Men In Pointy Toed Shoes

December 8, 2008 / 9:51 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Being in the fashion center of the universe (well outside of Paris), I observed a couple things: New York women wore scant make-up and hauteur in equal measure. And they wonder why they are single? Ladies, if you’re over 30, you need a little help. Black continues to be THE color in New York. Anyone wearing a pastel is viewed with suspicion. Finally, some, not all, men are wearing pointy shoes.

Like wide ties, curly perms, and powder blue tuxedos, pointy shoes are going to fall into the category of what-the-hell-were-we-thinking? Watching a grown man trip down the sidewalk in court-jester shoes made me giggle. And these style mavens were soooo serious, dahling. Just to clarify, I’m not talking shoes like this, these dress shoes are part of the sartorial arsenal of boring professional men everywhere. No, I’m talking about this and ew, these.

Have men become a nation of effeminate elves? The shoes curl up at the point. It’s embarrassing for women to wear those sorts of shoes. On men, it takes all of the fore-brain evolution to suppress the primal urge to laugh and point.

Ir you’re a stylish guy, fine. Still, you risk derision if you become a slave to fashion that is patently ridiculous (pardon the pun). And another thing, most men have wide, serviceable feet. (They also have legs, which, according to Ann Althouse, should be covered. Me? I like a nice turn of the calf, but at a certain age, the legs need to be covered, always.) Wide feet and pointy shoes don’t mix. Why even try?

Pointy toed shoe

Even if you look like James Dean, pointy toed shoes on a man scream sissy. Stop the madness men. And don’t get me started on eye-liner-wearing men. Help us all! We’ve become a nation of vacuous, pubescent girls.

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  • I could pull it off, Melissa, if I could get ’em on my feet. You wouldn’t think sissy. You’d think you were all wrong about pointy-toed shoes.

    Until I disappeared in a puff of smoke.

  • J David

    “…a nation of pre-pubescent girls”

    Ah, isn’t that what women want?! Don’t they want us to “get in touch with our fee-wings”, be “then-tha-tive”, and “open-minded”?

    Heh! Be careful what you ask for…

    If I am going to be any kind of a date, I as a man, have to be completely informed on all of the queer TV twinks, and sensitive/sympathetic, and be ready to entertain the lady with witty- catty snide-isms. “Metro-sexuals” are what’s “in” aren’t they? If Hollywood’s doing it, it must be the way…

  • Ew, what women want that? Forget it. Don’t answer that.

    I’m suspicious of a man more concerned about his looks than me. It’s unnerving.

  • Naqamel

    Women in New York are single because the enlightened, sensitive, cosmopolitan New York men these women claim to want already have boyfriends of their own.

  • J David

    The “enlightened” thinking of women feministing each other into evolving into a higher order of human than men could possibly ever be is going to make the market for sperm donors ever more competitive for them. Encouraging the males they raise, they do not manage to abort, to be “open minded” about such quaint and outmoded concepts as manliness will succeed eliminating our civilization altogether.

  • J David

    Notice, please, Dr Helen’s front page today, both articles…

  • Trish

    J David–

    You clearly know the wrong women.

    Please do not lump us all in with the feministas. Most of us are not that silly.

  • J David

    You, Trish, are not “most women”…you are one anonymous woman(maybe) on a blog. I will continue to “lump” to my heart’s content, based on 45 years of experience, from the eastern side of the country to the western end, and won’t be upbraided by a woman for it.

  • J David

    The Obamunist was demonstrably elected by single women and minorities.

    Ann Coulter is quite correct in saying that one of the worst things to happen to the country, politically, was women getting the vote.

  • Trish

    J David–

    Oh, yes, you will be upbraided by a woman. I have nine more years of experience than you do, and it is impossible to lump people together if you are viewing them objectively. People are individuals. When you treat all women as if they were feministas, you insult all women, including the feministas, just as feministas insult all men when they lump them together as insensitive louts.

  • J David

    “People” is a PLURAL term, or did you go to the public schools?

    I’m lumping based on the CULTURE complained about in Melissa’s article, based on the articles I mentioned by Dr Helen, and based on my own observation, among many things. Stupid, idiot (single) women voters as FEMINISTS/ liberals elected Hussein, as perhaps the largest bloc of his stupid voters.

    YOU are the one sterotyping ME when you make an assumption about how I “treat all women” when I make general commentary touching on the death of our culture. You are free to do while helping, as a women, me, as a man, make my points about attitudes of women in general… Thank you!

  • Here in the nether reachers of the innerds of the country things such as pointy toed shoes are just signs of the outlandish out world. They’d last about fifteen minutes on a man’s foot before he’d be laughed shamefully at and find themselves collecting dust at the Goodwill Store. Not even our alternate lifestyle folk go to extreems around here. Function is more the thing…with the exception of a girl I once knew (quite well). I drove past her house one day and she was out mowing her yard in Genie Shoes… the ones with the curled up toes. (Which by the way is where I really learned about ‘alternate’ lifestyles.)

  • Person’s are individuals. People are person’s. Person’s are people too. I know. I are one.

  • J David, you are wrong. It was lowering the voting age to Eighteen. I was on of THAT first group to do so. I know we hadn’t the first clue about this country and what we are doing, now. Then I was all far it.

    There ought to be more to voting than it is. It should mean something different than it does. It lost its luster somewhere along the line, and the country suffers for it.

    This year was a good example of why we have the electorial college… even though it won’t have any different say than the general vote. But it sure opened up the eyed to the possibilities…

  • Until heterosexual men start running the “fashion” industry again, we will get continual crap for men and women, especially women. Someone has to put their foot down somewhere. Why the hell do people spend so much money to buy things they probably can’t afford to impress people they don’t like? (I stole that line from someone, but I can’t remember who.) I walk around the Mall of America on a regular basis (good place to exercise and people watch), and it amazes me that some stroes are still in business. Pointy shoes for men? Uh, no.

  • ElvenPhoenix

    Hmmm…don’t think I’ve seen any pointy-toed shoes on any men around here. My hubby tends to wear cowboy boots. ‘Gator, ostrich, you name it, he has multiple pairs. Normally he wears his black ones – and Baby-girl has a pair to match, which is cute, since she’s only 20 months old. Hubby also occasionally wears tennis shoes, and sandals when we’re boating.

    As far as what women want in a man, I’ve always been partial to John Wayne and Cary Grant, myself (I love old movies).

  • Trish

    J David–
    “People” is indeed a plural word. “Individuals” is also a plural word. “People” means more than one person. “Individuals” means more than one individual. What are you having trouble understanding about that.

    When you use the term “women,” you’re talking about women, not culture, and when you make generalizations about women you are stereotyping them. And when you make those generalizations about women after women have just expressed statements to the contrary, it does indeed speak to your attitude towards all women.

    And despite what you claim, ours is not a feminist culture–not yet, anyway.

  • Phocion Timon

    Holy moly. I’m glad I live in a redneck part of the world — Texas to be specific. No man in his right mind would wear something like that around here. He, if that is the word to use, would be ridiculed unmercilessly.

  • Mr. Chuckles

    Uhh, excuse me, but aren’t cowboy boots “pointy toed shoes?” Just sayin’…

    John Wayne, real (made up) man… never in the service, all hollywood bs.

    JDavid – Did you get your degree from a private institution? Gee, I thought only liberal “elites” went private…

  • ElvenPhoenix

    Mr. Chuckles –

    I guess you could call cowboy boots “pointy-toed shoes” – but I wouldn’t do that in the presence of the man wearing them, especially in Texas. They might not take kindly to it. Besides, those “pointy-toed shoes” have been around consistently for centuries as equestrian riding boots, and somewhere around 150 years as the currently styled “cowboy boot”. Thus they do not fall under the category of “metrosexual fad”.

    As far as John Wayne…well, yes. That was a highly appealing created persona for the gentleman who was born Marion Morrison. Just as Archie Leeds created Cary Grant. But for me it still stands – as a woman, I want a John Wayne “type” – someone who is honest, honorable, dependable…and doesn’t take any bs.

    I like James Bond, too, but I wouldn’t want him. Not the type to settle down and stick by the family.

  • Great post! Men’s fashion is really taking off lately.

  • Person’s are individuals. People are person’s. Person’s are people too. I know. I are one.

  • Sorry Melissa but I love my pointed shoes. I’ve been wearing them off and on since high school. You sure don’t want me to go off on some of the shoes you women wear. Ugly!

  • Harold Sachs

    Hitler wore pointed shoes.