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Israel: America’s Friendship And Obama’s Antipathy

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

President Obama began his relationship with Israel by having President Benjamin Netanyahu walk out the back door of the White House past the trash. It got worse from there. At the AIPAC speech, President Obama told the Jewish audience that he saw an Israel with redrawn, and suicidally indefensible, lines. He liked the Israel pre-1967.

Finally, some Jews have had it.

In NY-9, a mostly conservative Jewish enclave in Brooklyn that voted reliably Democrat all the way back to the 1920s, just fell to the Republicans in a special election. Jews were eager to vote against the Democrats. And Obama.

Does this spell the demise of the left’s historical relationship with American Jews? Maybe. Please listen to Evan Pokroy go through the history of the American – Israel relationship and the changing landscape of Judaism and the conservative movement in America. I found his perspective fascinating.

This topic takes on added significance as Republican presidential hopefuls like Rick Perry sponsor events to woo Jewish voters. American conservatives are staunchly pro-Israel.

Please listen to Evan share his thoughts with me!

Link to the podcast here. Please subscribe to my weekly podcast at iTunes here.

Free Trade Agreements President Obama Ignores Killing Jobs

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Kevin Brady talks about the Free Trade Agreements President Obama is currently using as a footstool. Remember when he blabbed about getting them passed and blamed the Republicans? Uh, well, he has to send them to Congress and hasn’t.

Watch Kevin Brady (R-TX) share his frustration (happens to be my Congressman, as an aside):

Just more lies and more danger to the U.S. economy and jobs.

At the Chamberpost, Sean Hackbarth says:

“It doesn’t take a genius to know that failing to pass the pending FTAs puts American jobs at risk–an estimated 380,000 jobs according to a Chamber study.”


Light Squared Irony

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Light Squared advertises in The Hill on a page talking about Light Squared using tax payer money to stop an investigation into how Light Squared uses tax payer money.


Andrew Malcolm Gets A New Job!

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

So excited to announce that Andrew Malcolm, formerly of the L.A. Times and currently my Malcolm and Melissa blog partner will now be writing for Investors Business Daily! Here’s the press release:

Investor’s Business Daily Welcomes Popular Blogger Andrew Malcolm

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 15, 2011) — Investor’s Business Daily is proud to welcome acclaimed blogger Andrew Malcolm to its Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial team with a new blog at IBD’s award-winning site,
“Andrew has built one of the most incisive and entertaining political blogs,” said Chris Gessel, IBD’s Executive Editor and Chief Strategy Officer. “He is a veteran journalist who’s also worked inside politics. His experience and insight are both unique and impressive, and Andrew’s enthusiasm, wit and exuberance are infectious. I’m sure our readers will feel the same when he kicks off his new blog on next month.”
Malcolm is a veteran national and foreign correspondent and editor with 36 years experience in journalism and another eight in government and politics, including a national presidential campaign. He’s been based in Chicago, San Francisco, Vietnam, Tokyo, Toronto, New York and the United Nations.

The winner of numerous journalism prizes including the National Headliners Award, the George Polk Award, and a Pulitzer Finalist in 2004, Malcolm for the past four years has written the highly-rated Top of the Ticket political commentary column at He is one of the top-ranked conservative writers on Twitter, where he has 73,000 followers, and is a regular commentator on HotAir, LibertyPundits, XM/POTUS, Fox & Friends and KABC.
Malcolm is also the author of 10 books, including two best-sellers and two that became TV movies. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northwestern University and was an adjunct professor of communications at Montana State University.

Understanding The Texas Dream Act, American Majority’s Training Bomb, & What Really Happened At The CNN/TeaParty Debate

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

My Right Doctor podcast this week features three awesome Texans. First, Raz Shafer of American Majority talks about their nationwide “Training Bomb” that will hit swing states and key areas this coming Saturday, September 17. Then, Will Franklin who is doing social media and communications for the Perry campaign explains the Texas Dream Act (it is not anything like the evil the Dems tried to foist on Americans. Finally, Ali Akbar was in the audience at the CNN/Teaparty debate and explains who shouted out and clapped at the debate. Do Tea Partiers want people to die? Do they? Find out!

Listen to the whole thing here.

Gonzo For Gardasil!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

I am going to illustrate what viewers of last night’s debate cared about with a Venn diagram.

Now, I’m going to share what was important according to some candidates and the Democrat-media complex who love them:

I don’t believe that the Gardasil vaccine thing is going to determine the primary, the election, or anything else. I could be wrong. It could be The Most Important Issue Ever In The History Of Republican Primaries, so I thought I’d take a little non-scientific poll:

deal breaker
really? REALLY?
is that like Massengil?
I hate primaries free polls 

NY 9 Redrawing The Lines: Obama Rebuked

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Friend to me: We won NY 9!

Me to friend: More importantly, Democrats lost.

P.S. We also won in Nevada’s special tonight.

Does this have far-reaching implications? Well. It’s not good news for Democrats but nothing to get too excited about. Lots of work ahead.

Still, winning is so much better than losing, isn’t it?

Rundown here.

Sex Ed For Kids And Teens

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Just had the conversation again… No, not The [Birds-n-Bees] Conversation with the kids. I had the conversation about how to have the conversation with the kids. This time it was the girlfriends, but I’ve had the conversation with my sister, patients and other folks.

So, to be of public service, and because I have a blog and why not?, I’m sharing the books that I find helpful in this case.

Best book for girls:

I suggest buying this book when your daughter hits ten or eleven. It is really a great primer for every general growing up question, mind and body.

Best Book for Boys:

There didn’t used to be an equivalent book for boys. I’m happy to share this new offering, though. It’s really useful and easy to read.

Now, to the sex ed stuff. I believe that it’s important to include the spiritual in the sexual, because they’re one. Still, books that are preachy can make an awkward talk annoying. So, what to do?

Well, I have a couple books I like.

Where Did I Come From?
This book is out of print, unfortunately. It’s such a fun, good humored, and hippie-ish, take on the topic.

Here are my favorite books, by far. This series is broken down by a child’s age and development level.

Here’s the first, for children ages 3 – 5. For those who are aghast at starting sex ed at ages 3, consider that with all the creeps in the world, you’ll want your child to have the language and understanding to talk to you about his or her body. No one wants to be a reactive parent.

Now for children ages 5-8:

For kids ages 8-11:

Finally, the heavy duty facts:

Here’s my experience with the whole thing: If you talk about it when the children are younger, they’ll have less embarrassment, if any at all.

The problem is that most people wait too long–they wait until their kids are already fully changing. Maybe their daughter started her period. Maybe their son’s voice has dropped and all the other engines are starting to run.

That’s too late.

From ages about 8 through 11, children are very open to you and not defensive about their bodies or their questions.

Because children, especially girls, are maturing at such early ages, waiting to have “The Talk” can put a child in a frightening situation.

Being straight-forward and matter-of-fact and also, keeping it simple, helps here.

Asking a kid, “What do you want to know?” is a good place to start. And then, answer the question–simply.

For those used to my political posts, don’t worry. There will be more of those. I just decided to share this post because it’s come up so much recently.

Best of luck, parents! Parenting ain’t for the faint of heart that is for sure.

A 9/11 Round-Up: Please share links in comments, too

Saturday, September 10th, 2011


I just put up my post about 9/11. It’s not exactly sunshine and daisies. Anyway, I’m posting other reactions here, too:

The sun rises — Picture of the 9/11 memorial this morning.

MUST READ: Raina Williams — Round Numbers Don’t Mean Anything

Reuters — Slideshow of pictures.

Wall Street Journal — Round up. Worth a look.

Erick Erickson — In memoriam. All the names.

Michelle Malkin — All the wrong 9/11 lessons

Peggy Noonan — We’ll never get over it

Israelly Cool — 9/11 Ten Years On (good videos)

Washington Post — F16 pilot willing to give her life on 9/11

Hugh Hewitt — President Bush’s moving tribute to Flight 93.

Gatewaypundit — Mayor Bloomberg dissing the clergy and first responders

Mark Steyn — “Let’s roll over” [Must read.]

Kerry Picket — “It’s insanity all over the city.

Blazing Cat Fur — Until tomorrow.

The Other McCain — On September 10th.

Cracked — 4 Reasons we need to start making fun of the terrorists.

Maggie’s Farm — Son made video for 6th grade classmates. Never forget.

Brendan Loy — Video of patriotism with audio from great American leaders’ speeches.

Yid With Lid — I remember, but too many forget.

Rick Reilly — A tribut to Flight 93: Let’s keep rolling.

Instapundit — A blog revolution begins.

The Telegraph, Toby Harden — Washington D.C., the other city attacked.

The Blaze — Celebrating the terrorists in art. In Germany.

Breitbart — President Clinton’s tribute to Flight 93 heroes.

Marathon Pundit — A time to celebrate.

Midnight Blue — Honoring soldiers.

Girl on the Right — Keeping the vigil.

Thoughtful Conservative — Identifying the Dead.

Chicago Sun Times — A survivor’s perspective: “I’ve already had the worst day.”

Carrie Underwood — National Anthem

Alexa Shrugged — I am overcome.

Bryan Myrick — For out enemies, the target will always be us.

Letters from Glome — A mighty fortress is our God.

Smitty, from Afghanistan — Arguably the best thing written on 9/11.

Warner Todd Huston — 9/11 Still infuriates.

Dan Spencer — A day for remembering.

Dan Spencer — A space commander remembers 9/11.

Viral Footage — Various videos to remember 9/11.

Karol Markowitz — We’re free, even to be over 9/11.

The Jersey-Texan — Never quit.

Pat Gohn — 9/11 and the ever-present Christ.

Pirates Cove — Another wrap-up.

Andrew Malcolm — Most Americans expect it again.

Lilac Sunday — I remember everything.

Mike Chamberlain — Never forget.

The Anchoress — Another link around. Also note, “The forgiveness gene.”

Father Robert Barron — Why we should forgive.

Chris Hitchens — Pure Evil.

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Marco Rubio — Remembering 9/11.

Bookworm Room — I remember. (Pictures.)

James Taranto — Too soon to forget?

Michael Gershon — The Ugly Gash of 9/11

Don Surber — We shall fear no evil.

Seth Mandel — Why we won’t forget Giuliani’s leadership.

Michelle Malkin — The Littlest victims. Remembering the children who died on 9/11.

John and Joe — A firefighter father remembers his son .

Examiner — Lawsuit by 9/11 victims against Iran.

Lileks — The end of the world.

A Tribute — Watch it.

John Derbyshire — Barbarism v. Civilization via @Instapundit who has more

9/11: No, America Is Not Over It Yet

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

NOTE: I am doing a separate 9/11 link round-up. There are many great personal stories, tributes, etc. Very worth spending some time reading them.

When one endures a great tragedy — death of a child, loss of a limb in war; or experiences a violation — rape, affair, house burglary– people find a million different ways to ask the victims without actually saying the words, “Are you over it?”The question is profoundly offensive no matter how it’s asked.

A person never gets over some things. He learns to live with it.

Around the corners of the body, house, the town, the life, there are memories. The realness of the memories will shock at surprising and unwelcome times. And no matter how profoundly it’s desired, there will be no forgetting.


Hey, America! You over it yet?

New York city is the shining, favored daughter. She is beautiful and busy and idealistic and innocent and open and hopeful. In her, people, people less talented, less lovely, cast their hopes.

America is America the beautiful. She has her faults, to be sure, but one of them isn’t cynicism. Buoyed by a sunny disposition and the opportunity for renewal, America shines.

New York city is the best of all that. New York is the creative spirit. New York is renewal.

New York city is life.

Sound romantic? Absolutely. And it’s that romance and idealism, that essence of America, that Osama bin Laden saw and wanted to destroy.

I was taking my son to his first day of preschool and heard that the first Tower had been hit. What should I do? It seemed evident to me that this was no accident.

Immediately, my thoughts turned to Israel. They get these attacks all the time. They don’t stop. They keep going.

And then a string of New York acquired expletives flashed through my mind. My son would stay at school. %!@!. Them.

My baby daughter was at my mom’s house. As I walked through the door, I saw the second tower hit and I crumpled.

All those people.

I watched the horror unfold like the majority of my mesmerized compatriots. People jumped from the blast furnace of twisted metal rather than be consumed.

I watched, wondering what happened to Flight 93. Wondering if one of our F16 pilots had to pull that trigger. Horrified at the possibility. Knowing there was only one choice and being sick because of it.

I watched the Pentagon burn. Fearing for the President. Fearing for the White House.

As I watched, I pushed back the fear. I hated being afraid and became very angry. Very, very angry.

I wanted vengeance. I still do. I am disappointed that a bullet from my gun didn’t kill Osama bin Laden. It gives me some small satisfaction that one of our Navy Seals, badasses that they are, received this fine honor. I’m sorry Osama bin Laden can’t be killed again. And again.

This reaction isn’t politically correct, mind you. I recognize that.

It’s not politically correct that I want every single one of those people who laughed at our demise to feel the pain and violation we felt on that brilliant September morning ten years ago.

It’s not politically correct that I believe that people who excuse or justify this behavior are as bad as the perpetrators of the assault.

It’s not politically correct that I have contempt for the uncivilized, backward well of ideological despair that gave rise to these actions.

The rationale for terrorism is the rationale of the serial killer. There is a bleakness and blackness of soul so vast that the only thing that animates his nihilistic life is the death of those who love what he doesn’t–life, love, possibility.

The moral equivalence I see in the face of this depravity makes me sick. It is absolutely disgusting that people can justify or equivocate in the face of such evil.

America, her freedom, creativity, her love of life and liberty, her success, her innocence got attacked on 9/11. The smoldering holes at the Twin Towers are a testament to the greatness our enemies wish to destroy.

And there are some who believe she deserved it. She had it coming. She dressed provocatively. She is more beautiful. She swayed when she walked. She has a bigger house. She has been given everything on a silver platter. She’s greedy. She’s pushy. She’s a whore.

These are all the justifications of the killer, the thief, the rapist, the terrorist, the nihilist, the Nazi.

And there is no rationalization that doesn’t make a sympathizer to this corruption the equivalent of the getaway driver at a bank robbery.

This was built.

And this was destroyed.

The scars from this attack will never go away. America will never be “over it.”

Every TSA feel-up is a reminder. Every bombing in London or Spain or India is a reminder. Every attack at Ft. Hood or on a recruiting center in Arkansas or in Time’s Square or on a flight to Detroit is a reminder.

America, because she is a shining city on a hill, because she reaches so high into the sky, is a target for hate. In a world full of darkness, many want light snuffed out.

So a decade post-9/11, I remember and I am scandalized all over again.

I am not “over it”.

I remember. I remember who did this.

I remember those who died as innocents. I remember those who tried to save the lives of those trapped  and lost their own. I remember those on Flight 93 who forfeited their own lives for their fellow Americans. I remember those who died at the Pentagon.

I remember those who  planned for a long, hard war against a pitiless enemy. I remember the National Guard pilots faced with a suicidal choice. I remember our military and our police and our firefighters and our first responders and those quiet DHS, NSA, CIA and FBI nerds combing through mountains of data for that needle of information to prevent another attack.

I remember our Marines and our Navy and our Army and our National Guard troops who have been asked to serve again and again–who put themselves in grave danger every day hunting the vermin who rejoice at using a dull knife to decapitate an innocent.

I remember as many details as I can. It is the least I can do.

I will never forget. And neither should you.