Liberally Violent–UPDATED, UPDATED AGAIN–It’s A Hoax And With More Updates For My Never Satisfied Lefty Readers

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I keep thinking that I won’t be shocked and then I’m shocked. A woman is beaten and has a “B” carved on her face for having a McCain sticker on her car, after the criminal robs her of $60 from the ATM. Nice.
(Picture here.)

What if, by some ice cube’s chance in the third ring of Hades McCain wins this election? Should conservatives expect more of this?

My first instinct was that the “B” signified Barack, but I suppose it could mean “bitch”. So, it could be misogyny in addition to just plain violence. And this would, I would think, qualify as a hate crime (as opposed to the loving crime, but whatever, just using the liberalese here.)


There are pictures at the link. Like others on the Rightosphere, I’ve considered that this may be a bunch of hooey, but dang, if Crystal Magnum can get the whole Duke Liberal Arts Department signing a petition of support despite overwhelming evidence that should have produced skepticism especially among educators, I can have full confidence in this young woman (at least there are pictures and a police report) until there is overwhelming evidence disputing her charges. And there’s not. Yet. And if evidence is produced that proves this woman lied, I’ll write a retraction. That would be unlike the New York Times who never, once, ever even admitted that Crystal Magnum made the whole Duke rape story up while the biased reporters tarred and feathered the Duke lacrosse players in the “paper of record”.

So, to all those who believe I’m being hasty in my reporting, tough.


Michelle Malkin has compelling reasons to believe this story is at least partly a hoax. Looks like it may well be baloney. If it is, the girl should be prosecuted for lying. Then again, so should Crystal Magnum. Instead, Crystal is writing a book and making money off of the lives she’s ruined.


Hoax. Michelle Malkin and Ann Althouse exhibited healthy skepticism. And she’s mentally ill. Big surprise. She’ll be charged with filing a wrongful police report. Huh. I wonder if Crystal Magnum was ever charged for filing a false report. Why, no, she was not.


I formally disavow the previous reporting where I linked to a post that inferred that this mentally ill woman was actually carved up by a thief. This report was in fact false. The woman lied to police and will now be prosecuted forthwith.