The Purpose Of The GOP Debates

October 25, 2011 / 2:38 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

There’s only one purpose for the Republican debates and none of them are as follows:

1. To inform
2. To educate
3. To enlighten

The ONLY purpose for the GOP debates is so the media can make all the candidates look like complete unelectable idiots.

So far, they’re succeeding. Gotcha questions and stupid expressions are heightened by a GOP-hating media meanwhile all of Obama’s ignorance and mistakes are minimized and avoided. For those not paying attention, it might seem like Obama is the only rational alternative.

GOP folks look at them and think that the purpose is to influence primary voters. Really, that’s tangential. What’s most important is gathering as much data for Obama’s media team as possible.

For the media, it’s a win. For the GOP, it’s a net loss no matter who the nominee ends up being.

NOTE: If the GOP really wanted to educate the public, they’d sit down in front of conservative audiences with Republican and conservative moderators and answer questions and the media would be forced to show up. The side benefit would be that people could actually make an educated decision.

  • Mpiekarz74

    “For those not paying attention, it might seem like Obama is the only rational alternative.”
    I thought that I WAS paying attention.  Hmmm… Maybe I should retreat and reassess.

  • HollyLove

    Was it me or did that Fox-google debate not happen then? Because that was definitely that candidates siting down in front of a conservative news base and the audience was undoubtedly core republicans as evidenced by the booing of the gay soldier and someone cheering when talking about whether you should let someone die who’s on life support without health care or have the government support them anyways. If the candidates come out looking bad maybe it’s because of the way they answer the questions. Personally I feel much more informed about their policies and definitely know who I would not vote for and who I would. 

  • jack john

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