New Logo For Missile Defense Agency Looks Like A Combo Of Obama’s Logo & Islam Logo

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

UPDATED: Cdr Salamander broke this story and said:

Can we agree that there is at least 1 thing that is 100% right and 100% wrong for the armed forces of a Representative Republic; the armed forces should never adopt in whole or in an obviously derivative manner any symbol of a domestic political party, organization, or movement?

Can we at least find common ground there?

Sigh. Always angling, these people. Jammie Wearing Fool has pictures of the old and new Missile Defense logos. Go take a look.

Then, come back and look at this:

Put it all together and you have the new Missile Defense Agency logo:

What a strange logo. Morph Obama’s logo with the Islam crescent, shake it in a can….