Sarah Palin Topless Photos Revealed!–UPDATED

August 30, 2008 / 11:12 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Nowhere else on the web will you find what you find here. Scroll down for more excitement or just Lefty insanity revealed.

It’s already vicious. And they’re going after her experience, but here is the best response via an Insty commenter:

Reporter: MR. McCain, how do you respond to charges that Palin has no experience?
McCain: If Obama had as much experience as Ms. Palin, he’d be ready for the VP slot, too.

The Anchoress notes the Obama’s ungenerous spirit demonstrated by his initial response to Palin’s candidacy and also how he’s treated Hillary Clinton. Like the Anchoress, I’m happy to have a candidate who is a working class woman. I am so damn sick of the effete, elite, Ivy league snobs telling Americans how they know more than you. MaxedOutMama feels the same and had her first political orgasm (my husband was a little disturbed at my enthusiasm).

Finally, someone who’s one of us. Finally a political woman who is like the women I know in real life. A woman who wouldn’t have hysterics if offered deer meat, a woman who hasn’t acquired the weary, traumatized Ivy ennui and distaste for real life and real people. A woman who understands it’s a problem if truckers can’t make a living and people can’t stay warm in the winter. A woman who’s shriekingly Middle America and middle class, and would sit down and have a cup of coffee with her plumber. A woman who’d date a plumber.

Yep. And I like her husband, too. He’s hot. He’s a real, manly man. He hunts, fishes, works oil rigs, snowmobiles and takes care of his family. And as “first dude” he’ll be taking care of the family so his wife can serve her country. So, they are a progressive family.

The fact that these people are normal and average will bring the hate. Remember when I was in Key West and I heard a woman sneer that “breeders shouldn’t be allowed here”? Yeah, well, the breeder-hating folks, Gaia-worshiping, gun-hating, church-loathing folks will come out in force. MOM went over to the DU and found this:

And just watch them tying themselves in knots here – the vitriol is spattering everywhere:
24. ohmygod. Calm down.
Stop attacking her because she is a mother or a female. Stop with the whore and bitch comments.
Talk about the issues. Dang–where are all the progressives?

A progressive responds:
31. I will attack her for whatever reason suits the purpose of making her look bad to my audience.

When I am among secular people I will attack her for being a religious zealot. When I am among people from church, I will attack her for being of a heterodox denomination. When I am among liberals I will attack her for her conservative views. When I am among conservatives I will attack her for her for anything they are prove to view as shortcomings in ideology. When I am among women, I will deride the obvious pandering of her nomination and the fact that McCain must not think much of womens’ intelligence, when I am among conservative men who dislike women in authority, I will rub their noses in it.

If I can attack her for opposite reasons over the course of an afternoon, I will consider it an accomplishment.

Same goes for Johnny Boy.

Sexism, thy name is progressive. Of course, conservative women, especially in the blogosphere know this. Most have been subjected to vile treatment, myself included. Eh, whatever. Sarah Palin is tough. She can weather it. Another tough woman, Michelle Malkin, is thrilled with the choice. So are her readers. Both women mess things up for liberals–married, kids, career, conservative politics. It’s all too much. Women, especially, must fit into a category and when they don’t, they pay.

You’re going to hear about, if you haven’t already, about “Troopergate”. Might as well know the truth, because you won’t get it from the MSM.

And what you won’t find here, and I know this is disappointing, is naked pictures of Sarah Palin. Ace gave me the idea for the headline when he posted this:

Lefties are furiously scouring the internet for Sarah Palin’s old position papers on NAFTA.

Just kidding. They say they want to keep the debate elevated and discuss the issues, but that is, of course, like so much of what they say, an utter lie. Mitigated only by the fact they’re so self-deluded about their own righteous virtue and lofty intellectualism they almost believe it themselves.

So what are they looking for?

Well, check out the search which just landed on my site. And the various lefty sites encouraging searching in this direction.

That about sums up the Left. Jeff Goldstein, ever salient, had me laughing as usual:

See, this is why journos in the bag for Obama should await the royal talking points before opening their dullard yaps.

But that was only the warm-up. Here’s the gist:

But in making this argument — that a 72-year old candidate is almost certain to kick while in office — what you have further done is begun alienating aging boomers who will soon be McCain’s age, questioning their worth and viability, throwing into doubt their general competence.

– Which means Roberts has managed to 1) highlight the inexperience of the Dem candidate for president by going after the inexperience of the Republican candidate for vice president; 2) has managed to make an implied argument that the inexperience of a woman is somehow more dangerous than the inexperience of a man, or a man of (half) color; and 3) has managed to make an ageist argument that could, at some level, get aging Dem Boomers to believe that their party thinks of them as prop voters, necessary for victory, but after that, to be set afloat on an ice chunk and allowed to drift off serenely into the great political beyond.

Add to that the calculus that many Hillary supporters will be thinking, “that should have been Hillary!” and what we have here is a perfect storm of identity politics for the Dems to try to steer their shiny yacht through safely.

The Lefties are crazed because Sarah Palin is a she, a mother, a conservative, and has the nerve to have a mind of her own, a job of her own, and an actual maverick. Plus, she’s hot. That’s the final straw.

No topless pictures, alas, but if there were, it would help, not hurt her. Be careful what you look for Dems, you might just find it.

Pictures here doing scandalous things like visiting troops in Germany, standing with her family in front of a mountain, you know, bad stuff.

Update: Ed Morrissey smells desperation. I smell something.

Here’s the essence of it, from Ted Bronson:

The Left, capital “L”, (and can tell you much I HATE having to group the democrats, the environuts, the commies, socialists, and progressives, the feminists, and the gottdammed ufologists into a single label) has been telling us for decades that a woman can do anything, go anywhere, be everything to all and still be a woman. As long as she happens to be a liberal and conform to their agenda. It must be some kind of special hell to them to see a successful woman who isn’t. For decades, THEY have said that women shouldn’t have to stay home and take care of the babies if they don’t want to. Hire a nanny. Force your office to provide day care. Hell, you don’t even need to have a husband to have a baby, but it shouldn’t keep you from pursuing your own dreams or career. Paraphrasing something I heard recently: you shouldn’t be punished with a baby. So instead of standing up and saying “Wow, Sister. You sure are strong to have five kids and a career”, I have heard all day about how she shouldn’t have continued her career since her fifth baby was born with DS. I have heard women, WOMEN, saying that she should have aborted the baby when she found out it was going to be born with Down’s but since she didn’t, she should have had the grace to step out of public life to take care of it full time. I have heard folks today saying that there is no way she should even consider public life with a child that young, even if the boy didn’t have Down’s. These were all folks from Left saying this. The same ones who wouldn’t recognize hypocrisy if it French Kissed their grandmother.

The Left are the same ones who said Clarence Thomas and Gen. Powell were sell-outs to their race.

The Left are the same ones who ran New Orleans and Louisiana for generations and did nothing but beg for help after Katrina when their HARDER hit neighbors in Mississippi were taking care of themselves, while at the same time William Jefferson, D-LA, had National Guard troops haul his ass out to his house to collect $90,000 in cash that he still hasn’t explained.

The Left are the same ones who scream for alt energy but won’t let transmission lines go up.

The Left are the same ones who voted for the war before they voted against it.

You idiots on the Left are so wrapped up in the idea of power for it’s own sake, so that you can enforce your own twisted will on the rest of the populace, that you can’t even see you are using the same argument against Gov. Palin that you would have burned flags, bras, and effigies about forty years ago.

If there were only naked pictures. Gun pictures. They’re almost as good.

More at Amused Cynic: “Joe ‘Pitbull’ Biden meet Sarah “Barracuda” Palin”

  • Allan P. K.

    She will make a great v. Pres. We cannot allow Obama become pres. He will take the country down. AS Vice Pres she will do allot for our country she has a great out look and will do great.

  • Mightycline

    As to what right? The POTUSA, Abraham Lincoln, suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War and NOBODY questioned his authority as the president holds the authority. What right do you have to question the keeping of war criminals……’re a law student or a dim attorney? or just a brain dead live-at-home-in-yo mamma’s basement– blogger. You have the right to ask but nobody owes you and explaination as it would be over your head by more than inches anyway. Who asks such moronic questions? Mightycline

  • Brendan

    This woman (Sarah Palin) is the perfect illusion now for many middle American women and those undecided. Her celebrity-ism is getting more focus now than the entire election. We live in a sad country, in a sad time, when we focus on someone being “just like us.” Last time I checked, the Vice President of the United States is an exceptional position. I don’t understand the Obama arguments of being “elitist,” if you look at his background, where he comes from this proves that accusation entirely wrong.

    Sarah Palin, to me, is serving her mighty party well now, she has made this race even closer, she will continue to, as we continue to talk about her “down to earthness” and her “up-do” hair and hunting style. Why do we make even our politicians into rock-stars now? On both sides.

    I remember in 2000, the appeal of George W. Bush to many of the same people that are now so taken by Ms. Palin, was that he was a “common man,” someone you could “have a beer with.” A “common man” who comes from a mega-oil conglomeration worth billions of dollars, someone who went to Yale, whose father was President… A”common man” as President. We are that stupid, aren’t we?

    Don’t forget, John McCain is still running for President….I don’t think he’s “just like you” considering his wealth.

    Please middle America, don’t fall victim to this simple yet genius ploy by a party watering down their schemes from the past eight years and serving it to you in a diluted form that is a woman from Alaska with “family values,” rhetoric you can comprehend easily and social conservative ideals.

    It scares and saddens me that we vote on hot-button issues….on “likability.” Likability? Why? Are we that surface-based??

    I guess so.

  • rkf

    To all you right wing, gun toting, bible belting zealots, please note that as of the end of this week, you are all socialists.

    Your government has just bought out all the debt accumulated by the unbridled deregulated capitalistic greed, of the last eight years, of an administration “under God”.

    You now have the worst of everything, Complete government control of your economy, the ultimate of socialism but without any protective umbrella that should come with socialism, such as universal health care.

    If it wasn’t so tragic I would be laughing.

    Historically a militray was governed by stomachs (food supply lines)

    Currently the military is governed by their oil supplies

    an M1 tank .6 miles per gallon
    A C5 Galaxy requires 60,000 gals. per fuel up
    will burn that in about 4 hrs.

    Your feds don’t know the value of the assets they just bought, they will hide the facts until the eledtion is over

    they also don’t know how they will fund the purchase of all this debts

    Do you really seriously believe that Americans will buy these bonds at 2%?

    The chinese won’t either.

    So the markets went up, because your feds told the market they can no longer short sell, so the smart investors will trick you into believing the market is coming back just as long as they need to get themselves the hell out of he market. They will in effect trade places, so that when the market really collapses, it will be the taxi drivers and ordinary working stiffs, holding the bag. So once all the “working stiffs’ have been blown away they will come back and buy your economy back at bargain basement prices. so has it alwasy been.

    So hang onto your guns, you were right all along
    the state cannot protect your interests

    i was wrong.

  • Dave Farley

    I heard someone imply that sexist men made more money. I wish I could believe that. Sarah Palin is a fuckin knockout and if you can be a sex object with no brain I guess you can win an election. Russia being in the back of one’s house makes it possible for one to have foreign policy experience in Alaska.

    I guess if the old guy dies this classy lady is president, I am moving to Canada. If the AMerican mentality can be so fuckin stupid, than I guess we Democracy can wither away. It is gradually falling away and it is up to people like you and I to fight to keep our freedom and put country first. Fuck you all Mccain and Palin

  • Hey Dave Farley, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out. Now, if you could convince the rest of you o so superior liberals to go with you, America could continue being the greatest country in the world.
    The problem is, your a liar, like Baldwin and Streisand, and you only say you’ll leave. Be a man and keep your word.

  • rkf

    Thomas Jefferson said it best, “If the American people ever allow private
    banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by
    deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around
    the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children
    will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” The
    “bailout” of Wall Street will kill Main Street.

  • lawl

    i totally saw the topless photos ahhahahaha

  • JD

    I wish I had a mom like Sarah. Go Sarah!

  • Sarah is a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and given the four cancer scares her superior has had, this puts her odds quite high of actually assuming the Presidency. That the Republican party could so shamelessly put forward a candidate so utterly lacking in global political stature and so lacking in any understanding of the larger policy issues is shocking enough, but the candidate has subsequently shown herself to be unable to lead policy and instead simply parrots positions of the platform. Such a candidate is absolutely unfit for office, and she should be removed from the Republican Party platform rapidly in order to restore some confidence in the Party’s goals for this great nation. Finally, I suggest all our fears are succinctly summed up by this video:

  • Mr. Michael

    You are the cancer not the cure. Sarah Palin and McCain (aka: The Keating Five) research that please. If you have known facts about the VP you so highly respect, then please refer to the corruption of her contributors and how she has left Alaska in more debt than when she first began her term. Did anyone watch the debate and not realize that if we have another George Bush or moronic Alaskan Gov. as President/Acting President, this country can actually reach a new low. They say one president cannot change the entire country for a long period of time, G.W. has proved that statement false. Please perform some research before voting people, this is an obvious choice here…When has a Republican president helped you out in the last decade, wait, the last 3 decades? Notice how Republican presidents force war with America and another country (must be plenty of WMD’s or maybe more faulty intelligence). I award you no points Mr. Michael and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Ron

    You are closed minded. You voted for George Bush Jr (TWICE), seriously, did you truly believe you were making an educated decision? Look where this country is now, you must be naive to think he was good for this country. Why don’t you make fun of Bill Clinton or something for attempting to impeach a president for some work head…you are a sad individual that divides the country. McCain voted for 92% of every issue Bush Jr. voted, Palin is completely dumbfounded and has no idea how to work a DVD player, let alone help fix a country (WINK, WINK)

    You are a true Maverick Ron Burgendy

  • Steve Asprey

    Open letter to the American people who can actually think:

    Your country is in crisis and your government and regulators have very little room to move: With official interests rates at 2% and your federal government running a massive deficit, you are more vulnerable to economic ruin than even Iceland…

    …And you are seriously considering someone like Sarah Palin for VP? You may think that she is a down to earth, breath of fresh air…But no, the global community would never again take the US seriously (if it still does?), with someone like Sarah in the White House.

    The problem you also have is that voting there is voluntary. George Bush gets to be Pres with less than 20% of the potential vote? OMG! Thats not democracy! Here you get fined if you don’t vote so at least most people do have a say in who gets elected here.

    Imagine February, and Sarah is in the VP’s office, John McCain’s chemo stops being effective and the keys to the nuclear arsenal and to Fort Knox get handed over to Sarah. Think about it for a minute! Any sane person would shudder at the possible consequences.

    I have many many Republican friends in the US, many still in the armed forces, and just about all are going around shaking their heads in disbelief. they feel disenfranchised.

    So best of luck after November. And by the way, The Australian Consulates in the US are taking record numbers of applications for migration here, and we are by no means in a good state either.

    Steve Asprey
    Sydney, Australia
    (formerly from CA)

  • Mr. Aspey, the fact that “the world community” is bothered by anything the US does is “Tough Sh”. Most of the world community you admire so much are despots and criminals. The Capitalist system, which Dodd, Schumer, Franks, and Obama have been trying to destroy will rebound. 17 times since 2001 the Bush administration tried to stop the current crisis, and both they and McCain were rebuffed by the corrupt dems in charge.
    Palin has more experience then THE ONE, and none of it supporting radical, teach children to revolt and kill their parents, terrorists, as THE ONE did funnelling grant money to the disgraceful, unrepentent piece of garbage Ayers.
    I hope her choice makes all the countries in the world realize that conservatism is alive and well in America, and if they don’t like it they can go fornicate themselves.
    God Bless President Bush, and The United States of America, and keep us strong enough to protect the rest of the world, and keep freeing oppressed peoples (50 million, recently)

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  • Steve Asprey

    Gee, that was a good reaction. I think we’ve found a closet member of the Illinois Militia or those boys on the stone bridge in the first Blues Brothers Movie. Were you in it?
    Not God Bless America…it should be God Save America (from people like you).

  • rkf

    I wondered where McCain got the expression “THE ONE” from. I didn’t realize McCain’s connection to Illinois Milita, make sense.

  • Martin

    Being from Canada, I have a non-US perspective on this election. The Republicans frighten Canadians, and thinking people around the world. In the guise of ‘protecting’ democracy (yeah, right) they have been the most beligerent of administrations. The US is a conundrum to other Western countries, and YES, there are other countries in the world. So much God-thumping, real or pretend, makes Canada and Europe very suspicious of the US. Americans who actually go abroad further than Puerto Vallarta know what I’m talking about. They know how the rest of the world worries about the recklessness and sometimes childishness of the US. They have worried for years about the over-consumption, over-spending, over-reaching, overbearing, and overweight (figuratively and literally) US. Now, with the prospect of a naive, backwoods amateur (Palin) for VP, and the prospect of yet another Republican regime, the rest of the world is not just amused, but terrified. McCain may be an honest man, a sincere man, and even a good man, but he is part of the Republican machine which is so devastating. Bush, bless his cotton socks, is beyond inept and were he not so dangerous, he’d just be the laughing stock of the planet.

  • Steve Asprey

    Hail the Canuk. Well said. I like this discussion.
    I have nothing against the US. My father fought beside them in New Guinea in ’43, I did in Vietnam in ’70, and Australia and Canada are doing so right now in Iraq and Afghanistan. But that does not make the extreme right wing agenda of the republicans legitimate.
    Bush jr is an unmitigated embarrassment and disaster, and an apologist for the establishment who are scared stiff that Obama will get elected and spoil their cosy trans generational White House party.
    These people think that the Dems are “left wing”. You want to see left wing? Go to North Korea. The dems are if anything a bit right of center.
    Did you know that if the US had not waged war in Iraq, the entire US population would by now have free medical and hospital care with the use of the money. Think about that choice, voters.
    The US will pull out of Iraq in 09/10 and it will go back to where it was 10 years ago…a country of warring tribes only held together by an army of 600,000 and a whole lot of oil that the West wants. Whats missing now is the army of 600,000. They are now the insurgents. To think that the US thought they could win with 150,000! Get serious!
    The US went in like the naive they are, on the white charger, but with no occupation or even exit strategy. Bush senior should have let Schwartzkopf finish them off in 92, but he wimped out as it actually meant man to man combat. It was only when an Aussie General, Jim Molan, took charge of military operations in Baghdad in 2004, that Fallugia was won over and the insurgents put under pressure. He told the US military that the infantry was actually going to have to fight with guns, knives and fists to win it. The US admin did not like that at all…no. But the US actually did do that to their credit…just 8 years too late. They are still doing it and just holding on.
    You see in Australia and the UK, young men and women join the armed forces because they want to be trained to kill people. Thats the deal. Thats why they join up. Thats what soldiers do.
    In the US young people enlist to get a pay packet and a safe career, not to actually fight and kill. It comes as a terrible shock that the rifle they have been issued with will actually get used.
    This is why the rest of he world is bemused at the US and why the US has lost prestige and influence. I’m sure, given the choice, the world would prefer it not to be so.

    As we say down here…Fair Dinkum!

  • Martin

    I have to say, I’ve never met such a militant Aussie – not even when I was drunk in the bars in Cairns, Townsville and Darwin! Not sure I agree with your assessment of why Americans go into the military. If anything, signing up in the US means a much higher likelihood of seeing combat than for either the Aussie or Canadian military. That being said, both our countries entered the Second World War immediately (because of links to Britain/Europe), while the US sat on the sidelines for a couple of years and got lots of cash for selling supplies/munitions to the Allies. Yes, there were Allies long before the US got their feet dirty. Incidentally, Britain only just finished paying off the US about two years ago. Most Yanks probably don’t know they were wartime moneymakers before they were attacked at Pearl Harbour. Many still believe they won the war, when in fact, it was the Russians who took the punch out of the Axis army. But enough of that. Some Canadians actually wish they had a two-party electoral system like the US. I’m glad we don’t. Our election is next week, and even with five parties involved (four if you don’t count the Bloc Quebecois), we still don’t have a decent selection. The US has just two and neither choice is appealing – unless you’re looking for someone to send the country back to the dark ages with no choice of abortion for women, creationism taught in schools, trade barriers, drilling in pristine Alaskan wilderness, etc. Then you have a choice.

  • steve asprey

    I mainly agree. Yeah, Jim was a soldier alright. He really rattled the cage…His book is really interesting.
    You guys were never troubled by the Japanese. We were. We celebrate the battle of the Coral Sea every year, and it forged the ANZUS Alliance.
    But I have to say, the guy enlisting in Smallville, Kansas because there are no jobs, is not told he will most likely see action. Nor are the reservists. But they know now.
    Heck, we only have 8,000 troops capable of going into action in the whole army. But here when you volunteer, at the very first session with the recruitment guys, you get asked: “Are you prepared to kill or be killed”. Its the same, Army, Navy or Air Force. To get into the SAS here it goes even further…these guys are lining up to have a crack. Bit of a worry.

    Happy 5 way elections…I hate politicians.


  • rkf

    hey, I’m also canuck
    a bleeding heart liberal canuck i am
    For some time I have tried to wrap my mind around this growth of this right wing, bible belting, gun toting right wing fundamentalism, and came across the answer inadvertently.

    It is in the demographics. Republicnas have more babies, lots more babies than Democrats.
    Republican babies grow up to vote Republicans; its that simple.

    “No child left behind” “every sperm is sacred”
    Drill Drill Drill baby
    Breed these damn Democrats into extinction

    GWB in effect has given Osama Bin Laden everything he didn’t get on 9 / 11.
    Your civil liberties.
    Your political center
    and now finally your money

    If it wasn’t so tragic, it woudl be a Shakespearian Comedy.

    He has fueled the growth of terrorism all over the middle east. Hamas is democratically elected, and throughly entrenched, they will never make peace, atleast not in our life time.


    some real comedy

    all you illinois militia, whose life revolves around your second amendment to your constitution, and hold to your guns because you don’t trust your government to provide for your secruity: you guys slept on your guns, while yur government socialized your economy, and left you with a socialist state, and without health care.

    Again, it if wasn’t so sad, it would be uproariously funny.

    “don’t shoot me”

  • rkf

    hey, I’m also canuck
    a bleeding heart liberal canuck i am
    For some time I have tried to wrap my mind around this growth of this right wing, bible belting, gun toting right wing fundamentalism, and came across the answer inadvertently.

    It is in the demographics. Republicnas have more babies, lots more babies than Democrats.
    Republican babies grow up to vote Republicans; its that simple.

    “No child left behind” “every sperm is sacred”
    Drill Drill Drill baby
    Breed these Democrats into extinction

  • Ann

    A self appointed pit bull and part-time slut, Sarah Palin, the white trash vote getter may be willing to suck and fuck her way into the presidency. .

  • Dear Ann, your classy argument has convinced me!
    Obviously, with such an intelligent argument, how could someone disagree?
    Your parents must be so proud of the depth of your intelligence.
    It is too bad they did not agree with your brilliance and abort you, but I guess they realized early that the world would need your leadership and guidance.
    It must be so cool wallowing in the liberal mud from which you crawled to teach us how wrong we are.
    Please do not make us wait long for your opinions, the world needs to see just what you and those like you are so proud.
    Your crass vulgarity is why you are so afraid of a WOMAN and MOTHER, (you should look up the meaning of those words, then maybe you will see why Americans like her), and maybe you could learn something from a successful, professional woman…maybe…but I really doubt it, as you are such a closed-minded pig.

  • 3rd Eye

    Who opened Pandora’s box? The contents have been released. Politics, race, religion. To all concerned, your allowing your emotions to control your actions.The road we are all on will come to a dead end with unwanted sacrifices. All of us will be touched and hurt.There is no stopping this, it has been opened, heaven help us.There is no hope, it is being clouded with hate. Oh great one, please stop the world, I would like to get off.

  • thenonconformer

    Sarah Palin’s association with Pentecostal Christianity

    Do also note that while most news media, liberals, democrats had wrongfully belittled Sarah Palin’s association with Pentecostal Christianity, this actually next gave her more publicity, exposure and better still even next more support from many Christians. Not what the demons had expected or hope for for sure. The bashing of her religion was clearly a great mistake on their parts. Obama wishes he got so much coverage now as well..

  • steve1734

    Oh please…don’t start on the religion. I’m an atheist and quite accepting of the fact that I will die and turn to dust…just like the plants, animals and birds and non christians that won’t be allowed into heaven for whatever concocted reason laid down by some old geezer generations ago, who could only think up Adam & Eve as a way to explain how we got here. fair Dinkum

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  • George

    Eat your heart out Pelosi! And there is no plastic surgery!

  • steve aspxxx

    Like her or not, vote for her or not, she’s hot. There’s something very sensual about a 40 something attractive woman. She’s got that look in her eye which says “I’ve got a good body and lots of passion. Her husband is a lucky bugger, that’s all I can say. I bet he keeps his mouth shut at home and when the lights go out and the children are asleep, he gets his reward for loyalty. That makes a good marriage last.
    But VP? Nah.

  • rkf

    I am not gloating.
    I am delighted
    (Obama win)

  • rkf

    It is so quiet in here
    wonder why

  • wowman

    This is unreal, is this even legit. It looks just like her.

  • Danny Floyd

    for the comment about the downs child Palin has.There’s a downs child in my family that we love and was NOT any kind of mistake.So why don’t you give me your home address so I can meet the a@@#*%$ that wrote such and idiotic comment personally? I’m a member of the “Order of the Sons of Light.” I.R.A

  • Anthony Waters

    I don’t know about all of you. Obama is a commie Nigger.

  • Mr. Kroese, I would appreciate your pointing out in our founding documents ANY reference to a “separation of church and state”. Our references to thanking God flow from our getting our unalienable rights from our Creator.
    The reason you and others want to strip us of God is because if you can decide He does not exist, then our rights come from the government and men, who can take them away.
    Been there, done that, prior to 1776.
    I’ll keep thanking our Founding Fathers and their respect and devotion to the Creator that protects and guides this great country.
    Ron Reale

  • Mr. Anthony Waters,
    I’ve always wondered about something. Do you put sheets on your bed, or are the ones your wearing enough? How do you keep that pointy hat on your empty head?
    The lack of any intelligent argument on your behalf, and your falling back on the crudest of comments as you did, says more about you then the victim of your attack.
    While I personally believe he is a traitor and an enemy of America, and I and others can make arguments to buttress our beliefs, your exposing your intellectual vapidity for all to see, weakens any legitimate argument you might think you are making.
    Your mother must be sooo proud.
    Ron Reale

  • Nice post,
    I learned a lot of information from this post. Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this topic so thoroughly.
    I look forward to future posts.


    “While I personally believe he is a traitor and an enemy of America, and I and others can make arguments to buttress our beliefs, your exposing your intellectual vapidity for all to see, weakens any legitimate argument you might think you are making.
    Your mother must be sooo proud.”

    Really? That’s the line you want to take there? Gosh. How intellectually stimulating your argument is. No, really. I’m impressed.

    Now, please note that I am not necessarily arguing against your … “argument”, or for either side of the debate. I am arguing against your pathetic attempt to bolster what you call an argument with petty insult, and claim to hold the legitimacy card. Impressive use of rationale there, my friend.

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    Sarah… If we are so tollerant lets say build a palace for the grand wizzard say where … Martun Luther King was shot… Or relatively close… I mean alll the KKK wants now is equality… Not all KKK members are bad you know… They just want the right to celebrate… I mean Get whats right for their children and grandchildren.. I think we should be more tollerant dont you???

  • Aeris1958

    they are racsists

  • Egenrtry


  • Egenrtry

    Let's build a memorial to Charles Martel along side Ferdinand III in Mecca, see how it swings with the other side, if they are as liberal as they want us to be!

  • Waasa

    I hate all blacks

  • Silverstar0349

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  • Darius Zeez

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