More On President Obama’s Executive Order

December 26, 2009 / 7:37 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier


Just go read this post.

The story continues to develop. For background you can listen to my podcast here and Steve Schippert’s here.

  • Tiny_Tim

    Some blogs have mentioned that Obama may be preparing to subjugate us to the ICC (International Criminal Court).

    Human Events mentioned this last February -see:

    So if Interpol can seize Bush or Cheney or a CIA operative and whisk him off to ICC to stand trial for the “torture” of waterboarding, we (the USA) have no legal recourse?

    I’m REALLY ready for Election Day 2012.
    ABO – Anybody But Obumble.

  • OBloodyhell

    I would be far more concerned if they attempted to legislate and enforce a British/Aussie style gun-grab. Unless and until they do that, there is little chance of any seizure of power succeeding.

    OTOH, that means you want to own guns which the cops don’t know you have — that is, not bought at a licensed gun shop, and, if you are down as having any, you need to have “proof of sale” and/or a damned good hiding place outside any obvious search parameters — like in a buried trunk in the back forty.

    And it’s probably a good idea to stock up on ammo loading equipment and basic ammo stock.

  • fuster

    all you should need is one cartridge.