The Key To Socialism In The USA: Destroy The Tea Party Movement

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Why stop at socialism? I mean, really. That’s just a pretty way of saying communism. Here’s the most accurate label for the New Left: NeoComms. I plan to use it everywhere.

Think I’m being extremist? Well David Frum and all his smooth talking moderate talkers can chew on this:

These debates are happening on the basis of charges like reformism, revisionism, and right opportunism. For me, this is proof that not enough has been done to modernize our organization and to transform Marxism from an old catechism into a real guide to action and a way of understanding the concrete conditions of struggle in our own country and in our own time. As one of the main preconvention documents said, “We have to accept and adapt to the reality that times have changed” (from U.S. Politics at a Transition Point).

The growing influence of the Tea Party movement, the long and grueling fight that was healthcare reform, and so many other features of the current struggle should demonstrate convincingly that though the 2008 election dealt a major blow to the ultra-right, it did not knock them out completely as we had hoped.

Rather than jumping to the conclusion that we need to shift our focus to criticism of Obama, the Democratic Party, or the labor movement, we should instead be seeking to recommit ourselves to defeating the ultra-right and building the broad democratic coalition more strongly than ever. This is the orientation that the main discussion documents point us toward. We have to keep in mind who the “main social force(s) hindering progressive development” are and keep our fire aimed at them (from U.S. Politics at a Transition Point).

If the policy of defeating the ultra-right was correct in the 1980s, the 1990s, and 2008, how can it not be just as correct now that we are in a moment of transition toward a time when we can more forcefully go on the offensive? Let’s update our strategic policy to take account of post-election developments of course, but let’s not take a path that would isolate us from the rest of the coalition for change.

So the threat to Marxism-Leninism isn’t from President Obama and the Democrats. Indeed, the problem with the Democrats is their implementation. The communists merely disagree with how it’s happening. They like that it’s happening.

And in fact, the real problem is the Tea Partiers. The pesky folks pushing back against socialism must be stopped. Notice that they didn’t mention the Republicans.

The article ends with a plea to change the communist movement, maybe even renaming it and making it more palatable to the modern world.

Why? Why hide what you are? Ultimately, don’t bother. Just call yourselves Democrats and be done with it. And commies should worry about Tea Partiers. They name you. And the Democrats, too.

Communists. Socialists. Statists. Totalitarians.


The name change won’t disguise a NeoComm. The ideas reveal the heart of these people.

Much as they’d like to destroy the Tea Party movement, it won’t happen. The Tea Party movement is organic. It will morph and change and grow. It isn’t headed by an organization. It doesn’t require one leader to exist.

But most of all, the beliefs of the Tea Party folks will help them win in the end. Liberty. Ingenuity. Creativity. Life. Happiness. Freedom. Those values beat the smallness of socialism. Always.

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While America Eats, Russia Knocks

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

From Fausta, here is what’s happening with our “good friend” Russia:

  • Naval maneuvers in the Caribbean
    A potential Russo-Venezuelan OPEC-like agreement for natural gas
    Trade agreements throughout South America with Russia delivering food, medicine, and NUCLEAR material.

Russia does nothing accidentally. Their Georgian act of war was timed while the world was looking toward China. This action is pure, unadulterated aggression, albeit rather passive.

I wonder what is Barack Obama’s comprehensive Russian plan? Sure hope he has one. He’s being bullied already.

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Parents Propagandizing Their Children–Updated

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Somebody taught their kid this. They wrote the lyrics, played the music, practiced and then performed this.

Barack Obama is just a man. Evidently, way too many people have a life absent of a real God.


Instapundit says: “Daddy says if we sing well enough, we might get an extra flour ration!”

More Dear Leader love from Rovian Conspiracy (more links, too):

Michelle Malkin says,”Who’s behind this? Hollyweird libs and MSM moguls, of course.”

Confederate Yankee has more about the weird and elites:

While described as a grassroots effort, Kathy Sawada, who posted the video and can been seen directing the children in the video, is a bit more than just an enthusiastic music teacher you might find in your average public school.

Sawada is a teacher at an elite and expensive Colburn School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles as part of the Piano faculty. Colburn just built a $120 million 12-story high-rise addition for their musicians.

Does a concert-quality musician in an elite school in the middle of the most ego-centric city in the United States count as a “grassroots” effort?

Here’s a partial list of those who helped produce this “grassroots” effort:
Jeff Zucker — American television executive, and President & CEO of NBC Universal.
Post-producer (former choreographer?) Holly Shiffer.
Motion picture camera operator/steadicam specialist Peter Rosenfeld (appropriately enough, worked in “Yes Man,” a movie about ” a guy challenges himself to say ‘yes’ to everything for an entire year.”
Darin Moran, another motion picture industry professional, who just finished filming — how appropriate — Land of the Lost.
Andy Blumenthal, Hollywood film editor.

Hmmmm…..NBC denies involvement. Of course they do.

Rachel Lucas, as usual, captures my queasiness, thusly:

That song reminds me of one thing and one thing only, and it ain’t hope or change. It’s church. Which I suppose is the exact idea because for today’s progressive leftist, there is no “church” anymore; there’s just Obama. He fulfills all the needs that they so derisively snark at religious people for when the religious get the same needs fulfilled by a deity.

Neither of which technique I can get behind myself, but it sure is fascinating to watch these people training their kids to worship a man while at the same time, odds are, they mock Christians for their blind faith and bible-clingin’. I guess the progressives think they’re evolved and enlightened because their clingin’ is all about a politician instead of an ancient deity, real or not.

Hebrews 11:1 defines faith: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

The problem with having faith in Obama is that his substance is suspect and his evidence isn’t good either–what evidence you can find. I guess that’s why liberals keep obscuring the evidence–as long as people don’t see it, they can deify him and have faith. Once he’s know, the religion is lost.

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How Influential Is Black Liberation Theology On The Obamas?

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

This video is making the rounds. It is longish at around 13 minutes, but goes into the roots of black liberation theology a bit. I’m going to do another post here soon about the whole notion of race and diversity, but I’ll be interested in your feedback about this video first.

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Olympic Closing Ceremonies–Those Chinese Sure Do Put On A Good Show

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Nothing like a zillion Chinamen used to create a huge spectacle. Why do I feel dirty watching these ceremonies both opening and closing? Maybe it’s the fact that while there is Chinese pride, there is no Chinese choice. They look civilized. They put on a good show.

They put on a good show.

Communists are impressive. Marshaling humans and using them like tinker toys, building blocks to make a piece of artwork, only to be sent away tomorrow, back to whatever lot they have in life. It is likely not a good one.

I get the sense that the vast resource the Chinese have that they want us, the West, to know they have is people. Millions and millions of people that can be used any way “the people” deem necessary. The people being the Dear Leader. This knowledge is meant to instill fear; they say respect. But it’s really fear.

And watching this, watching the little people crawl like ants, dehumanized in their vast numbers, used to create a flame, up the pyre in the middle of the stadium, I get the message China is sending. It is loud and clear: we are many, you are few. Beware.

They sure do put on a good show.

Architectural show.

Religious oppression.

Only 1.2 million Tibetans dead at Chinese hands.

Oppression of their own people.

Gendercide–infant girls killed, aborted, or put in orphanages in China. 90 million men can’t find a woman and the numbers will get worse.

This is China.

So Russia Is Pulling Out Of Georgia, Yeah They Really Are This Time–UPDATE

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

What? You don’t believe ’em? Sarkozy gets tough. Go to the link, though. The picture is absolutely disturbing. I recall the Americans receiving all sorts of outrage for our assault on Bagdhad. But look at what Russia is doing to Georgia. If they can’t have it, they’ll destroy it.


Looks like Russia is “defiant“. Imagine that.

Lying, It’s What Communists Do–UPDATED

Friday, August 15th, 2008

So the little Chinese chick was lip-syncing:

A 7-year-old Chinese girl was not good-looking enough for the Olympics opening ceremony, so another little girl with a pixie smile lip-synched “Ode to the Motherland,” a ceremony official said _ the latest example of the lengths Beijing took for a perfect start to the Summer Games.

A member of China’s Politburo asked for the last-minute change to match one girl’s face with another’s voice, the ceremony’s chief music director, Chen Qigang, said in an interview with Beijing Radio.

The audience will understand that it’s in the national interest,” Chen said in a video of the interview posted online Sunday night.

And then there are the prepubescent (and by prepubescent, I mean 10 year old) child-athletes:

Last night we watched a group of 7-year-old Chinese girls beat the crap out of the American gymnasts. And please. Don’t try to tell me those Chinese chicks are 16 and older. Bela Karolyi is not crazy – actually I think he might be for other reasons – but he’s right about this. Even the New York Times and Time magazine and Sports Illustrated are getting on it, and there’s pretty convincing proof that there are some serious shenanigans going on with that shit.

Oh, and then there’s the whole we-don’t-the-whole-country-just-the-separatists-part bit by our good friend Vladamir Putin. Oh, and it’s Dick Cheney’s fault!:

Russians were told over breakfast yesterday what really happened in Georgia: the conflict in South Ossetia was part of a plot by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, to stop Barack Obama being elected president of the United States.

The line came on the main news of Vesti FM, a state radio station that — like the Government and much of Russia’s media — has reverted to the old habits of Soviet years, in which a sinister American hand was held to lie behind every conflict, especially those embarrassing to Moscow. Modern Russia may be plugged into the internet and the global marketplace but in the battle for world opinion the Kremlin is replaying the old black-and-white movie.

The Obama angle is getting wide play. It was aired on Wednesday by Sergei Markov, a senior political scientist who is close to Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister and power behind President Medvedev.

I never could understand Bush when he said that “he looked into PUtin’s soul”. Good grief. I looked in and saw a hungry wolf, waiting to eat his prey. And he’s started his meal.

Communists, lie, that’s what they do. They distort things and defend distortions for the “greater good”. They make decisions for expedience and their own comfort. To promote the state, they don’t mind harming the individual. They do not value the individual, except inasmuch as the individual can make the state look good.

And still, liberals defend this. The preach “peace” when peace means appeasement.

It’s tiring. I agree in part with Michael Reagan’s assessment:

In any struggle between the dreamers and the realists the realists always win.

We’re seeing that played out right now as the supreme realist of our time, Vladimir Putin, not only is running circles around the dreamers of the West, but is also making them look like a bunch of incompetent ninnies.

We in the West, buy the Commies lies because the truth is too difficult to contemplate: more war. The fact is that these powers understand one thing–dominance. And America’s continued slide into socialistic softness has opened the door for tyrants worldwide.

Ultimately, the constitution of the average American enables a guy like Putin and the Republic of China. We don’t have the stomach for a fight.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has followed the arc of the underage Chinese gymnastics team. To see the genesis of communist scandal management read his piece. It is also noteworthy, again, how the West responds to the deceit. It appears that the IOC and the West in general will cower before this bully power.

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Russia’s Conquering Georgia: Why Does The Left Always Side With The Abusive Husband?

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Well, it only took a day or two. I’m surprised how long it took, actually. Fred Kaplan does an excellent job, though, of bringing the irrational rage and absolute venom of the Left towards President Bush to the fore:

Regardless of what happens next, it is worth asking what the Bush people were thinking when they egged on Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia’s young, Western-educated president, to apply for NATO membership, send 2,000 of his troops to Iraq as a full-fledged U.S. ally, and receive tactical training and weapons from our military. Did they really think Putin would sit by and see another border state (and former province of the Russian empire) slip away to the West? If they thought that Putin might not, what did they plan to do about it, and how firmly did they warn Saakashvili not to get too brash or provoke an outburst?

You know, this analysis deserves an analogy. So, you’re a woman married to an abusive jerk. You can’t leave. Finally, you have a chance, you divorce. You change your life, but you can’t move. You have kids together with the jerk, so you have to stay around. One of the kids, prefers abusive dad. You know what’s best, but what can you do? You try to assert yourself. The ex, though, he’s no nicer. It pisses him off that you dare defend yourself. He brings his gun over and he shoots you. Attempts to kill you, for having the nerve to defy him. And oh, by the way, he will show the others around where it’s at, too. He’s above the law, because he’s crazy and everyone is afraid of him.

Most friends are outraged at this jerk’s actions. He’s wrong. He’s abusive. He’s vicious. But some people go after the woman for daring to believe she could be independent and assert herself. She should have known better. She should never have provoked him. Stupid woman. She deserves what she got. And furthermore, she’s a complete idiot for listening to anyone who believed she could be independent.

Why does the Left always, always take the side of the abusive spouse? While they should be protecting the rights of the woman to wear what she wants, screw who she wants, the Left always blames the victim when it comes to freedom and sides with the aggressive, oppressive, dictatorial jerk. Always.

The most important thing Kaplan says, though, is this:

In the long term, the best way to take Russia down a notch (along with Iran, Venezuela, and other hostile powers overflowing with oil money) is to pursue policies and fund technologies that slash the demand for oil. The Georgia crisis should make clear, if it isn’t already, that this is a matter of hard-headed national security.

How about blaming Clinton for vetoing the drilling ten years ago? Oil dependence has given these world thugs power they don’t deserve. Slash demand? How about increase our supply? Wait. Wait. America is wrong. Always. Wrong. Everything is America’s fault.

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Olympic Coverage–Soft On Communism–UPDATED Already

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Michelle Malkin sees NBC being soft on the communists. I see it, too. Mary Carillo’s loving interpretation of taking young children from parents to make acrobats disturbed me.

But then, President Bush’s interview with Bob Costas was interesting. He plead for Americans to respect China. Well, I respect the fact that they own us economically. And I respect the fact that each American owes China $1200 because of our national debt. And I respect the fact that China holds enormous power over America and that’s scary.


Via NewMediaJim at Twitter. This guy was deported from China for shooting this video:

China Demonstrates Why Dictatorial Regimes Always Lose

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I remember reading about how Saddam and his two insane sons would torture professional soccer players when they lost. Aside from the sheer horror described by the people who endured the abuse, it struck me as supremely stupid to expect players to perform their best when they cowered in fear.

Communist leadership in Eastern block countries before the wall came down and Russia and the fascists in Germany, Italy and Japan before them, just didn’t get it. National pride is fine and dandy, but if the athletes aren’t competing for the love, for themselves, the game will be a losing proposition.

At the Olympic level, the athletes excel physically and genetically and discipline-wise. Often what separates winners and losers is psychological and emotional: mental stamina and courage. A terrified athlete running away from losing is not the same as an excited athlete running towards winning.

So China harasses their athletes. Some kids who have worked their whole lives were just booted from the team. Other athletes who deeply desire retirement are being forced to compete. Does this sound like a winning formulation to you?

Although China is determined to top the medal tables at the Beijing Games next month, its sports administration has taken the draconian decision to drop 22 gold-medal winning athletes.
China won a total of 32 golds in Athens, and is hoping to top the 40 mark in Beijing.

Some of the athletes were forced out by injuries or strong competition, but the China Daily newspaper, thought to be the mouthpiece of the government, also said “politics” had played a part.

“There were some surprising exclusions … who would have a realistic shot at winning gold next month,” the paper said.

The most obvious political victim was Tian Liang, nicknamed the “diver prince” after winning gold medals in the ten-metre platform dive at both the Sydney and Athens Olympics.

Tian, 28, was kicked off the national team in 2005 for unashamedly endorsing everything from wooden floors to seafood snacks. “He was producing a negative influence on the preparation for the 2008 Olympics,” said a sports official.

He also hit the gossip columns for his relationship with fellow diver Guo Jingjing and they were dubbed the “Posh and Becks” of Chinese sport. She managed to stay on the team after she publicly denounced her behaviour.

Since then, Tian has tried to rehabilitate his career by competing at provincial level and refusing to criticise the administration for what happened. He carried the Olympic torch as it passed through Xi’an. However, he was still left out of the team and has voiced his “regrets”.

Yeah, China will win loads of medals by kicking their superstars off the team because they don’t toe the party line. But this is why these regimes die anyway.

When people are restricted from pursuing their dreams because some bureaucrat believes his talents lie elsewhere, people give up. A whole society of people not invested in their own success won’t be invested in the country’s success. So, the dictators get the exact opposite of what they hope for. Domination can come at the point of a gun, but sustained success and winning comes from from freedom to pursue what one loves.

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