Health Care: Obama’s Mercenaries Vs. Freedom Fighters

August 9, 2009 / 3:05 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

How about a little something for the effort? The Democratic party and their grassroots organizers are paying workers to hold signs and show up. Who is the mob again? Here’s some Craig’s List examples in Sacramento:

Aug 7 – Make social change – Help Pass Obama’s Health Care Reform!!! – (Sacramento) img <Austin Craig’s List:

Aug 6 – Summer Jobs: Support Obama’s Clean Energy Agenda! – (Austin) img <>>Field Organizers Needed! Help Conserve TX Water for the Future! – (Austin, West Campus) img <>>Community Organizers Needed! Fight to Conserve Water in TX! – (Austin, West Campus) img <>>Community Organizers Needed! Fight to Conserve Water in Texas – (Austin, West Campus) img <>>Community Organizers Needed! Fight the Drought!! – (Austin, West Campus) img <>>Fight for Green Jobs in Texas! – (Austin, West Campus) img <>>Work for Clean Energy and Green Jobs in Texas!!! – (Austin, West Campus) img <

Really, they’re everywhere. Mercenary grassroots efforts.

Meanwhile, the people who make up the Right grassroots efforts aren’t paid. These new activists adhere to a point of view they came to themselves and are organic, self-organizing groups. I’ve said it before, the Left is jealous. This is like a new civil rights movement (no one had to be paid back then, either). Common citizens are concerned about the direction of the country–the debt, the deficit, the future. Health care is just one more way the government is getting bigger and scarier.

There’s astroturfing going on, but it’s not on the right.

H/T Josh Trevino via Twitter

  • We were just tea baggers before and now the irony impaired Jacko Pelosi says we’re Astroturf? Better a tea bag than a D-bag.

  • Keep up the good work, fellow Hannity fan.

  • Well, let’s see here. The Democrats do exactly what for me? Meanwhile my family practice Doc is against Obamacare. This Doc keeps me fairly comfortable in my early 60s and points me to specialists when I need them. My Neuro Doc makes it possible for me to be steady enough to still feed myself. Eventually the condition I have will kill me but it’s also quite possible that I will die of plain old age first, it’s kind of a slow horserace.

    My Neuro doc also hates Obamacare. He doesn’t like the idea of slave days returning in the 21st Century with him as the slave.

    My Cardiologist, who saved my life once and, since the stroke, keeps me alive, also hates Obamacare.

    Who should I believe? The doctors and nurses who keep me alive and in reletive comfort or a bunch of Democrats who have never done one thing for me? What a dilemma! Who to believe?

    Oh, and the insurance company that kept my stroke from bankrupting us? I haven’t heard from them. So, who to believe?

  • I can remember the days when people held signs and protested because they believed in a cause. Now they have to be paid to believe? I guess people have been watching politicians do it for so long why not get in on it. Obama was right he does have a plan to put people back to work.

  • david

    Any idea where they are getting the money to pay the Obamabots? Soros?

  • IllinoisVoter

    Federal $$’s too, not just Soros.
    ACORN anyone?
    Your tax dollars at work folks!

  • Sarah

    Dude. Melissa. Have you actually read these posts? They’re not from the Democratic party or anyone even loosely affiliated with Obama. It’s a non-profit, non-partisan organization that runs grassroots campaigns for progressive organizations. Right now they’re running campaigns to pass Obama’s health care reform because they think it’s a good plan, but that doesn’t mean they’re funded by Obama. They’re not.

    And yeah, I think it’s reasonable to pay people to do this work since the job being advertised is a full-time job. I don’t know many people, Republican or Democrat, who can afford to quit their full-time job to work 40 hours a week as a volunteer no matter how passionate they are about the cause. I think it’s fine for a private organization to pay people to work full-time for a cause they care about.

  • “I think it’s fine for a private organization to pay people to work full-time for a cause they care about.”

    Then why is “astroturfing” being used as an epithet?

  • DaveR

    Yeah Sarah, that organization is as loosely affiliated and “non-partisan” with Obama the same way the MSM is.

    Follow the money – why do you think the Libs and Dems always use tripple and quadruple layer “front” non-profits like this. So then they can say they aren’t “associated” with it.

    Does the NRA hide “behind” another front organization? Does Heritage? Does Dr. Melissa here “hide” behind a pseudo-name like most of the liberal bloggers do? How come all the (what you call) “progressive” organizations have to be four and five layers deep? And if they are non-partisan, how come you NEVER find them supporting a Conservative cause? That’s pretty partisan to me.

  • IllinoisVoter

    Sarah, grow up, then click on a few of those ads and follow the $$. George Soros anyone?
    For example;
    SUMMER JOBS: Support Obama’s Clean Energy Agenda! (Austin)
    This ad was placed by the Sierra Club which is funded by The Tides Foundation which is hand in hand with ACORN, Americorps & Obama.
    Talk about Alinsky principles, educated yourself lady.

  • IllinoisVoter

    Try this article Sarah, ICAN’s involvement in this and shows other left orgs. that are weaved into this Democratic web of lies;

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  • Kait

    Yes, they are associated with Obama’s group, funded by soros. Check out:
    There is huge money behind this. On Obama’s side.

  • Kazooskibum

    The Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise. Pass it on.

  • Laurel

    Great work – I shared your url w/ all my friends.
    Excellent reporting on “craigslist-mercenaries” – and sent to my yellow dog brother who couldn’t handle the truth – flat out denied it.

    Ideologue runs deep. Any suggestions on an intervention to rip him from the clutches of this cult mentality? Denial and hurling insults become their best defeat tactic… I think it stems from fear, but I can’t determine the origin.

  • The DC/VA/MD metro Craigslist is FILLED with these ads too.

    I confronted two drones in downtown DC who were shilling for Soetoro’s fascist deathcare plan.

    I asked them simply, “why are you helping the Obama administration with genocide and eugenics?”

    This administration is FILLED with freaks like John Holdren and Ezekiel Emanuel (Josef Mengele himself, part 2).

    These two wanker drones practically threw the flyers away after pulling out an iPhone and checking out what I was telling them (I had them google “Georgia Guidestones” and look at “commandment #1” — maintain a population of 500 million — “gee, what happened to the other 6.4 BILLION little drones? Why are you helping KILL THEM with this deathcare plan??”).


    Let’s roll!

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