Good Grief! Conservatives Must Stop The Impeach Obama Talk

October 17, 2009 / 12:58 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

So, I’m sitting here at Western CPAC listening to Floyd Brown compare President Obama to Hitler and Ed Morrissey meets my bulging eyes. Here’s what Ed says:

If that wasn’t bad enough, Brown then drew parallels between Obama and Adolf Hitler and the Nazi seizure of power in the 1930s. I have no love of Barack Obama as President, but one would have to have never studied the Nazis in order to claim that the Democratic majority is following in their footsteps. They have a radical agenda that is a disaster for America in both the short and long terms. There are plenty of grounds to argue for their defeat in the next election, and fortunately for us, the Democrats are making most of them for us, which is why they’re crashing in the polls. However, the Democrats are not rounding up opposition and throwing them in camps, shooting them on the streets, or passing bills granting Obama dictatorial power. Those arguments do nothing but make a certain portion of the grassroots look ill-educated and hysterical.

If we want to “remove” Obama from office, we have an election in 2012 that will do the trick nicely, if we can remain focused on it. If we want to cut into his power, the midterms in 2010 give us the same opportunity we seized in 1994. Calls for impeachment only make us less credible for both efforts.

Barack Obama got elected through no nefarious plot. He won because he won the majority of Americans over with his Hope-n-Change message. Is Obama delivering on his promises? No. Do I believe he’s a horrible president with destructive policies? Yes. Do I believe that we should hire new management in 2012? Absolutely. But this whole notion of impeachment with no impeachable offenses is just crazy talk. It undermines the message. Ultimately, it undermines Republicans.

  • Bender

    Floyd Brown??

    What is the deal with all these DINOSAURS of the conservative movement? It really is way past time for all these hangers-on to go. Instead, we have the same crowd that has been around forever.

    Go away. Go away now.

  • Big Mo

    You know, when leaders of free republics are likened to Hitler, to whom is Hitler likened?

    People of all stripes need to stop the idiotic and asinine “Bush = Hitler” and “Obama = Hitler.” Like screaming “racism!!,” comparrisons to Nazis have lost all meaning, so much so that when real racism arrises or real Nazis are considered, you can’t tell them apart.

    A Nazi is someone who holds to the ideals of the National Socialist German Workers Party, not the American president. I would hope that the number of people who hold to that sick and twisted ideology can today be numbered on one hand.

  • Sean

    Wouldn’t matter if he was impeached, the Senate would not convict him. And, being a Marxist, he wouldn’t leave if convicted anyway, that’s just the way Marxists’ play. But to stand around and do nothing while he and his crew of communist loonies dismantle the Republic, is, well, just looney. So, in effect, the future of this country will belong to whoever does something, not just rant about it. Since most will be happy to do nothing, we will get whatever the doers produce.

  • Frank Veracity

    Zero was smart enough to make sure the alternatives are much worse than he is, hard as that is to believe. If Zero were to be impeached and convicted we would wind up with Joe Biden as President. Not much change there. If Biden were then impeached and convicted we would wind up with Pelosi which would be a disaster.

  • Ed

    You are absolutely right. But like the lefties calling Bush Hitler, the righties calling Obama Hitler know they need to do this to get the attention of the great masses.

    Sad but true most people in this country pay more attention to their daily lives and all its problems big and small than to the Great Oz we call our government. And who can blame them.

    What a surprise.

  • Paul Angstrom

    Let’s see. We know for a fact that at least 40,000 acorn voter registrations were handed in for Obama that were falsified. Those are only the ones we KNOW were. I have no problem believing that 3 million votes were falsified, considering that for eight years I had to hear that Bush was falsely elected.

    Second, you’re supposedly a “Doctor” of something. I would at least think that education would tell you if someone does something ILLEGAL that they shouldn’t be holding office. I’ll gladly sign any petition asking for Obama’s impeachment. You claim you’re a conservative and all for voting rights, yet you constantly attack conservatives in the articles you post on RWN. Last time I checked, I have a right to petition.

  • I agree that impeachment talk is over the top–unless Obama signs the treaty in Conehagen, without Senate approval. If he does that, then he needs to be impeached.

  • Janis

    The US is a Republic and has a Constitution which Barack Obama pledged to defend.

    unlawfully exercised the authority of his office to take private property for public use in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees to the People that “private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation,” and without “due process of law”;

    unlawfully interfered with the management of private companies for the purpose of achieving government control of them, in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    unlawfully interfered with the economic rights of the People by imposing unreasonable impairments in the fulfillment of their intended contractual obligations, and their ability to enter into such contracts, and attempting to change our fundamental economic system, where there is no significant or legitimate public purpose to do so.

    I’ll add unlawfully attacking a Media, FOX, who are only exercising their First Amendment rights.

    Impeached? I think he should be jailed. He is a fraud on the American people.

  • mr_e_m_t

    I Disagree with the OP.
    And yes I do know that with out enough people in congress to actually uphold their oaths and perform their jobs impeachment is not a reality.
    NO impeachable offenses? Really?
    Supporting terrorist and communist regimes is not offensive?
    Supporting our enemies and enemies of our allies?
    Undermining and insulting our allies?
    The treatment of our troops? Not giving them reinforcements and squandering the resources allocated to them?
    Interference in the operations and running of private industry? Last i checked it is not the job of the United States President to hire and fire employees of private industry jobs.
    I can go on, but for someone to say he has done nothing to be impeached over is laughable to me.

  • mr_e_m_t

    I Agree with Janis, I want to see him and his cronies in jail along with every politician that has supported his agenda. Simply impeaching is not enough since politicians think they can flagrantly violate the constitution they are sworn to uphold, send them to jail.

  • Paul Angstrom, Janis, mr_e_m_t,

    You folks are missing Melissa’s point. The reason that you need to stop kicking the impeachment horse is because IT’S NOT A REALISTIC PLAN FOR CONSERVATIVE/REPUBLICAN SUCCESS.

    No president has ever been removed from office by impeachment in the 220 year history of the U.S. presidency. PERIOD. It was tried twice, with Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, both times with Republicans in the majority, and BOTH TIMES FAILED. So there’s no point in walking around having wet dreams where you stop Obama’s agenda by convincing Congress of the need for impeachment. It’s not going to happen.

    If you want to realistically fight him, you need to first – constantly fight against his ideas. The American people are suspicious of them for the most part. Second – do whatever you can to make a change for Congress in 2010 so it’ll actually obstruct effectively. Third – support an effective alternative candidate in 2012, because there’s a great chance that he won’t be so popular by that point.

  • mr_e_m_t

    Tell you what, Chris, you compromise and play nice. Maybe that will work out in the end to win success for the GOP or whatever it is you want.
    I could care less if a political group is successful.
    What I DO care about is the the preservation of our Constitution, the protection of our citizens from threats both foreign and domestic, and the inalienable right to pursue prosperity.
    IF a political group is behind those things, I want their success.
    If a political group is willing to compromise those things so they can be successful…I want them to fail.
    Guess that tells you that I want obama to fail doesn’t it?
    So far he has not been, and because of his success I am not happy with simply his removal of office.
    I do not want to see anyone trying to lead America down this path ever again.

  • mr_e_m_t,

    First off you’re comparing the present to an imagined utopia somewhere in the past. There’s never been any political organization in power in America that’s been solely concerned about upholding the Constitution. Which leads you to a choice – either you stay “pure” and apart from the political process because of that, or you support whoever you think is realistically the closest to that ideal.

    Second, what “success” has Obama had? His approval numbers are going through the floor and none of his agenda has been passed with the exception of the “stimulus”.

  • ruthe

    Conservatives biggest problem has been the inability to street fight on the level with these dirtbags. The impeachment talk all gets recorded somewhere on his negatives, so keep it coming and grow a set.

    Lots of us have advanced degrees, but sitting in the ivory tower with fancy rhetoric hasn’t helped, has it, with such as ACORN and the other minions? They could care less. They just want the gravy train (the Obama money) to keep coming.

    Yes, impeachment isn’t realistic, but it sure helps to know there are a whole lot of people out there that wish it could happen. We will in the end take the civilized way, that is, if we survive this traitor running around telling foreign leaders how bad we are and all of this is our fault, while our military forces are giving their lives defending us.

    Perhaps an alternate way out would be to file a class action suit for fraud and dereliction of duty against Congress and the Aministration.
    Surely they are ruining a lot more lives than Bernie Madoff did, and at least he attempted an apology. These people just bald-faced lie, day after day.

    In the end, the Constitution and the patriots will win, and this kind of talk helps us get through the next miserable three years of looking at the lying faces of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

    If we’re really lucky, some Democrat in congress may actually grow a conscience somewhere along the line.