How Can You Claim Moral Superiority Voting For Bob Barr?–UPDATED

July 18, 2009 / 11:03 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

“Don’t blame me!” Bellowed one of my redneck relatives,”I voted for Ross Perot!” Did ya now? And that vote wasn’t a “screw you” vote, that felt inwardly satisfying while it also served Bill Clinton the presidency on a nice, silver platter (the one taking a prominent position on a shelf in his sprawling residence out on Long Island)? Oh no! It was a vote of conscience. It was a morally superior vote. Sniff.

Have conservatives, libertarians, and other factions on the Right learned nothing from history?

So now, people are coming out of the woodwork saying, “Don’t blame me! I voted for Bob Barr!” I ask you, Is that something to be proud of?

John McCain was a terrible candidate for a myriad of reasons I won’t list here. Rather than blogging anything negative, many times, I just held my tongue. (Other times, not so much.) Why? Do I and all conservatives who voted for John McCain lack a spine and principles? Some would say so. Did I hold my nose and vote for John McCain because I’m a conservative sellout?

I voted for John McCain for precisely the reasons we’re seeing right now. President Barack Obama is a statist. He’s a socialist. He wants to remake America into some liberal delusional utopian fantasy and he’s damn near succeeded at every single thing he’s wanted to do.

My brother was in Venezuela last week and talked to a local businessman who marveled of Chavez,”It’s amazing how much has changed in four years. How quickly it happened.” And it wasn’t good change. And he wasn’t hopeful. Do those who voted for Obama honestly think a slide of Venezuela-like proportions is impossible?

President Obama is a disaster for America and I hold those who voted for Bob Barr every bit as accountable as if the so-called principled person voted for Barack Obama himself. It was a vote that aided and abetted an enemy of freedom. How can a freedom-loving person be proud of this?

Stacy McCain’s defense for a Bob Barr vote is this:

A couple of days ago, I explained in a phone conversation with a buddy that, if I’m going to get screwed over, I’d much rather be screwed over by my enemies than by my friends.

Well, we’re not being screwed, these days. We’re being freaking gang-raped. And while I knew that a John McCain vote meant some serious discomfort in the future, there is no way in hell he would have presided like Barack Obama. Fiscal policy alone would have been drastically different. Does anyone really believe that a John McCain presidency would have sold out the country to the Unions? Does anyone really believe we’d have to be beating back the biggest power grab by the federal government ever?

The “teach you a lesson” folks want Americans and most especially, Republicans, to learn that Obama’s statist ideas are huge failures. After all these huge policy disasters come to pass, go ahead and say “Nah, nah, ne-nah nah!” That’s some hollow victory. America will have gone down the shitter. Yay, you! You were dead right! But dead.

Still, that does not mean that I believe conservatives and libertarians need to bend over now. Hells bells. We have nothing left to lose. And this is where I believe Ace is wrong. Here’s what Ace says:

But I really hope we don’t lose sight of the fact that we’re in a bad position — worse than we anticipated, I think it’s fair to say — and that winning is indeed preferable to “losing with principle and ideological integrity.”

Oh yes, we’re in a bad position. But the time to take on the mantel of appeasement is not now. Now is the time to push back against our squishy, fuzzy-headed Republican overlords. They have the equation all backwards. And since every branch of the government is now in the hands of the Left, conservatives and libertarians can fight nearly without restraint and expect the corrupt, bloated, entitled, DC power brokers to get in line or lose.

We are six months in on a four year hell sentence folks. If the Republican leadership can’t get religion in these circumstances, they deserve to lose. Again and again and again.

Here are some things that need to change:

King making: Don’t tell me Mitt Romney will lead us out of this mess. Please. Democrats love him because they know he is eminently beatable (just like McCain). Republicans should stop handing down the Republican nomination to the next guy who has done his time. It’s stupid. It nets us terrible candidates. Also, the NRSC needs to stop endorsing ANYONE. Let the local Republicans decide and then the party can throw their weight behind the Republican candidate (no matter how left, right, middle) with abandon. Ace is right about this: we need people with “R’s” behind their names.

Sniping: Some Republicans seem not to notice who the real enemies are here. FOCUS PEOPLE. We are getting our asses handed to us and we are helping the other side by piling on. If the RNC makes a mistake, if Michael Steele misspeaks, etc., unless someone is doing something horribly destructive (hello ACU), SHUT UP. For every one stupid thing Republicans do or say, there are fifty seriously stupid, hugely detrimental things Democrats are doing. How long must we bleed before we stop cutting ourselves? Turn the weapons on the enemy and then fight like badgers behind closed doors. Maybe this year at CPAC we can have a padded room and just let Republicans have cage matches. Get out our aggression and then get our sad asses together so we can return to the problems at hand–you know, a decimated economy, smothering socialist policies and on and on.

Stop Talking About A Constitution Or Third Party: It’s crazy talk. Stupid, moronic, dull-witted, self-defeating crazy talk. It won’t happen. It’s not going to happen. Let’s clean up the Republican house and start at the bottom. Get involved. And stop the delusional fantasizing.

Embrace Partisanship: How can any Republican still be squishy these days? How can a Republican not see that their party didn’t lose because of being so conservative but by being so all over the road? When Susan Collins and Olympia Snow voted for the Stimulus, they enraged Republicans further. If you can vote for huge spending, how can you consider yourself a Republican? I’ll allow for the social issues. Most thinking people understand that a Texas Republican is a different animal than a New England Republican. But can’t we all agree that smaller government which means more individual freedom is quintessentially Republican? If you’re not that… why are you Republican? Go. Away. Like Arlen Specter. Really, you’re already a Democrat.

Message better: Can we agree that John McCain is woefully inadequate at communicating either Republican or conservative values? I don’t see many doing much better. And yo, Tea Party people: If there’s someone who communicates the small government values well Let Them Speak. If they are actually a Republican, fine. Newsflash, people: The problem is politicians and the solution will be politicians too. It’s not like they’re a pure breed in a pure business.

Anyway, I don’t see any honor in voting Bob Barr. I don’t see any honor in losing. And I don’t see what we have left to lose. Conservatives and libertarians should come out with teeth bared and put some bite behind the bark. If that means going hard after fat-n-happy-n-lazy incumbents, fine. If the old guys are forced to stand on their unprincipled records, and fall, fine. But more than that, the lazy, disorganized and dithering local and state Republican party folks need to snap to attention. If they don’t, buh bye. This is where the Tea Party can be extraordinarily effective. And from there the party will change. And hopefully, for the better.

In the meantime, it’s fun to be the out-of-power party. Republicans are so far out of power, they literally are helpless before the Democrats socialistic onslaught. But in this position there is opportunity. Pick battles. Offer better alternatives. Regroup. Clean house. Tighten the belt. Get back in shape. And never lose an opportunity to point out how pure, unfettered liberalism is a destructive force. Highlight all the failures. And there will be many.

Before this is all over, conservatives, libertarians and everyone else is going to be reminded of why a bad Republican is better than the best Democrat on his best day. And that’s why I voted for John McCain. Because I already knew this and needed no reminding.

Since we lost, it’s time to give up going with crappy candidates. It’s time to rebuild the team. We can start making bad Republicans better or boot them and find great Republicans and elect them. Here’s my gamble: the Democrats are going to screw things up so badly, nearly any Republican will look good in comparison. We need to make sure that a nice solid conservative-small-government type is the Republican.

P.S. The Republicans who vote for these big government policies will pay. The policies will fail and they’ll be hugely unpopular with voters. Voting with a popular President buys you good press and immediate gratification but it’s a long-term losing, unprincipled decision.


McQ opens a can of whup ass on me. He quite rightly notes that the Barr vote didn’t make a dent in Obama’s electoral superiority. A Barr vote did nothing except register discontent. What about the next election? You know, when there are more impure Republicans? Do the libertarians plan to vote for an independent or vote for a Democrat?

I’ll grant you, the choices have been grim. After this election, in a fit of pique I wrote that I was glad McCain lost. And McQ’s sentiment here rings true to me, too:

Barack Obama sits in the White House not because of Bob Barr or the libertarian vote. He sits there because the GOP has completely and totally failed to live up to its claimed philosophy and its word for decades. John McCain’s nomination told libertarians all they needed to know about the lack of seriousness within the GOP to remedy that situation.

If the GOP wants libertarian votes, then it had better mend its ways. We don’t do “tents” and we don’t do “plantations” and we don’t belong to the GOP. You want us, you’d better do what it takes to get us – and you’re not even close right now.

Fine. All I’m saying is that McCain WOULD be better than Obama and I don’t want to see the Right fracture into delusion that nets us socialists in charge. That is worse. Much worse. It is worse right now.

And who owes the GOP anything? The party owes the faithful an apology for treating the base with contempt. And it would help, like I said above, if the Republicans wouldn’t undercut their own position by being corrupt, arrogant, and big government, but not quite as big as Democrats, they would still have a party. Thus, my bringing up Snowe and Collins.

But the Libertarians don’t help anything by flopping around at the edges and indulging in third party fantasies. Libertarians needs to put their formidable energy into the Republican party at the bottom and take the party back to constitutional greatness.

  • “Let’s clean up the Republican house and start at the bottom. Get involved. And stop the delusional fantasizing.”

    I couldn’t have said it better. In 1975, Reagan spoke about this topic. He believed working from inside the Republican party was the solution. Newt Gingrich also envisioned a comeback from within the party. Both were proven to be correct.

    We had eight more years of Clinton than we should have had. Let’s not repeat that mistake with Obama!

  • I also think we can clean up the act; however, it requires a very sharp knife. We really need to cut out the “elite” DC Group that seem to believe they can “get along” with the opposition. While there may be times when a little give and take will work it must be done with the benefit of the United States and its citizens in mind.

    Our parents and relatives of the WWI, WWII, Korea – some of whom are still around – paid too great a price in blood and deprivation to see it squandered on “blue bloods” and “king maker wannabes”. We must not let the sacrafices paid by those who came before us go to waste, nor must we allow those in power now to let their histories be rewritten.

    We cannot – we must not – lose this great country and all it stands for to the auspices of isms.

    God bless America.


  • DaveR

    We have to make the LOCAL elections National (for national offices – House and Senate). I don’t give a rats rear that so-n-so did something good for your personal district, if he SPEND taxpayer money on anything BUT the Military and our Intelligence services – THEY NEED TO GO. Just because your guy/gal did “good” for your district/state DOESN’T automatically mean they did good for the country, and we need to KEEP saying this.

    And ANY Congressman who voted FOR any of this porkulus/bailouts this past year, year and a half – needs to be FIRED – no matter what party.

    Another fridge/bulletin board worthy story Melissa – keep it up!!!

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  • unruhg

    The GOP is bankrupt. They are no different than the party on the other side of the isle. 8 years of Bush proved that. We got more government not less. We got increased spending not less. We got empire building around the world. The GOP needs to put up or shut up. Personally, I will work elsewhere to try and bring the government back to its Consitutional limitations, because the GOP will never do it. Why do I want to spend any hard work and money in a place where at every turn I get my efforts spat back at me in the face. No thanks.

  • fuster

    Melissa, I thought that I ought to comment when you write something that makes sense. The Republicans really do need to start looking to hang together.

  • unruhg,

    I think you make a good point. And the Republicans seem to be self-satisfied and smug, feeling that the voters have no choice.

    As this last election demonstrated, people will vote for the real deal rather than a pretender. I just don’t think people realized how big a “big government” type Obama was. He won because he sounded centrist. As if.

    Where’s a small government type supposed to go? As a conservative with a libertarian streak and a person devoted to small government, after looking around, I don’t see a 3rd party being viable. The country is built around a two-party system and America doesn’t have the time to fool around trying to build a new party from scratch.

    The only choice is to throw energy into the local Republican government structure and clean house. Take the party back.

    On the plus side, when the money totally runs out, all of America will become small government–by necessity.

  • Neo

    2008 was the year that millions of Americans looked over their ballots for “none of the above

  • TheBad

    I think you got it backwards. Maybe the GOP’s need to get inline with the Libertarians. If you want to align with us for smaller government then fine, jump on board and lets clean up this mess that the GOP’s and DEM’s have created in this country.

    Just because will both say we believe in smaller government and believe the security of this country is our #1 issue, does not mean we believe in your parties other views. While we all know that the GOP is almost as bad as the DEMs at increasing the size of the government.

    You GOPs say you believe we should follow the Constitution, but one of the first questions you want to ask, in my opinion breaks the constitution. What religion is the candidate? This to me has nothing to do with being POTUS, in fact I don’t want to hear him talking about his religion. Keep it at home or in your church. I think that is what our forefather were thinking when they put separation of church and state in the constitution.

    Then you want to know where they stand on Roe vs Wade. I believe this has hurt your party more then anything else.

    I don’t think most of you Republicans really know anything about the Libertarians views. We have some very conservative view points, but at the same time we have some very liberal views on some things.

    I voted for McCain in the last election, even tough I didn’t really want to, for the same reasons a lot of people did. I knew he would not be as bad as Obama. I have found that I vote against politicians most of the time, not for a politician.

  • hpb

    I think that is what our forefather were thinking when they put separation of church and state in the constitution.

    Heh. Where?

    If you want poor generalizations, though, let me adapt this:

    You GOPs say you believe we should follow the Constitution, but one of the first questions you want to ask, in my opinion breaks the constitution. What religion is the candidate?

    “Hey, if Libertarians would drop the ‘legalize pot’ from the top list of things to do perhaps they’d do better!”

    BTW, I’m just poking sticks. I lean towards “vote your conscience” and if that means no vote to the GOP, so be it.

  • Naqamel

    My dislike of John McCain is so strong that I was seriously considering not voting for him. I was indeed going to either vote for Bob Barr or abstain and just vote in other elections or even write in Ann Coulter. Why? Partially because I think John McCain would have been a pretty poor President.

    However, I ended up voting for John McCain for 2 reasons:

    1. Vote AGAINST The Fascist One, B. Hussein Obama – who I knew was going to be the disaster that he has been
    2. Vote FOR Sarah Palin – figuring on McCain being a 1 term President due to his age, and Palin 2012 sounds great to me.

  • fuster

    Palin 2012 sounds great to you and thousands of other people across the nation.

  • J

    The Republican Party does not have a divine right to the libertarian vote, and quite frankly they don’t deserve their votes as they have strayed so far from that demographic’s principles.

    If the GOP fields a candidate like Gary Johnson in 2012, I’ll vote Republican. If they field another “big-government lite” candidate, I may or may not, depending on the other options available.

    Oh, and by the way, Bob Barr secured 0.4% of the vote.

  • “I think that is what our forefather were thinking when they put separation of church and state in the constitution.”

    TheBad, if you are going to criticize others for misinterpreting the Constitution shouldn’t you make sure that you are not making the same mistake? Separation of church and state is not in the Declaration of Independence, not in the U.S. Constiution, not even in the Federalist papers. Thomas Jefferson mentioned it in a letter he wrote to a friend. Our Founding Fathers were against a state-sponsored religion like was present in England at the time. In no way were they suggesting that faith should not be expressed in the public square-only that freedom of faith or no faith was essential.

  • TheBad

    “Hey, if Libertarians would drop the ‘legalize pot’ from the top list of things to do perhaps they’d do better!”

    Actually that is at the bottom of my list, along with abortion, and I never consider them when I vote. If I did I would never vote republican. The first thing I look at is, can the candidate be Commander in Chief. Which is why I have never voted Dem for POTUS.

    And BTW, no harm taken.

  • TheBad

    “Timothy Smith”

    I know it is not word for word like that in the first admin.. But the why I understand it, it is that letter the Supreme Court uses to help define the meaning. I just find that most conservatives get so wrapped up in other people’s religion that, they end up fighting among themselves over it. If the person says they believe in God why not just leave it there and move on.

  • DaveR

    TheBad – that’s kind of the PROBLEM. The Courts (and liberal media) have been using it when they aren’t suppose to be – on TOP of twisting the definition. It was meant that there shouldn’t be a State Endorsed Religion like they had in Britain at the time. That’s it. Nothing more. There was NO other meaning ascribed to those words by Jefferson when he wrote it. Zip. Nadda. Nothing.

    But they (and you) seem to FORGET that they ALSO recommended “upstanding men of God” (my paraphrasing – I’m at work and can’t look up the actual words) many times as to who we should chose to represent us in public office.

  • Glenn

    Dr. Melissa,

    I have been a reader of your blog for some time now and have rarely commented on your posts. I want to say up front that while I disagree with your position I do understand your frustration. I have had conversations very similar to your article with my sister and I expect my logic to have as much of an effect on you as it does on her.

    I refuse to let any of the Republican Party faithful blame me for the horrid mess the nation is in. Call me all of the names you want but the nation is not in trouble because I refuse to go along with the Republican malfeasance. Just to be clear, for the moment I am still a Republican but that will probably be changing in the next few weeks when I will change my party registration to independent. The Republican Party no longer disappoints me, they now actually offend me and name calling will no longer shame me into toeing the line.

    John McCain is a very small and vain man. I do appreciate the service he gave this nation and believe that his military service should be praised; we need to make sure he lives the rest of his life in comfort. However, I do believe that voting for McCain was a vote for the “lesser of two evils.” Just to be clear, I did vote for him (a very difficult decision on my part) because of Sarah Palin being on the ticket. When I say that Senator McCain was the lesser of two evils I am not being metaphorical, I consider some of his stands to be evil. The Campaign Finance Reform, which took away some of our freedom of speech, was evil. He has indicated a similar flexibility when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms. Who knows how many sections of the constitution he would be willing to give away as president. Yes, by that standard the current administration is also evil. Is that supposed to make me break down and mourn McCain’s defeat? I can’t even work up crocodile tears over that old fool’s loss.

    McCain is certainly more liberal than our last president. What is G.W.’s legacy? I believe he made the right decision going into Afghanistan and Iraq (even though he botched Iraq and made it a lot more difficult than it needed to be). I also believe he did a good job appointing Supreme Court justices. I am not sure that he wasn’t just lucky on that count, does anyone think that Harriet Myers was a good choice? Other than that he was a mess. What about No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D (?), the Patriot Act (we did lose freedoms in that act), huge deficits (just because they are bigger now doesn’t Bush’s were acceptable), and his rejection of posse commitatus. I am sure that McCain would have built on that “legacy.”

    I know you have identified yourself as a Christian in the past. I am also a Christian. When you say that “I don’t see any honor in losing” does that mean that honor can only be found in winning? As a Christian I claim that honor comes from being honorable (I don’t see why most non-Christians couldn’t agree to that statement as well). Can you prove to me that it is honorable for Christians to play at real politick? Do you have a fixed set of standards that you live by or have you become a moral relativist when it suits you?

    I could say a lot more but I have probably gone on for too long so I will stop here.

  • J David

    MORALITY has nothing to do with popularity. Because I vote for the RIGHT candidate(Baldwin) while 95% of the rest of the dupes vote pragmatically[amorally]under the incredibly STUPID misapprehension the other Soros-owned candidate will be less bad, only says that the 95% mercenary pragmatists got JUST EXACTLY WHAT THEY DESERVED, and inflicted that on the 5% who are innocent by making the correct moral choice.

  • TheBad

    “DaveR’ I agree that is part of the PROBLEM, as for as the media, and the common person goes which is most of this country. BUT, when the SCOTUS makes a decision on something who am I to say they are wrong. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not, it is now the law, pretty much written in stone. How often, if ever is a decision of the SCOTUS overturned.

    This whole discussion started over over Dr. MC thinking that the Libertarian vote belongs to the Republicans. I think most of the time we do tend to vote in that direction. BUT, that is getting really hard to do, esp. with these jokers that keep getting put up for elections.

    The Republican Party has become almost as a big of joke as the Democrat Party in my eyes, and it appears also to a large percentage of your own party. I agree with a lot of what Dr. MC says about the Republican party above. But don’t blame us Libertarians for a Republican not winning the election, or us not voting for your party. Maybe since your party has gotten so confused and disorientated, you Republicans should come over and vote for our candidate.

    Remember when it comes to the Federal Government, you republicans are way to liberal for us Libertarians.

  • J David

    Until people wake up and realize that the RINO Party is a fly-blown corpse and they OWN your naive asses(so they can pretty much do as they please)conservatism is not going to be represented in American politics, except occasionally at the local level. Only mass resistance and its resultant “third way” can set a returning course to conservatism.

  • J David

    There is no acceptable compromise position with WRONG (baby killing, Constitution-squashing, homo-marrying, immigration law-violating, gun-confiscating, land-confiscating, communizing overthrow of the USA), and Juan Amnesty McVain, (the other Soros owned candidate) was just bait for the amoral American voters who weren’t quite socialist enough to vote for the Kenyan/ Indonesian communist revolutionary, but could swallow a “war hero” vet.

  • TheBad

    “Glen”, I just saw your comment, and couldn’t agree more with what you said.

    I think you should post on blogs more often, or maybe start your own blog. I really like you writing style. One of my weak points. I do better in a verbal debate, then a writing debate.

  • DaveR

    I guess that’s the difference. I’m not going to “run away”. I’m going to work to take MY party back. It took decades for it to be lost, and it all started in the late 80’s. The new up and comers from the NorEast had their liberal college education and quick success in the boom of the 80’s and wanted to get into politics. What side what the bread being buttered on back then – the Republican Party.

    So they joined and toed the party line for years to make sure they would get re-elected, and really push the Contract with America in 94 to get back in control, but now they weren’t junior Congressman and Senators, they were in line to be chairman and such. They din’t “have” to toe the party line anymore and could bring forth their Liberal Elite college learned ideas and “say” that’s what the Republican’s stand for now – thus we starting getting the RINO.

    They even pushed one of their own, who happened to be from the good ol’, down home, Conservative State of Texas and get him elected, and for the first term with the threats to our country he did a bang up job of keeping us safe. And NOW those RINO’s were not just committee chairman, but leaders in the National Party and could “give us” our candidates (by giving or with-holding campaign money). They gave us the epitome of the “perfect” candidate their eyes – McCain – not even realizing WHY they lost the House and Senate in 2006 specifically BECAUSE they were “moving to the Center(Left)”.

    So what happens with this third party “if” you win because everyone moved toward you? And in a few years you will start to get “LINO’s”?? Are you going to start a forth party? Sorry, but I’m taking MY party back, not “running away”.

  • J David

    Sorry DaveR, you don’t call any shots at all, not one…zip, zero, nada, at any level. The RINO Party doesn’t give a hoot-in-hell what you think, as long as you keep that mis-used money flowing. Keep paying for the lousy hamburgers the only greasy spoon in town is serving you, and STFU when you get ptomaine poisoning, again, and again, and again…

    OR, start a NEW restaurant that serves quality product, and competes with the catburger joint…Oh, wait! That makes so much sense it can’t possibly work!

  • DaveR

    Hey there J – did I ever say I was giving them money? Please don’t read stuff into things I didn’t write.

  • fuster

    J David , there are hundreds of people who agree with you in this country.

  • Glenn


    Sorry, I don’t have a blog but many thanks for the compliment.

  • TheBad

    And who said anything about running away. I have been a Libertarian for a long time now. I was a registered republican years ago, until a few real conservative friends of mine pointed out that my views were more along the lines of the libertarians. And after studying up on them I discovered they were correct.

    I wish you luck on cleaning up your party, and believe it or not I will be helping you. Because if you republicans and we libertarians don’t do something quick about our parties, we are all in big trouble. I wish our fore fathers had had the insight to ban any kind of parties in the Constitution, and every candidate had to run own their on merit, and do away with this us against them. There is way too many people that vote by whether there is a R or D next to the persons name. How many times have we all heard a friend tell us they just vote a party line. And I don’t want to hear someone say they do not have a couple extra hours here and there to try to learn a little about who/what they are voting for, esp in the last 15 years.

  • Anyway, I don’t see any honor in voting Bob Barr. I don’t see any honor in losing. And I don’t see what we have left to lose.

    I say this as a 22-year registered-Republican …

    What do you “win” when a Republican is elected president? Because in 22-years of voting, volunteering, etc., the truth is, I’ve personally won nothing … in fact, I got a big fat bill instead! The government just grows … SSDD.

    Now what if you flip the story around, and look at it from the other direction? What if folks like you, held to your convictions, instaed of falling for the anxiety expediency? Where would we be today?

    One decision is all it takes. We each only have to make one decision … our own.

    The Republican Party apparatus has never been truly “conservative,” in and of itself either … they’ve been pushing and running the “moderate,” “me-too” candidates for 100 years! They’ve also brutally attacked the staunchest conservatives over the years too.

    So what’s the point in “winning?” More nitrous as you’re slowly hypnotized into the long lullaby of socialism?

    Red Team v. Blue Team politics is dead. It was only a trap to begin with. Just look at the results! TARP was a gift to Obama. “We the people” need to start looking in the mirror, not looking at (or worrying about) politicians and political parties. The only answers available, come from within.

  • RP

    “President Obama is a disaster for America and I hold those who voted for Bob Barr every bit as accountable as if the so-called principled person voted for Barack Obama himself.”

    Actually, it is the people who voted for McCain who are to blame. If you had stood by your alleged conservative/libertarian principles, you would have voted for Bob Barr who is 1000x more conservative than McCain. Furthermore, if the Republicans had an actually conservative leader, like Fred Thompson or John Bolton, maybe Bob Barr voters would have felt inclined to vote Republican.

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  • CJ

    Republican party – (Religion + Racism + Homophobia + The South + Promoting Morality + Meghan McCain + Sarah Palin) + (Conservatism + Free Speech Advocacy) = Success

    Until then we’ll always be losers.

  • J David

    “Bob Barr” votes, specifically, are not the the point. The point is ANYONE BUT THE SCUMBAG TURNCOAT, Benedict Arnold, commie-lib RINO pukes!! Until everyone gets the point, including the esteemed Rush and Ann, that the RINO Party = Whig Party, and puts together a new vehicle for conservatism – shuts down the ptomaine-serving catburger joint they’re force-feeding us from – conservatism in this country is going to be ingrown and painfully festering.

  • J David

    And I am beginning to get VERY weary, and leery, of hearing goddess Palin decry “partisanship”(which reminds me of Juan Amnesty McVain-ese language of collaboration). I want to see an all out, no-holds-barred, war to the bitter end of the communist(so-called “socialist”)revolution overthrowing our Constitution, and that communism is coming from the left with the enabling of RINOs decrying “partisanship”. I want to Liberal socialist Democratic Party ideals[or lack thereof] wiped from this country completely and totally! MORE PARTISANSHIP!

  • DaveR

    We need another Reagan – who right up front said “This is wrong, that is wrong!” He didn’t say, “Well…let’s ‘compromise’ even though I know it’s wrong, so the Libs can’t get 100%, we’ll compromise and give them 30-40% of what they want.”

    Government taking what I EARNED and giving to something who DIDN’T earn it = WRONG.

    Government intruding on a failing company (who’s ideas clearly couldn’t make it in the FREE market system) = WRONG.

    Government DEFENDING our country by going out and KILLING the bad guys = GOOD.

    Government spying on terrorist organization, BOTH foreign and domestic (that’s right, I said domestic) = GOOD.

    Ideas either FOLLOW The Constitution or they don’t, there is NO gray area. That’s why Reagan won in a landslide. That’s why the Contract with America was so successful. They told (and informed and taught) Americans “This” is what Government is allowed to do and “That” is what Government is not allowed to do, and they WON.

    Those Congressman and Senators that ratted us out and voted for this crap should be kicked out of the party. There should have been a news conference 5 minutes after they votes – Rep. so-n-so, Rep idiot, Rep dipwad, you are hearby KICKED out of the Republican Party for violating the ideal that you vowed to uphold when you ran for office as a Republican. (if you really look, the Party platform follows the ideals of the Constitution, but nobody enforces it) If that would happen, you’d see the RINO’s run like rats on a sinking ship, and the true Conservatives bring back their support.

  • J David

    Reagan did not compromise, Reagan convinced, he educated, he was a personable, but flat-out enemy of the socialism that once took him in when he was a liberal. He knew what liberalism REALLY is, because he had been one, and realized it represented the ultimate overthrow of the United States of America, literally. He was able to explain it to others, and to explain conservatism, something which the RINO Party collaborators are not even trying to do, because they are soulless/mercenary/amoral/pragmatists who are playing the game for themselves alone, like the Reichstag that compromised with the National Socialist German Worker’s Party of the mid-Thirties.

  • TFMo

    While the Barr vote had little-to-no effect on Obama’s numbers, add to it the Stay-At-Homers.

    I voted McCain (or more accurately Palin) and got lambasted a few times as a RINO, that I should vote for Barr, vote for Obama, or just stay home to “teach the GOP a lesson. My response was 1: Barr was not going to get anywhere. Period. Waste of time, waste of vote. 2: Vote for Obama. To teach the GOP a lesson. Riiiiiight. Punish the GOP for leaning liberal by voting for the most liberal Senator in office, more liberal than the proud SOCIALIST Senator. That’s like a dieter punishing himself for eating a donut by devouring an entire wedding cake, topped off with a 3 pound bag of sugar. 3: Stay at home. Smart. I’m sure that the Dems would follow suit and stay home too. Right. Gotcha. IDIOTS.

    John McCain is a five gallon bucket of crap. Obama is ten gallons of crap in a five gallon bucket. Whether or not they are crap is not the question; they obviously are. The question is just how much do you want on your shoes?

  • The GOP on the national level, is a dead man walking at this point.

    It will never be able to reclaim power in its current form.

    And with the big money donors dictating that milquetoast moderates such as McCain and Mitt Romney (who are only slightly less advocates of Big Government solutions to our problems than Obama)… I see little hope for it.

    Vote Constitutionalist!

  • While McQ may be right that Bob Barr did not change the landscape that is only because of the addition of Gov. Palin to the McCain ticket. Prior to McCain selecting Palin as his running mate Barr would likely have received many more protest votes and there would have been a lot more folks just staying home.

  • fuster

    You’re all jerking yourselves if you think that there’s any meaning to Barr with or without Palin’s detracting from a vote total that might have swelled montrously all the way to a full one per cent.

  • Philip

    I did happen to vote for Barr in ’08, and I’ve never even been a Libertarian–in fact, I have some serious disagreements with that party. However, living in New York as I do, it became clear that a vote for McCain would be just as “wasted” as a vote for anyone other than His Holiness (as I like to call him). So I was glad for the chance to cast my vote on principle, indeed, because as time has gone on, though as said I have some considerable disagreements with the Libs, many of their other ideas have become more appealing to me. This is the sort of thing that can happen when one reads the Constitution closely, I guess.

    (I almost did vote Rep in the end due to Palin’s presence on the ticket, but she wasn’t quite enough to nudge it over the bar in my view.)

    So my view is that for a voter in a Dem-dominated state, a vote for Barr is nothing to feel sorry about.

  • I like it, very good
    I like it, very good, Particularly in the Authority pages.

  • Searching for this for some time now – i guess luck is more advanced than search engines

  • Jeff B.

    Would there be a Tea Party movement with John McCain as President?

  • Communication is key to any healthy relationship as it lets you share your feelings and tackle problems together.