More On Mumbai

November 30, 2008 / 11:06 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Mark Steyn is a must read.

Glenn Reynolds reinforces what I wrote about an armed populace. One of his readers noted that the U.S. was once an armed populace who fought against a trained army. In addition, another reader mentioned that the Japanese didn’t invade the U.S. because citizens are armed.

The Indian police refused to shoot. Check out this picture. I see a bullet going right through this little shit’s head/throat. Have I seen too many action movies? Um, no. I’m sick to death of pussy-footing around and not calling these amoral scum for what they are: depraved terrorists. The only solution is to kill them like roaches.

Stupid CNN broadcasted a couple’s location. Nothing like helping terrorists efficiently do their job.

LGF shares the terrorist’s confession. No. Mercy.

I’m blogging about this because this problem is not going to magically go away. The ideology is the problem. And the ideology is not being dealt with. Political Correctness cannot combat such a vicious belief system.