • syn


    I live in NYC, ground zero World Trade Center which was bombed once then completely decimated a couple of years later.

    Also the NYC where plot was discovered to blow up JFK and half of Queens

    Our crime problem isn’t as bad as Chicago’s but Chicago may not be as bad as Detroit or Philadelphia; no doubt there have been worse things than decapitated in all these cities.

    Obama should have done keep his congressional trip to Iraq and Afganistan instead of heading off on a world tour pop concert for Shiny Happy People. Obama has never been to Germany so on his first trip he shows up on a world stage acting as if he is President of the United States.

    Can you not see how ridiculous is this marketing machine?

  • syn


  • danno

    No Syn. We can only see how ridiculous you are.

  • syn

    Ah yes the collective ‘we’.

    Do you ever do or say anything on your own?

  • Mike

    The remarkable idiocy of your post is now becoming legendary, but I’m not sure there’s enough attention being placed on your shameless dishonesty. For instance, the post you link to at Daily Kos in no way “compare[s] Bush to Hitler”–it simply disagrees with an historical comparison that Bush made about Hitler. And your claim that you “made no comparisons between Hitler and Obama” is just laughable. What is the point of your original post if not to do just that?

  • Filipe

    It’s just amazing that americans, of all people, would buy Obama’s meaningless speeches. The resemblance between Obama’s and Hitler’s poster struck me right away when I first saw it.

    When Dr. Gregory Stroud mentions “forward movement, progress, change, a future-oriented sensibility”, he unknowingly hits the nail on its head. The use of vague, “future-oriented” terms was always the clearest mark of totalitarianism. The future justifies any “sacrifice” present generations might “have to endure”. The great leader must be trusted, for he rises above all, sees what they do not see. Obama might not be as dangerous as Hitler or Lenin – but his political behavior is just dangerously close.

  • chinquapin

    OK, Syn, I can only see how ridiculous you are. I do not pretend to speak for other thinking people.

  • nitpicker

    In other words, you’re not saying that Obama is Hitler, but only that he reminds you of Hitler. Adding, of course, that left wingers are bad guys…um…so there.


    I so want to take a class from you…

  • poerba

    This is the best you wingnuts can do? Why not compare the faces on our coins to the Hitler poster. After all, they’re in profile. This is about artistic tone.

  • Cynic13

    I couldn’t agree more! There is actually a book out there titled “Is George Bush the Antichrist?” It’s quite interesting – although I don’t believe it’s possible for one person to BE “the antichrist” – it’s still a fun read!

    Crazy lefties taking it to the extreme, just as Dr Melissa is apparently a crazy righty taking to the opposite extreme. Battle on ya’ll – Obama will win anyway!

  • Cute and dumb! Yummy! My favourite combination.

    But by fuck you’re right. Those posters are almost identical. They both feature men! Called Hussein or Hitler! Facing to the left or to the right!

  • elvis

    Here’s some more nuanced comparisons:

    “Shock and Awe”–“Blitzkrieg”
    “terrorists”–“Elders of Zion”
    “Coalition of the willing”–“Axis powers”
    “smart bombs”–“dumb blondes”

    If Barack were a real american, he would have put his poster in English and SPANISH!

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