Back Off A@@hole!

April 1, 2009 / 4:11 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Erick Erickson wonders when the people will revolt and push back against an intrusive government:

At what point do the people tell the politicians to go to hell? At what point do they get off the couch, march down to their state legislator’s house, pull him outside, and beat him to a bloody pulp for being an idiot?

At some point soon, it will happen. It’ll be over an innocuous issue. But the rage is building. It’s not a partisan issue. There is bipartisan angst at out of control government made worse by dumb bans like this and unintended consequences like AIG’s bonus problems.

If the GOP plays its cards right, it will have a winning issue in 2010. But it is going to have to get back to “leave me the hell alone” style federalism where the national government recedes and the people themselves will have to fight to take their states back from special interests out of touch with body politic as a whole.

First of all, that’s a big “if”. The GOP seems incapable of playing any cards right. So, I’d give up that hope right now.

Second, I think the country has reached a tipping point. There are more people who want “me first and more than my fair share” than those who would claim the motto “don’t tread on me”. People want a government to show they care. Even stupid rules like phosphate-free dishwasher detergent shows that the government cares…about the environment, about baby animals. It doesn’t really matter that it’s misguided and utterly stupid, they care.

We have less of this in America right now:

And more of this:

The government cares alright. About what, we have no idea.

And right now, people want the government to care. They don’t necessarily care about what the government cares about, they just care that the government cares.

Get ready to get mad, Erick. But enjoy your impotent rage. There’s just not enough people who want the government to mind their own damn business. Most want the government to save them and to care. Mostly, they want you to pay to save them. And boy, they’re going to get what they want–crusty dishes and all.

  • Mat


    It’s funny that you mentioned this article because I had a similar discussion with someone on the concept of revolt. In order for a revolt to happen, one side has to feel that it not only has no choice but to revolt, but loses nothing by doing so.

    Now a few conservatives probably feel that way. However, I would agree with you that this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Most conservatives would have a lot to lose indeed if they listened to Mr. Erickson.

    Are conservatives feeling a little edgy right now? Yes, undoubtedly, since I’m one of them, but that’s a far cry from being pushed over the abyss of revolt. I can’t speak for others, but I have way too much to lose.

    To be honest, I’ve really heard conservatives feeling serious misgivings over what is happening right now. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, many RINOs and independents (and certainly the liberals) have had few, if any, complaints about what’s going on in government.

    I agree with you that most Americans are accepting Obama’s initiatives without much thought. GenX (less so) and the Millenials (more so)are pretty much a lost cause unless something really bad happens. They’ve been fed a steady diet of liberal rhetoric for years. Does anyone think that they’ll just do an about face just like that?

    I said this before and I’ll say it again. The liberals have outmaneuvered the conservatives and have done it decisively. While the conservatives kept their eyes on the political spectrum, the liberals not only fought politically, but infiltrated the educational, information and legal professions. All of the left wing stuff you see from those areas is a product of 30 years of careful, painstaking work. And the Republicans certainly didn’t help themselves with the nonsense they pulled between 2000-2006. BTW, I don’t see anything wrong with stating this. I feel that we need to look at this truthfully before we can even think of winning politically.

    I also agree that the current Republican Party has no clue of how to deal with this development. They still believe that Democrat-Lite is the proper format to combat the Democrats. I disagree. Whether people like or not, the Republican Party needs to shift much more to the right. It may be radical, but it’ll define a clear choice compared to the socialist policies of the Democrats. Do I think that’s likely to happen? No, I don’t. And so the Republicans may win some elections, but what we’ll have is a continued leadership that is inherently socialist with some liberal Republicans backing them up.

  • hold up wait a minate let me put my 2 cents in it. to whom much is given much is required. it’s in the bible what a bout charity huh? what about more love and positive input and less mud slinging . if you have abetter workable solution tell 2 people and let us tell 2 people and os and so on. in other words lets everyone with all of our great ideals come together in a united effort to make it work for the good of this nation.the world is watching us the name calling the under cutting the worse let one and all see the good for achange.

  • Farley, I hate to say this but, being me, I will anyway. We can be nice all we want. and we will stay in the cold, dark room we are in now. I hear your message and wish it were so but it does not seem realistic to me. The left has purposefully demonized our President,us,and our ideology. They attack it from within the Democratic party and from without. The Constitutional guarantee of a free press, a necessary safeguard, has been abrogated. Free speech is compromised, (‘hate crime’ and fairness doctrine)
    We have the White House attacking private citizens, we have an army of session bloggers on every conservative blog. Maybe we don’t need to play nice. Maybe we need to return to our roots, our beliefs and put ourselves on the line. Our country surely is.

  • ^^ who is that in the little square?

  • Melissa,

    I was just starting to become aware of what was going on at the time, but I distinctly remember zip, zero, zilch, nada, zipoid, butkus consistency in the political-passion landscape, between 1976 and 1980.

    Folks learned. A lot of ’em weren’t willing to admit they learned. But learning is a non-instinctive behavioral change. Learn they did.

    In situations such as this, it is quite unavoidable.

  • Mat,I too have a comfortable job, house, etc. Many times lately I have asked myself if there is a tipping point.
    I imagine myself with noose on neck, sitting on the back of a horse, surrounded by English troops. Does “I regret, I only have one life to give to my country” come out of my mouth? Or is it “Hey Dudes, ya’ll lemme off this horse and I will go back to work paying taxes to the crown”?
    I don’t know. I keep playing the scenario and never get an answer. Probably just working up to doing what I believe is right. Standing for my country. Not easy to do.Anywho, I read your post carefully and agree with it but I think, in my case(I am no nutjob), there is a tipping point and I am pushed right up against it.

  • Mat


    I think most conservatives have asked themselves if there’s a tipping point. I admit that I’ve done it myself.

    However, I still think the vast majority of people are too comfortable with their lifestyles to even think about “revolt,” whatever that means (there are several ways one could interpret this).

    I don’t doubt that there will be an eventual tipping point of some kind. I believe (though not entirely certain) that the most likely tipping point which will occur is the breakup of the Republican Party.

    I say this because there is a big civil war right now among Republicans about what direction the party will take. I still see the heads of this party ignoring the conservatives while trying to establish (still) a moderate base to campaign from.

    Now the big question is whether that’s workable or not. I think short term, it might be, given the overall mood of the country. However, is that necessarily the best long-term solution? No I don’t think so, particularly if the 2008 election is any indication (since there was no real campaign platform). I think it’s a sellout of conservative principles and the only thing that will come out of such an arrangement is the creation of a Democrat-Lite party, which offers very little difference to the actual Democratic Party. I mean, what is their slogan going to be, “We’re for big government, only a little less???”

    I still think that the best route is still to go pretty hard to the right because it offers a clear alternative to an increasingly leftist Democratic Party.

    But having said all that, let me go back to the breakup. If conservatives continue to get shunted aside like embarrassing backwoods cousins by the moderates, then I do think they’ll just say “to hell with it” and form their own party. In fact, Newt Gingrich is stating as much right now (even though I don’t particularly care for him).

    How much good that will do is difficult to say at this time. If it occurs around 2012 like Gingrich predicts, then I would say that Obama will get a second term (very similar to how Lincoln got elected when the Democrats split into the Northern and Southern Dems in 1860). That’s a pretty disastrous short term solution. However, if conservatives aren’t being heard anyway, then what do they lose by forming a third party? That’s the big question.

  • I appreciate your reply, Mat. If we did not learn from the thought that ‘middle of the road’ was the way to go (Mccain),then we deserve our little civil war. The left has taken no half measures, they attack relentlessly, they put radicals into office and they stack the deck with schools, colleges, news organizations and government. We do have a divergence in thought as to why they are so prevalent in these institutions, I think it is simply that they gravitate to these types of jobs for the perceived psychological benefit. The end result is the same, so, no matter.

  • Mat


    It’s entirely possible and even probable that the left has pushed into those institutions for the psychological benefits. However, I was referring mainly to the Boomer radicals who were such a problem in the 60’s. It is that group that definitely and willingly pushed into those institutions because they took the long-term view of changing the system from within, something they could not do from without during that time period.

    It is the Boomer radicals where much of this wellspring of ideology has occurred during the last 40 years. Go to any university (or any area of power, actually) and you will see these people entrenched in these positions, and I mean not only faculty but more importantly administrative.

    Although the faculty do try to influence the students, it is the administrators at the lower and higher levels of education who are making the rules now. And the problem is that they are so entrenched, they make absolutely sure that open positions are filled with like-minded individuals. Now, the younger ones moving into those positions are going in according to your idea, or at least they think so. The Boomers are hiring them because they want to see these “reforms” continue.

    Anyway, my original point was that until the conservatives begin a herculean effort towards making inroads into those institutions, you will continue to watch the country move in a steady leftward slant. Am I saying that it’s going hard left immediately? No, because there will be a little bit of a balance eventually. But I do think this country has moved gradually in the last 10-15 years from center-right to center-left, which is pretty substantial in and of itself.

    It seems to me that since the gradual removal and literally dying out of the Greatest Generation from the positions of power in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the conservative movement has been steadily on the defensive. They’ve had to adjust to leftist initiatives that slowly pushes their ideas towards the left-center (i.e. the Republican Party example). Even the election of Bush Jr. didn’t go nearly conservative as many on the right hoped. Unless something changes that equation, I’m afraid that things will continue in the direction they’re going.

  • J David

    I would have to go along with pretty much everything Mat has said. I would add that we could more likely expect violent revolt from wing-nut masses on the extreme left(stirred by revolutionary commies in charge of the country itself)before the righteous indignation of law-abiding conservatives – and their fear for their very existence – stirs them to revolt (and revolt in this context may not be the accurate word). Bush signed himself dictatorial powers by executive order in ’06 in the event of “national catastrophe”, and all kinds events may be fit into that category,
    mass insurrection being at the top of the list.

    Stepping back a bit, historically, ALL world powers go through about seven or so stages of development, gaining power, waning power, resurgence, and downward decay, to overthrow and destruction. We are in the last few stages. The moral fiber of those who built the colonies, who fled religious persecution, who revolted against a world-power mother country that was violating its own laws in its relationship with its colonies, and was withholding military protection from its citizens, while over-taxing and over-regulating them toward their own destruction — that clarity of purpose and moral justification — does not exist. We are in *the fall of Rome*, mob-rule mode, immediately preceding temporary anarchy, and then authoritarian dictatorship backlash. The spending for that gov’t will wipe out currency validity, among many things, and large-scale commerce will cease. Survivors will exist in very localized agrarian villages…

    The world (failing Western civilizations most especially) will throw into one kitty, under a central gov’t. America will join it, voluntarily surrendering its sovereignty, and the vision for one-world communism sought by revolutionaries for so long, will be realized. There will be a three-and-a-half year “peace” where people are deceived into believing the “leveling” of all countries, societies, and individuals, has worked. Then treaties will be broken, with Israel at the center of world attention, and all-out chaos will break out from there and sweep the world.