When Are Women Going To Own Their Sexuality?

March 26, 2009 / 10:46 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Women have marched toward equality and besides being deprived of male gonads, mostly have it in modern America.

So a post caught my attention last night about Justin Timberlake. The title of the post was, “How Can Justin Timberlake Still Objectify Black Women And Get Away With It“. Hmmm… The song and music video in question is called, subtly, “Love Sex Magic”. It’s not the best JT song by a long shot and the real star is Ciara. Timberlake is more of a background singer. Ciara’s career has been spotty and this “duet” has put her in the Top 40. She made a very good business decision partnering with the golden boy.

The video, as one might imagine, is, like many these days, soft porn. Watch it here. Ciara is,….limber. Clearly, she enjoys her body and would have a good back-up career as a stripper. Here’s what Ro of Soul Bounce says:

It’s not even his song but in the video he’s in the opening scene, pulling on a chained Ciara. Whenever the two are interacting she is doing all kinds of sexy acrobatics for him–crawling over him, stick out her ass for him to lean on, bumping him with her breasts–but he can barely be bothered to look her in the face half of the time…and he’s on screen a lot. She looks desparate, and he looks like a pimp. As the video progresses and their roles become more evident it gets more disgusting.

Well, I watched the video and what I found disgusting was that teenage girls were watching a woman portray herself that way. She’s free to do it. She’s a grown woman, an “artist”. Like Madonna or Britney Spears or the rest of the slutty pop tarts, she’s liberated to express her sexual nature.

Why don’t the same people who pushed for this liberation own the results? How is it Justin Timberlake’s fault that he enjoys a woman bumping and grinding? And I heard Oprah once give black rappers a hard time for having scantily clad women dancing around in their videos–objectifying women. And then, the same Oprah, had Beyoncé on to teach her how to shake her butt.

Just so I understand the rule: It’s okay for a woman to act like a sexpot but it’s not okay for a man to enjoy it? A woman can climb a pole in her own music video but if it’s a male artist’s music video, the women should be prim and proper?

It’s time for women to own their choices sexually. That’s what this revolution business was about. Blaming men for being objectified when women choose to portray themselves in a provocative way puts women in the one-down position again. Women are now equally skanky as men. Rejoice.

Cross-posted at Right Wing News

  • WayneB

    Now, Melissa, you know that all the ills to which women are subject in this society are the products of the misogynistic patriarchy. Men don’t actually think of women as anything more than sex objects and servants.

    Blech, I really got a bad taste in my mouth typing that bile. You know you’ll get hate mail, though, right?

  • J David

    Women are liberated enough to voluntarily enslave themselves…and blame that on men, too, of course. Some of the females that howl the loudest voluntarily dress like whores. They then can claim victimhood at any response, real or imagined. There is NO “win” on this subject for men…ever.

  • George Duncan

    Alas, you are absolutely correct. So is J. David. Women have been “liberated” to act like sluts. This is the emptiness of feminism.

  • Charlton Hawking

    This dovetails well with a Dennis Prager radio show yesterday:

    “Girls and women have to learn to control their emotions just like boys and men have to learn to control their aggression and libido. Unfortunately, our feminized society has deemed that women don’t have this responsibility.”

  • RayeHawk

    Oh, good god . . .

    Melissa’s good point is immediately commented by men who don’t know adult, feminine sexuality either.

    “Females”? We’re women. Female is an adjective, not a noun. It’s like saying “blacks”, “fats” or “shorts” – not even enough respect to use a noun to refer to people.

    “Dress like whores”? “Sluts”? And you rail against women criticizing men for objectifying women?

    That’s why, d00ds – you can’t even refer to women without denigrating, objectifying language.

    Our society is sick.

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