America Is Now A Dependent Society–UPDATED

January 6, 2010 / 10:04 am • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

People don’t vote against their own interests. At least, that’s the theory. So, when their own interests involve keeping their government job, they’ll vote Democrat. They want a politician who is interested in expanding the government, i.e. their paychecks.

That’s why this chart worries me:

Lavishly paid government workers means less money going to the private sector actually producing something. These people won’t want to lose their benefits and lifestyle. If Republicans want smaller government and less money in the government, that will mean cutting bureaucracy. That will mean cutting government workers.

People don’t vote against their own self interest.


Only 85,000 private sector jobs lost last month! During the Christmas rush. When companies add staff.

Only. Happy days must be here again.

  • A great example is California. The public employee unions are a powerful faction blocking real state government reform.

  • Robert Stubbs

    The battle that hasn’t been fought is getting harder to do as more people get hooked on the easy ‘fix’ of government. The people who are of the liberal mindset find nothing wrong with forcing other people to feed the ‘addiction’ with their wealth so are constantly ‘pushing’ to support their guys and gals in office. Most of the people of the conservative mindset want to go about their business without forcing others to fall in line with their believes and expect others to do the same so there is already a natural disadvantage built into the battle of ideas.

    Hopefully the pain inflicted has made enough people aware how much danger the country is in from becoming a permanent “user society” and they are willing to start fighting back against the ‘addicted’ in their own best interests.

  • There are many ways to enslave people. Handouts are one way. Government unions are another. Look at Detroit. The public sector increased 8% with state unemployment near 15%. I’m no math genius, but that means that less workers pay taxes to cover the salaries of state workers. Is it any wonder people are moving out?

    But when this happens nationwide, where do people move?

  • Vita

    Didn’t take long. The MSM, Obama and Pelosi managed the coup with breathtaking swiftness.

  • Naqamel

    I have a question about the graph – are employees of Government run companies – Freddy Mac, Fannie Mae, GM, etc, counted as Government Employees in this graph?

    If not… they should be.

  • I am so glad to find people talking about this topic. It is at the heart of what has been destroying public services in California for years and has also been a major roadblock to reforming systems like prisons, probation and other systems. Perhaps the severity of this economic downturn is an opportunity for people to become more aware of these facts. In California, some local governments are mandating that budget cuts be handled without cutting employees or benefits. Such is the power of unionized government workers.

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