Gas Prices Up, Economy Stinks Worse, Elites Wish We’d Listen To Them More

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

This sort of news would be front page under a Bush administration with Democrats demanding subsidies for the poor:

The cost of filling up the car is rising in the wake of soaring crude and by this weekend, pump prices may race past the highs for all of 2009.

Tracing the ascension of crude, up 14 percent since mid-December, energy prices across the board are catching up.

It’s part economic and part meteorologic.

Vicious pockets of cold stretched from the Northeast to the South, where farmers in the Florida panhandle tried to save tomato and strawberry crops. Four deaths in Tennessee were blamed on low temperatures.

The frigid blast has squeezed heating oil supplies in some areas during a year when demand had been very weak.

Falling supplies in recent weeks have contributed to prices driven higher by the falling dollar. When the dollar falls, investors holding stronger currency can essentially buy more dollar-based crude and they have, doubling oil prices last year.

Yeah, the economy stinks. It will get worse.

Meanwhile, we’ll be lectured by the dumbasses who got us in this mess why we should listen to them. Will Collier destroys David Brookes and his better-than brethren:

Brooks does actually stumble into a correct point by associating the current Washington crew with the word “pragmatic,” but he fails utterly to note the intended end of that pragmatism: extending their own power. Like their spiritual forefathers in the New Deal, the Obami quickly abandoned most of their ideological goals (although not the demagogic language of that ideology) when reality failed to comply with theory. In their place came the much more politically pragmatic mantra of “tax and tax, spend and spend, and elect and elect.” That’s what Obama’s trillions in “Monopoly money”–other people’s Monopoly money, of course–are all about.

That’s what the “stimulus,” serving mostly to funnel federal pork to favored politicians and government employee unions, was all about. That’s what nationalization of GM and Chrysler to the benefit of the UAW was all about. That’s what nationalizing the banks to extend Federal power over their operations was all about. The current “health care” bills are only peripherally about patients and doctors; their real purpose is to put as many voters as possible under Federal medical Welfare. After all, almost everybody on Welfare votes Democratic, and that’s what Brooks’ “educated class” wants to see more than anything else.

Yeah. And for a while, Americans thought that a smart guy would fix things. Now, they just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, Dems just can’t help meddling.