The New Hollywood Blacklist: What You Can Do To Help Conservative Hollywood Fight Back

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Imagine being afraid you’ll lose your job because you believe the people to blame for 9/11 are the Islamofascists who plotted it. That’s what one Hollywood writer, Daniel Knauf endured. Here’s what he said:

Toadies in the MSM assert that there is no Blacklist in Hollywood.

And they’re right.

It’s not necessary because Hollywood is a very, very small, very, very ruthless town, where a few key words spoken in the right ears can absolutely wreck a career–code-words like “difficult,” “high-maintenance” and “uneven.” When you can obliterate a fellow professional with a few well-chosen phrases, why maintain something as crude and inelegant as a Blacklist?

How dare anyone even suggest that there’s a Blacklist against conservative artists and performers?

Blacklists are for mouth-breathers.

Blacklists are for knuckle-draggers.

Blacklists are so… so… Republican.

And so I kept my mouth shut. And a funny thing happened: The longer I was forced to withhold my opinions and beliefs, the brighter they burned in me. Funny. Oppression has a way of doing that to the oppressed.

Ask any Soviet defector…

For years, I bit my tongue, nodding and making non-committal sounds while listening to the most virulently noxious Leftist spew imaginable: Explicit rape-murder fantasies directed toward Palin, Coulter, Malkin and Ingraham; blithely expressed wishes of cancer, assassination and mutilation of Bush, Cheney and Limbaugh; the snide denigration of “civilians” (i.e. anyone not in the entertainment business) in the “flyover states” (i.e. everywhere except New York and east of the Golden State Freeway–Pasadena, for instance is a “flyover state”); and, of course, the endless venomous, profanity-laced screes against the Tea Party.

Even more shocking was the rampant hypocrisy, the endemic corruption, the casual thievery–from producers ordering custom built doors and windows for their homes from the construction department, to having their Beemers and Benzos topped daily with gas by Transpo. All on the studio dime.

Meanwhile, any actress or female writer can tell you that the Casting Couch is alive and well in contemporary Hollywood. And it’s absolutely fascinating just how many male producers and execs time their set-visits to coincide with nude-scenes…

And forget about “diversity.”

Please, go read the whole thing.

Hollywood and the Left use their political correctness–sexism, racism, environmentalism–as a sword and a shield. They would skewer Rush Limbaugh, destroy him, and happily do it while their own side commits grievous insults of the worst, most virulent kind. More here.

They do it so people will be afraid and so people will shut up.

And many in Hollywood are afraid and have stayed quiet. Who wouldn’t be afraid of being Black Listed? Andrew Breitbart gave them courage and a voice.

Across this fruited plain, there are all sorts of folks either too cowed or too weary to take on the liberals.

The folks in Hollywood have to endure the leftist mentality in the surreal insanity of an utterly narcissistic culture. They need help. They need an army of Breitbarts.

So what are conservatives doing to help the Hollywood types?

Are we buying Robert Davi’s music CD’s and watching his movies? I interviewed him. Get to know him here. See what he said about Andrew Breitbart here.

Are we supporting Gary Sinise’s charities?

Are we signing up for Daniel Knaup’s new production? Sign up here. (Just need an email.)

Are we listening and buying Five for Fighting’s music? See what John Ondrasik says here.

Are we watching Chuck to support Adam Baldwin? Buying Firefly (something you should do no matter what, anyway, because it’s perfect.)

Are we supporting Patricia Heaton, off of Twitter right now, as she bravely stands for what’s right?

Are we standing for Kirk Cameron while he stands for traditional values? Do we stand for his free speech even if we disagree with him?

Are we downloading the Children’s app [full disclosure: I am helping promote the app — business sent to me via Andrew Breitbart, by the way]: CherryTree? It’s for children. It’s safe. It’s free. And it’s being developed by Hollywood conservatives Dan Kessler and Allen Covert. These men, by the way, are wonderful. I had the joy and honor of walking around CPAC as these two Hollywood men, locked in liberal land, received hugs from adoring conservative fans.

If Andrew showed us anything, he demonstrated an absolute faith in the conservative movement–from conservative moms doing Tea Parties fearing for friendships to Hollywood actors fearing for livelihoods.

We need to do better helping each other, building each other’s businesses, hiring each other, buying each other’s products and promoting the work of dedicated conservatives–some risking everything.

Roman Polanski Deserves To Do The Time For The Crime. Now.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Does artistic genius and contribution negate horrendous evil? No. This is how I’ve reasoned through the murky territory of great artists with personal failings: While they may be troubled and condemned personally, their art can stand on its own.

There is justice. You know, paying a penalty for a crime. Some justice is self-inflicted ala Michael Jackson. Some comes at the hand of the legal system ala Roman Polanski. One way or another, though, for society’s sake, diseased people like this need to be removed from the populace. Is the contribution to art sacrificed? Maybe. Don’t be a pedophile rapist, then.

I don’t give a shit about Polanski’s sad-sack sob story of a troubled Nazi dominated youth. Aw, too bad. You know what? There are lots of people walking this earth who have endured unspeakable evil and managed to grow up and live lives dedicated to the care and protection of the weak and defenseless.

I don’t believe living in the South of France, marrying and having a pack of kids is any sort of punishment. Aw, he can’t come back to America. Waaah! He can’t come back because he’ll be sent to jail because he raped a child. Does he think for one moment she’s forgotten the experience? Does he think she’s been free of his touch, smell, violation in her sexual life? Does he think that her relationships haven’t been invaded by his action? And HE wants absolution. His victim will get none.

The fact is, (and I have spoken vehemently against this in other posts by the way, but I’m including this reality as a grim acknowledgment of American justice) if Polanski gets raped in prison, guess what? He’s a grown man who can filter the experience through the psychology of adulthood. He violated a young girl. He shaped her psychological world.

Anyone defending Polanski has no moral compass and should be shunned. Those who aid and abet this monster are very nearly worse than Polanski himself. The psychotic deviants in the world often get help. I have no sympathy. Not even a shred.

Send Polanski to jail. Send the Hollywood elites to economic hell and ignore their work ’til it’s on pirated DVD.

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Boob-Job Sales Slump

Monday, January 12th, 2009

The pendulum has swung, folks. Perky breasts, like hemlines, are going down–reflecting the economic slump. Plastic surgeons are quite confident the problem is economic. Women just can’t afford to do what they want to do which is to have glorious, hard, round, mounds of silicone. Well, that’s the theory:

But now the society reports a 62 percent overall decrease in cosmetic surgery from 2007 to 2008. Business has plunged in regions with the largest home foreclosures, from Florida to Southern California. Forget about Ohio. Until the financial crisis hit, the theory and practice of cosmetic surgery encountered virtually no impediments from medical or mental health professionals, or media enablers

I don’t think it’s entirely the economy and I don’t think it’s that big companies convinced women that they needed huge mammaries that made women buy boob jobs to begin with as Maura Moynihan asserts in the above article. I think it’s simpler than all that: As time has gone on, women have seen the long term consequences of plastic surgery including boob jobs. Except in rare cases like Demi Moore, plastic surgery makes women (and even worse, men) look weird.

Cases in point Madonna, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Jerry Jones, etc. A person reaches a certain threshold where the risks outweigh the benefits and a person looks not young and fresh but old and stretched. Smooth, maybe, but still old.

The Hollywood insiders might all be lying to themselves, but those on the outside peering in see the plastic surgery crazy and make economic choices based on evidence. What used to be trendy and helpful, is now seen to be a slippery slope to weird town.

Now, I think that as doctors refine their techniques, make them less obvious and invasive and more believable, not to mention less risky for a person’s health and less expensive, people will turn back toward plastic surgery. Humans will always be vain as long as mirrors exist. And people will always spend money to feed their vanity. But there’s no point to spending money on a product of questionable benefit.

Never fear, plastic surgeons, there will be an upturn in breasts again.

Hollywood Bias?

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Hollywood Bias?