9/12 And The Numbers Fight

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Michelle Malkin notes that the pictures of the thousands upon thousands (which eventually make a million) of people is from today.

Here’s a couple thoughts:

1. The libs must be completely freaked out. They are obsessing over the details.
2. If they obsess over the details they can ignore the big picture–which is that a lot of Americans are unhappy at the intrusion and scope of the government.
3. If the Left had organically amassed this many people it would have been called…oh, the Civil Rights movement.

And of course, the left is screaming racism. Where are the black people, they ask? Well, interestingly, that 15% of the U.S. population is overwhelming still please with the President’s work. Also, black voters voted almost exclusively for Barack Obama.

If 3% of blacks voted against Barack Obama and say .5% of them are outraged at the President’s policies, what would that be in real numbers? Not too big. And actually, I can think of a bunch of unhappy black anti-Obama folks right off the top of my head. Are they racist?

Are the white Independents and Democrats who voted for President Obama but are now disaffected, racists? There were those sorts of people at the DC march. Are they racist?

The racist card is utter balderdash. Barack Obama ran as a moderate and is governing like a hard core liberal bent on creating a soft socialist American state. That’s his whole “remake America” and “change” rhetoric. That’s how he wanted to change America.

Most Americans who voted for him, thought he meant it when he was talking about “bringing responsibility back”. They thought wrong. They feel duped. Now, they’re angry.

When black people were angry at President Bush, were they racist? When white liberals were angry at President Bush were they racist? When President Bush lost the middle and a chunks of the right, were those people racist? I mean, they hated the policies of a white guy.

The racist argument needs to stop. And the numbers fight is hilarious. There were a lot of people in DC and around the country making it known that America is going the wrong direction. How much is a lot? Well, enough to scare the liberals senseless. But that doesn’t take much.