The Difference Between Obama and Putin

February 28, 2014 / 12:07 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier


Barack Obama exasperates Vladimir Putin. How is it in the U.S.’s interest, Putin wonders, to have complete chaos in the Middle East? Doesn’t President Obama understand that a Qaddafi or Mubarek is preferable to blood in the streets and radical Islam in charge? And why would you leave a potentially winning hand on the Iraq table when you’re pot committed? Why play small?

The exasperation galvanized Putin. If Obama will be weak, someone needs to be strong and it might as well be him. So, Putin humiliated the President in the New York Times. He negotiated in Syria. He’s giving his blessing to candidates in Egypt. He’s bullying the Ukraine. In short, Putin is filling the vacuum. Who will stop him?

Still, for a strong man like Putin, who deals in measures of strength as a commodity, President Obama’s unnecessary weakness makes little sense. Certainly, President Obama’s ideology isn’t that distant from Putin’s. In fact, President Obama has consistently advanced a quasi-socialist America–increased taxation, increased redistribution, an enlarged and empowered state, more regulation, more central control, media harassment and threats, using the government to investigate political opposition, etc. All these decisions, while not nakedly Marxist, certainly aren’t limiting the state and shrinking its power.

So why wouldn’t this statist aggression be pushed around the world?

Here is where President Obama differs from President Putin: Vladamir Putin loves Russia and views the state as an extension of himself. In contrast, President Obama does not like America. Further, he views his own country and people with suspicion. President Obama believes in worldwide redistribution and believes that Americans don’t deserve their power, wealth, or status. So, he cedes it or straight up gives it away.

President Obama’s loathing for colonial powers makes him averse to using the US’ power on the world scene even when it makes him personally look weak and pathetic.

For Putin, the notion of separation of self and state is absurd. He is a Russian. He is proud of his country. He is fond of communism. He chafes at the loss of power and face since the days when the Soviet Union split up. He seeks to regain glory for the state of Russia and by extension, himself.

Obama is a man divided. He wants personal prestige but he is not willing to claim it if it means making America look great. So, he’ll give a grand speech in Egypt, but he won’t make a grand decision there. He’ll say provocative words to the Russian president, but he won’t do anything.

We Americans can take little solace in President Obama’s playing small on the world stage. He doesn’t like America very much except to the extent it makes him a media personality. As long as he wins a Charles Barkley interview while expanding the state, that’s enough. Being a celebrity trumps being a statesman.

So expect more weakness on the world stage. Expect Vladimir Putin to fill the void. Expect China to test limits. Expect more turbulence and confusion. Expect more tyranny. Expect more communism.

Don’t expect President Obama to care about America’s interests. He’s too busy tending his own.

Related to this: Jonah Goldberg has a piece up today about the Nazis and socialism. It’s an interesting read. What occurred to me, though, is that Obama is a “true” Marxist in contrast to, say, Putin. Obama is an internationalist. He wants all the worlds workers to unite. That’s why he cheerleaded Chavez (fist bump!) and seemed unworried about the Muslim Brotherhood a thoroughly socialist organization with socialist goals.

As Jonah notes, the dewy eyed world proletariat uprising fails when faced with reality as nation states have their own aims and they often conflict (see Nazis versus Stalinists). Does President Obama have provincial American concerns? Does he worry about America’s loss of face in the world if the proletariat in Egypt or Libya or China or Russia wins? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

  • The Metalluminati

    It’s like somebody mixed up all the right-wing talking points of the past 6 years (e.g. Obama is a socialist, militarily weak, instinctively anti-colonial, Muslim sympathizer, etc) and regurgitated them into one blog post.

    Bravo! Though your collage of noise is more diarrheal than it is Jackson Pollack.

  • Andy

    Where are you coming up with your facts or assumptions about Putin? Do you have any idea what it was like living in Russia only 2 years before Putin’s first Presidency? Take a look at Moscow 12 years ago vs. Today. Private property rights, parental rights, protected choice in education, drastic cut in political corruption, sweeping reform in law enforcement, quality of life of all Russians has risen sharply according to studies. Freedom to move from state to state. Putin took over a country in chaos, debt, and no direction. Look at what the Rissian people have done because if free market principles, which Putin has always contributed to the continued success and growth of Russia. Putin was also never associated or alianed with the Communist Party following the collapse of the USSR. He spent most his adult life in Germany. But then again, it’s Cold War time and everyone needs a villain.

  • The Metalluminati

    > Do you have any idea what it was like living in Russia only 2 years before Putin’s first Presidency?

    I think it’s obvious Melissa has minimal idea of anything she rants about on her blog and/or Twitter.

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