My Favorite Bloggers

November 11, 2008 / 8:54 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

I haven’t done a post like this for a while. With all the new readers and the election past, it’s time to highlight the work of the online intellectuals (yes, we have them on the Right):

Patrick Ruffini–Patrick gives me hope for the conservative movement.

Jon Henke–Another guy from TheNextRight who I like.

Jim Hoft aka Gateway Pundit. I swear, there are really three of this guy walking around. He’s that prolific.

Ace of Spades. Funny and makes a point.

Rachel Lucas. I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to quote her post on Trolls and then you’ll see why I love her:

Here’s what happens: You start a blog. You write your admittedly biased opinions about, say, politics. You reach a certain level of traffic. People who disagree with your political opinions decide you’re worth their time and attention because after all, you asked for it when you put your thoughts on the internet, and you need to be taken down a notch, and most of all, they are miserable shits who get a kick out of being assholes to strangers on the internet.

It’s so inevitable that it should be a law of quantum physics by now.

The Anchoress. I always find myself wondering what she thinks on a subject.

Glenn Reynolds. He teaches. He writes. He scuba dives. He plays in a band. He blogs. He says he’s human. I don’t believe him.

Iowahawk. He has been rocking and rolling. I’d almost be okay with a Democrat as President if I could be guaranteed Iowahawk satire. There will be some small comfort for the next four years.

Jeff Goldstein is grumpy. And that’s the way I like him: grumpy with a side of snark. The press bias has him apoplectic and the moderates have him mad. It makes for very good reading.

Jim Treacher is also thriving in the pain.

MaxedOutMama. She makes me miserable. Every time I read her, I think, please, just make her be a hard-core pessimist and wrong. But nope. She’s right. That’s why I read her.

Newsbusters. All of ’em. I get chronically pissed off when I read their site, but what can I say? They have job security these days.

John Hawkins. Yes, I co-blog with him at Right Wing News. He is doing great work, though, and it is worth noting.

  • Jim Killion

    Dr. M – you should check out the blogsite dedicated to anti-discrimination:

  • You know a post like this is just an invitation for other bloggers to plug themselves, right? For example, I could succumb to temptation and suggest you check out Badger Blog Alliance and Lance Burri, because, you know, I’m sure they would be in your favorites, except you might not ever have heard of them.

    I wouldn’t ever succumb to that temptation, of course. It’s too cheap. But I could.

  • J David

    I occasionally swing by TheNextRight, and several times a day to Ace of Spades, but I am also a fan of R.S. McCain, Michelle Malkin, Dr Helen, Dr Melissa, Cassy Fiano, Rachel Lucas, Vox Day, Greg Gutfeld, Quin Hillyer and James Antell at American Spectator, Morgan Freeberg(House of Eratosthenes). I like Reynold’s Instapundit, Lucianne, Hot Air, Van Helsing at Moonbattery, Newsbusters, and other news-blogsites like American Thinker, American Spectator, HumanEvents, Townhall, WorldNetDaily, SayAnything, Canada Free Press (very right-leaning)
    and newsites: Breitbart, Memorandum, Drudge(sort of)
    Lately I’ve just discovered Treacher (who I like)and Ruffini, and Jonah Goldberg at NRO.
    There is such a long list on my bookmarks now that it takes a determined effort to visit all of them in one day, and I’m sure I haven’t discovered all of them…

  • J David

    Oh, and how could I possibly forget Frank J. at IMAO?! That guy (and his commentors) is so funny I have several times done myself an injury laughing to the point of loss of control over bodily functions…He is Rachel Lucas, Greg Gutfeld, Dave Barry funny!