President Selfish: Obama Spends Christmas Golfing, Marines Can’t Be Home With Family

December 26, 2011 / 10:01 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier

President Obama might be the most selfish president ever. Instead of staying home with his family, President Obama had to go golfing on Christmas day.

Big deal, you say?

Well, the big deal is that a bunch of Marines had to work–blocking roads and doing other miscellaneous security detail–instead of being home with their families.

Here are some of the comments from the wives of these men. (I am not going to include the link to this page, nor am I going to include names, because I don’t want anyone in trouble. I do, however, have the screen shot and have copy and pasted the comments verbatim.)

“You also have to understand that, a lot of people were unable to get to their homes during Christmas Eve, Christmas and even today. That’s a major inconvenience for families trying to enjoy their holiday. Also all of those guys out there missed out on Christmas, leaving their wives and children at home alone so the President can play golf. It may not affect you, or be important to you, but to the families affected it’s a sensitive subject and frankly I feel that people are allowed to be upset by that. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you really should consider expressing your opinion in a different way. Cursing and calling people names isn’t respectable.”

“Because he’s here, I didn’t get to see my husband all weekend, on our baby girl’s first Christmas, so he can have his vacation. So when I can’t get to my house because he wants to play golf it just adds insult to injury and yeah, gets on my nerves. I agree that it’s a sensitive subject for some of us who are more effected by his being here.”

“I was so angry! They blocked off my driveway… -_-“

“It takes him forever to play too because he isn’t good at it either lol!”

“hahahahahahaha i hate when hes here. last year her and the kids where at the big park (which is across from my house) and i couldnt even turn onto mokapu! they wouldnt let you walk over either! i actually feel really bad for the kids”

There are more where this came from, but these comments captured the general mood. There were also a few “rah rah Obama” defenders such as this:

“This ish is really make’n me mad!!! U want 2 vent about the President being here just STFU!!! This is my 1st duty station and I’m happy 2 b in the prescence of a PRESIDENT!!!! So 4 all of u who don’t care do the 1’s who do care a Favor and STFU!!!! Thanks I’m Done!!! Vent That! :). BTW its ur husbands job 2 patrol and block!!! Hello, that’s what they’re paid 4 incase some of u wives 4got!!!!”

So, basically, the President ruins the Christmas of some Marines so he can play golf on the military base which causes a complete shut down around the base around Christmas.

President Obama seems to have no class and no empathy for those working around him. Unlike President Bush, who took the secret services’ needs into account, President Obama, his royal wife and the royal family go to Hawaii. This makes the lives difficult of the secret service.

And as the above demonstrates, the Marines in Hawaii and their families are deprived of Christmas, too.

President Obama is President Selfish. Shameful.

  • juliesa

    Reagan and Bush 41 also spent Christmases at the WH or Camp David so staff could be near family. The Clintons did the same thing for 6 Christmases. 

    These Hawaii holiday trips are terrible for the Secret Service. Last year, the advance crew had to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home, because setting up these vacations takes weeks. 

  • Anonymous

    Narcissism thy name is Obama (the whole family) and yet we are told they are loved in spite of being antithetical and loathesome  to every principle of a Free Society based on the ideals of a Republic.

    Citizens not Subjects.

  • D W Jonathon

    I didn’t vote for Obama and am a diehard Conservative that supported Bush in both terms; but to call our current commander in chief selfish is unAmerican. If he had a secure family compound to go to for the holiday he would. Or if he could rely on his fathers SS I’m sure he would. Drop the drama people

  • Anonymous

    He has a compound for his and his family’s personal and exclusive use – it’s called Camp David.

  • Melissaisadummy

    Wow, I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this drivel, thanks a lot…

  • juliesa

    He has Camp David. Bush 41 and 43 and Reagan always spent Christmas at the WH or Camp David so the staff could be near family for that day. The Clintons usually did too. 

    What is wrong with the Obamas that they haven’t figured this out? 

  • Rh

    Is the duty to guard the president your job? There may be some sort of bidding process on Christmas for those who want to do it. I don’t. care for Obama but if I had the chance to guard the president, in Hawaii, I would do it.

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  • Jackhammer

    He’s a puppet, bought and paid for, and he will do what he wants, when he wants….   Yes, selfish, but that is too good a word to describe him.
    It was wrong, morally, for him to do what he did. A cold heart, with lies and deceit, found on his bony ass face

  • Anonymous

    A sign of class is wielding power without using it at every opportunity.  This is just another test President Obama has failed in this regard.

    Here in the South it might be said of him (and the First Lady) that they behave as if , “they ain’t used to nothin'”.

    We might imagine that an enlisted man, who wished to steer his career towards being regularly slapped around by the will of an ingrate president, might not be alone.  But most people commenting here seem to be coming to terms with the idea that the president is not a king.

    The president….works for us, not the other way around.
    The president is subject to the job description in the US Constitution, and the Oath of Office. He was elected to do a job for us, not “elevated”  to do as he pleases to us.

    Obama used the power of a sycophantic media apparatus to get elected, and continues to use it to camouflage his shortages of integrity and ability.

    His abuse of power and process should be scandalous, but remember the sycophants..  Normal people would risk termination or even prison for performance so awful.

    With this type of behavior, I shudder to think what he might be like when he has no more campaigns to run.

    Should it matter how personally “likeable” he is? (He really isn’t…)
    Should it matter how “smart” he is? (Facts not in evidence…)
    Should it matter how “effective” he is? (Absolutely!)

    When Mr. Obama turns his “laser focus” on anything (jobs, etc.) it appears more like a cheap flashlight with weak batteries.

    Four more  years of this unconstitutional, extra-constitutional behavior?  Ten months and four days is already way too much more.

    Anyone But Obama 2012

  • Real Reader

    So Obama spend Christmas EVE morning golfing, and spent the night with his family.  Christmas day he spent in church on a marine base, and Christmas evening with Marines and their families.  So your blog is wrong in its facts.

    Secondly what did you do on Christmas that helped lessen the load of Marines around the world?  Give us an hour by hour break down of what you did on Christmas that makes you such a better person than Obama.

    Thirdly to all those who are upset because his crew had to spend Christmas in Hawaii rather than at home.  I spent Christmas day working, because that is what I signed up for.  I did not complain, nor am I doing so now.  I made the decision to accept the position, and I accepted my fate.  The people who work directly for the president so the same.

    Fourthly, you can not use the military personel not being with their families, because that is what they signed up for.  We did not draft anyone into the service, and every person who signed up to be a member of the military did so with the understanding that they would not be spending christmas day at home with their families.  They would be spending Christmas on the base, because that is where they are stationed.

    Your facts are wrong, and your opinions are spun.  Try a little harder next time.  If you are interested I am including a link to someone who has the facts with what actually happened on Christmas with the Obamas.  Enjoy!

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  • Michael Haltman

    Just saw this article Melissa and it should really come as no surprise to anyone that President Scrooge could care less about Marines on Christmas Day.

    I posted an excerpt and linked to you here:

    Happy New Year!


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  • jarg46

    The reason he goes to Hawaii is simple. They are Muslims and Muslims do celebrate Christmas. They don’t belive in God Our Father nor Jesus Christ! So they have no reason to celebrate!

  • jarg46

    DO NOT Celebrate Christmas!