Victor Davis Hansen: Why Europeans Love Obama

July 29, 2008 / 10:53 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

You absolutely must read the whole thing, but here’s my favorite one:

Style, style, style. Remember socialist Europe is where we get our designer eyeglass frames, Gucci bags, and French fashions. Instead of a strutting, Bible-quoting Texan, replete with southern accent and ‘smoke-em’ out lingo, they get an athletic, young, JFK-ish metrosexual, whose rhetoric is as empty as it is soothing. The English-only Obama lectures America on its need to emulate polyglot Europe; while a Spanish-speaking George Bush is hopelessly cast as a Texas yokel.

When I saw Obama stride down the steps of his jet, carelessly throw his jacket over his shoulder and put on his shades like a movie star or music mogul, I laughed out loud. The man is a caricature! But I knew the Europeans would love it and the Left here at home would love it too.

Ooooo la la! It’s Obama, he is tres chic!

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    In one or two generations, “socialist Europe” will go under the halal slaughter knife.

    Where will their “Style, style, style” be then?

  • Where, you ask, HUG? They’ll be waiting for the good old USA to bail their sorry asses out of yet another problem of their own making.
    And we will.
    And they will offer the usual disdain for all things American.
    But we’ll do it bacause it’s what Americans do.