eHarmony Forced To Couple Gays

November 20, 2008 / 9:12 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Michelle Malkin reports:

So, this is “progress?” eHarmony, a Christian-targeted dating website, gets sued by a gay man demanding that the business match him up with a same-sex partner. The New Jersey Attorney General intervenes on behalf of the gay plaintiff and forces eHarmony to change its entire business model. To be clear: The company never refused to do business with anyone. Their great “sin” was not providing a specialized service that litigious gay people demanded they provide. This case is akin to a meat-eater suing a vegetarian restaurant for not offering him a ribeye or a female patient suing a vasectomy doctor for not providing her hysterectomy services. Sadly, eHarmony has settled . I wish they hadn’t, but I understand the decision given the chilling antics of the anti-Prop. 8 mob. The company agreed not only to offer same-sex dating services on a new site, but also to offer six-month subscriptions for free to 10,000 gay users.

The solution to these lawsuits is simple: Start going after every “Rainbow” (aka monochromatic) coalition and force diversity. Gay resort? Sue ’em. Gay only hotel? Sue ’em. Gay porn website? Sue ’em. If they don’t have services, you know soft-focused Christian interludes, spas, hotels, etc., they’re not being diverse.

GayPatriot says:

Will the attempt of the gay activists to impose equality through the courts never cease?

Not content with the numerous websites offering to match him with a male partner, a gay New Jersey man sued eHarmony, a dating service catering to Christians, because it would not match him with a male partner.

I guess maybe I should sue to make sure they provide services for Jews. And while I’m at it, maybe we’ll have a Christian sue Jdate, “The Leading Jewish Singles Network.”

This is nothing more than a nuisance lawsuit. He just felt hurt because a website offered dating services for heterosexuals, but not for him. His plea for equality has succeeded. With the help of the New Jersey Attorney General, he forced eHarmony to settle.* It will now offer a companion site for same-sex matches.

eHarmony has now lost its freedom to offer the kind of dating services its founder wished to provide. Commenting on a similar suit well over a year ago, I wrote:

The issue here is freedom. It’s a shame that in their zeal to root out all discrimination (or perceived discrimination), some gay activists seek to undermine the freedom of others. Their freedom to speak as they will, to associate with whom they choose and to seek romance with the types of people with whom they hope to find intimacy.

Just as eHarmony should be free to focus on heterosexual romance, so should be free to promote gay relationships.

These kind of suits make my blood boil. Ditto for women who want access to certain sorts of men’s clubs. People should be able to form groups based on any diverse characteristic they want. It’s called FREEDOM. It may not be politically correct. It may be a stupid group. But that’s what freedom is all about–you’re as free to be an idiot as you are to be smart. It’s up to you. Well, it should be.

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  • Naqamel

    Too bad eHarmony doesn’t have the stones to shut down the service.

    One thing I really love about the Catholic Church is it’s refusal to play these dumb little games.

    For example, now that they are faced with the “Freedom of Choice Act”, which, ironically, would not allow Catholic owned Hospitals to choose NOT to perform an abortion, the Catholic Church threatened to close it’s Hospitals.

    Too bad eHarmony wussed out. If it was me, I’d have shut it down before doing something my moral code said was unacceptable.

  • J David

    What just happened to EHarmony will shortly be happening to churches, and other religious/ non-profit orgs around the country, and it will be done under ENDA-type legislation under socialist oligarchy, favored by both Legislative and Executive Branches and upheld, eventually, in the Judicial. The will to stop this kind of thing has been stomped out, so the people shall reap what has been sown.

  • Naqamel

    J David: I disagree, because for all it’s faults the Catholic Church does NOT back down from crap like this.

    It won’t surprise me at all to see a huge number of Protestants rejoin the Catholic Church at some point in the next 10 years.

    To my Protestant brethren: That which unites us is far larger than that which divides us.

    I’m a Catholic, my wife is Protestant. On religious matters, I find that Catholics and Protestants agree on 97% of things, we just argue and argue over the 3% we disagree on – and a lot of that 3% is probably not that important.

    As an example: How was Jesus baptized? Sprinkling? Immersion?

    Ask a Baptist and he’ll tell you immersion, and only immersion and adult baptisms count.

    Ask a Catholic, and he may tell you sprinkling, as rivers were known to be a health risk (dysentery, which is why even kids drank short beer in those days – the alcohol killed the germs…).

    The thing is, the Bible just says that Jesus went into the river to be baptized. Was He ankle deep? Knee deep? Waist deep?

    Or is the important thing simply that He WAS BAPTIZED, and not HOW He was baptized?

    To be fair, the Catholic Church is moving back towards adult immersion baptisms. The reason infant baptisms were so prevalent was the result of the Black Plague and an extremely high infant mortality rate, and sprinkling was used because of water-bourne disease.

  • wdnorman54

    We let congress/courts tell Private Citizens & businesses what gets built into our cars, toilets, washing machines, etc.

    Is this any different that what was happening back there at the top of the slippery slope called CAFE standards ?

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  • J David

    Namquel, if you start getting into sectarian fingerpointing you will shortly have a host of people pointing at child molesting priests. It is said that many younger Catholics are staying away from seminaries because they have become gay clubs. Politicians are still receiving communion that are baby killers, and etc.

    We are seeing cultural trends that not only are not going to be overturned, but are going to be advanced and ensconced in the acceptability of full legal protection and even preference. Gay are running wild in the streets intimidating, in many cases with physical violence, all who disagree, and exercise Constitutional rights that they themselves are exercising. The party just voted into power has been advancing their agenda for 40 years.

  • Mr. Chuckles


    Too bad the Catholic church didn’t choose the moral high ground with the priest abuse scandal (still ongoing). I guess morality really is subjective… Protestants merging with Catholics – Ha! My kids will never see the inside of a Catholic church if I can help it. Sorry, but I won’t sanction child abuse.

  • J David

    The ENDA legislation that I referenced has already been written, debated, and only temporarily set aside for the new powers-that-be to shove down our throats. It will be immediately be tested against churches, particularly large “organized” denominations that represent lots of lawsuit money to be collected for lawyers representing gay invaders. Churches independent of larger organizational framework will much harder to assault, and those may simply size-down to house-sized “Bible studies”, but they will be attacked as well.

  • Naqamel

    I guess you missed it where I wrote “for all it’s faults”. I am not holding the Catholic Church blameless at all.

    J David,
    I agree that Churches are about to get a full frontal assault, and that’s partially why I think a great rejoining with the Catholic Church may very well happen.

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

  • J David

    There will be no joining of free evangelical churches, and most “organized” evangelical Protestant churches, with Catholicism, except in political interests. These churches will not join Catholicism. It won’t happen for doctrinal reasons and it won’t happen because there will not be safety and anonymity in joining large obvious targets of the State, and of the tort lawyers.

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  • One of the issues here, to depart from the sectarian discussion, is that people went to EHarmony because it was different. Heterosexuals don’t try to find dates on gay sites, and they are not inclined to sue because there are other places to go. I think Warren didn’t shut it down because EHarmony is still a good place, albeit with a blood-sucking remora attached to it. It is another step down the wide road that leads to destruction, none of which can be laid at Warren’s feet.

  • clara

    When you examine the profile for the New Jersey’s Attorney General Director for discrimination issues (Mr. Vespa-Papaleo), a lot gets explained about why Eric McKinley was even allowed to use the system to harrass eHarmony in such a grotesque way:

    Mr. Vespa-Papaleo serves as Executive Director of the New Jersey Commission on Civil Rights. He is on the Executive Board of the GLBT Rights and Labor and Employment Law Sections of the New Jersey State Bar Association. In June 2007 he was elected Chairman of the New Jersey Civil Union Review Commission, following his work on amending state law to provide legal protections for sexual and gender minorities. Director Vespa-Papaleo is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and the Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association.

    Born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, Director Vespa-Papaleo became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1988. A resident of Bergen County, New Jersey, Mr. Vespa-Papaleo and his husband were married in California in June 2008.

    (more details about him on the Attorney General’s web site)