Climategate: Global Warming & Ridiculing The Ridiculous

December 7, 2009 / 11:02 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

How seriously is Copenhagen going to be when no one believes that global warming is really happening? Not too seriously. Iowahawk captures the spirit:


This is the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, home of one of the largest nesting populations of climate scientists in Europe.

Gentle ant’s-eye scene of idyllic campus lawn, strewn about with drunken mating undergraduates

Each year it attracts magnificent migratory flocks of graduate students, adjuncts and visiting faculty from across the northern hemisphere.

Shots of jumbo jets landing at Heathrow; herds of climate researchers busily milling at Duty Free shops, retrieving baggage, phoning for prearranged limo service

Within minutes of arriving on campus, the migratory researchers approach the entrance of the Climate Research Unit and perform the secret credential dance, fiercely displaying their prominent curriculum vitae. This signals to the security drone that they can be trusted with the sacred electronic lanyard badge that will grant them entrance to the hive’s inner sanctum.

Paul at Powerline notes that the Washington Post has finally decided to cover the Climategate story:

Why did it take the Post so long to provide an account of Climategate? It seems to me that the authors, David Farhenthold and Juliet Eilperin, reveal the reason when they claim that the “scandal has done what many slide shows and public-service ads could not: focus public attention on the science of a warming planet.”

It seems so unfair, doesn’t it? The left-liberal community, including the Washington Post, has been unable (in its view) to win the hearts and minds of the public on “global warming” through calm reason. And now, a juicy scandal that cuts against the left-liberal position is about to capture the public imagination.

I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that the Post finally decided to report the scandal at all.

Allah notes Al Gore’s Copenhagen behavior:

Beyond that, a guy who won a Peace Prize for becoming the high priest of this church simply isn’t going to turn on it this easily. The East Anglia boys will dump global warming — and each other, which they’re already doing — before Gore does. Nor do I think he’s ducking the lecture because he’s afraid to face questions about Climategate. Why should he be? He’s already got two pre-packaged “rebuttal” arguments to choose from, the savvy and the schmucky. Just today the UK’s climate secretary went the latter route by warning people not to be distracted from the crisis by skeptic “saboteurs.” That spin will be plenty good enough for a roomful of true believers, I’m sure.

If you don’t think this whole thing has descending into parody, here’s what Paul Krugman says today:

Maybe I’m naïve, but I’m feeling optimistic about the climate talks starting in Copenhagen on Monday. President Obama now plans to address the conference on its last day, which suggests that the White House expects real progress.

And over at NPR, the libs are trying to rationalize why citizens scoff at man-made global warming:

In a poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, climate comes in dead last, No. 20 of the 20 big issues of concern to America. But that doesn’t completely explain why a number of recent polls show that people are less and less likely to accept the science of global warming. Here’s where psychology comes in.

Even as scientists become more confident that climate change is a serious hazard, public opinion is shifting the other way, says Kari Marie Norgaard at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash.

“This seems irrational,” she says. “And in that sense, it’s challenging the basic premise that we have of an enlightened, democratic, modern society.”

So, the American people are unenlightened rubes, that’s why they’re skeptical. Meanwhile, scientists have lost their ability to be skeptical and the left can’t quite get why the American people are scoffing, at this point.

It should get more ridiculous and ridicule-worry as time goes on….what time we have left anyway. With all the carbon being spewed by the Global Warming folks traveling to Copenhagen, life might be in peril even as I write this:

It is being hyped as the summit that will save the planet.

But according to critics, next week’s climate change talks in Copenhagen are more likely to cost the earth.

Researchers have estimated that the bill for the 12-day jamboree will top £130million – and will generate as much greenhouse gas as an entire Africa country.

Yeah, it’s the people who are delusional, alright. The people will take Anthropogenic Global Warming seriously when the scientists and politicians preaching the religion take it seriously.

  • Mike

    Look you are free to believe that Jesus rode on the backs of dinosaurs. Fine. But you can demonstrate in a lab that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air can be measured. So why is this a political debate? Maybe global warming won’t be that bad, but it is settled science.

  • DaveR

    Huh Mike??

    What’s your little lab thing have to do with Global warming? That’s the WHOLE problem – it hasn’t been PROVEN that CO2 affects the temp – OR – the temp affects the CO2 levels. That’s the DATA that was “lost/deleted/thrown away” (yeah, right), and was “adjusted” by a inaccurate computer model program (which HAS been looked at and proven to be not-reliable).

    How did the earth warm up after the last ice age? There weren’t any SUV’s burning up fossil fuels, where there? How did the earth COOL off to bring on that ice age? There weren’t any coal fired power plants to load up the atmosphere with anything? It’s funny how they WON’T answer those very simple questions (because their faulty computer model can’t answer them accurately either!!), but yet expect us to believe what they say (again – WITHOUT PROVIDING PROOF) now??

    Quit drinking the koolaid – and learn something for yourself.

  • Mike

    Hey Dave there’s this thing called Google, try it!

    You can read how the Greenhouse Effect was discovered in 1824!

  • DaveR

    Again Mike – what’s that have to do with GLOBAL WARMING.

    Sure it works GREAT in a GREENHOUSE and a LAB – where it’s CONTROLLED to help PLANTS grow!

    (Hint: You’ll notice that all the predictions listed in that story NEVER CAME TO PASS – or did you just ignore that part on purpose?)

    Added: and the WRITER is part of the PROBLEM, but then again, you can’t seem to understand that.

    “Stefan Rahmstorf is professor of physics of the oceans at Potsdam University and department head at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research”

  • Mike

    Oh yeah, he’s part of that great global conspiracy called science. How do you even leave the house if you think everyone is out to get you?

  • DaveR

    Again – Huh???

    Who’s out to get me? Trying to change the subject? This United States Marine isn’t worried about anybody “out to get me”.

    And he IS part of the lies. This ENTIRE story you linked and his premise was based on the falsified and “LOST” data, that’s already been PROVEN wrong by their OWN emails. It’s in the last two paragraphs – but you probably didn’t read that far, because the first part of the story make your argument “look good”, and the last few paragraphs say where he’s getting his “facts”. Open your eyes and actually LEARN something.

    There is no science that they are using. The “science” they are using is the same as the “consensus” in 1492 that the world was flat “because” a bunch of people said so. REAL science isn’t about “consensus”, it’s about Fact. Columbus (and later Magellan) proved that “consensus” wrong by what? Facts.