Ohio Shooter: From A “Totally Broken Home”

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

As more information is coming out, it seems like a friend attributes a “broken home” to T.J. Lane’s pain. He was living with his grandma, according to a friend.

The story will be about bullying, though.

About Our Southern Border

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Drug wars, corruption, gang violence, murder, kidnappings, torture–it’s all part of Mexican culture these days and it’s getting worse. Why? Well, trouble has been brewing for a very long time.

A while back, I wrote about how the border will never get closed because it is like steam from the Mexican teapot. Illegal immigration gets workers to the U.S. where there are jobs and sends money back home to Mexico where there are not jobs. But now, the U.S. economy is tanked and thousands of workers have moved back across the border to find a better landing spot at home. They aren’t finding it.

Closing the border would do much the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mexico suffered something night unto civil war. The fact is that Mexico needs to clean up its mess and create a place where people want to live and work and feel safe doing so. Corruption and nepotism are so rife there, though, that it’s nigh to impossible to “reform” anything.

Anyway, Michelle Malkin talks about the rancher who got killed. There will be more of this. Mexico can no longer contain their problems.

Understanding The Lone Gunman

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

There’s lots of blaming going on for the Holocaust Museum shooting. Just look at my comment section. So nice to see the freaks come out of the shadows.

Here’s been my experience with the haters: they might have different political bents but the genesis of their rage is the same. It begins with discontent–a discontent we all feel by the way. We see some wrong and injustice and want to do something, but the size and scope of the problem seems overwhelming. At this point, there are two choices: Do what we can do or nurse our helpless rage.

Killers end up in the latter category. They nurse an injustice and plot revenge. That is, they don’t exactly channel their anger constructively. They decide to take matters in their own hands.

It’s the same whether it’s the guy who kills the woman who leaves him. It’s the same for the white supremacist killing Holocaust Museum guards. It’s the same for home-grown Jihadists bent on bringing down America. It’s the same for the psychopathic murderer. It’s the same for the gang banger taking revenge over a turf violation.

A murderer completely justifies his hate. He nurses it.

A murderer also dehumanizes his opposition. He has to. The enemy deserves the death because he’s earned it. The murderer is justified because the victim had it coming. Always.

Fundamentally, the reasoning goes like this, “that person, group, association, idea doesn’t care about me, why should I care about him or it?” So the Virginia Tech killer can murder the world because the world abandoned him. Ditto the guys who were bullied. Ditto the white supremacist. Ditto the Jihadis.

Nursed grievances and the bitterness that results + Dehumanizing the “enemy” = Murderous Rage Resulting in Murder

When the murderers survive their ordeal and they’re interviewed, there’s a reason why they have no remorse: they believe they are completely justified in their action. Often, they’ve spent a lot of mind time building up their reasons why a certain person or group of people deserve to die. They keep lists.

Noticeably absent from their hate lists is a list of wrongs they themselves have committed that hurt others. That is, they completely lack self-awareness.

Anyone who has spent time on this earth has either purposely or accidentally hurt another person. Most of us, in our hearts, know this. We recognize our own cruelty and feel guilty and ashamed for our pettiness, meanness and smallness of spirit. This is good. This self-awareness serves as inhibition for taking justice into our own hands. Heaven forbid all the people we’ve neglected or overtly harmed put us on a list, right?

When the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery to Jesus, they wanted to stone her. He wrote in the dirt and said, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” This is part of the underpinning of American justice. We don’t just drag people we feel have wronged us, or society, out and stone them. We have a system of justice that tries them based on evidence and we all live with the decision of that justice. This is the rule of law.

Murderers invariably view themselves as tools of justice, no matter how sick and demented. The world is cruel to children anyway, they’re better off dead–any molester, murderer or mother who drowns her children goes down this warped thinking path.

It takes a long rationalizing road to finally murder. That’s why rehabilitation rarely works. Nothing short of a lightning strike on the road to Damascus and the resulting blindness seems to get the attention of people bent on imposing their form of justice. Since that sort of jolt of awareness is only in God’s capability, prison and the death sentence for these people seem the best decision for a society that needs to be free of this malignancy.

The finger pointing about the recent murders is silly. The root cause is the same and the cover for the killings is ideology, The truth is that the murderers would find some way to nurse their grievances–that is, they were inclined to be angry, they just needed to find a group that could reflect and feed their hate. And there are no shortage of groups to do just that.

About Dr. George Tiller, Legality & Morality

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I didn’t want to write about this topic. At. All. It’s absolute insanity. And it’s personal.

The procedure that Dr. George Tiller became expert at is absolutely gruesome and he was an “expert” over sixty thousand times. That is a medium sized city of people who died being pulled limb from limb or by chemical burn. The numbers make me want to throw up right now.

People need to know the facts. Bill O’Reilly gave the facts while sharing his personal opinion that abortion is wrong. It’s his right. More about O’Reilly and free speech and the Left’s hypocrisy at my Pajama’s Media article.

This topic is personal because my own sons were born at 24 weeks five days. Here is a picture of a baby a week older. There is no question in my mind, not even a shadow of a doubt, that what Dr. Tiller did, over and over, was murder. That is, an innocent life was taken. How the man lived with himself every day, I don’t know. How he distanced himself from his acts of barbarism is beyond me.

But a pox on all our houses.

This is America. We are a country of laws. The laws should be written that something like this procedure is illegal. There is no question it is immoral. 72% of Americans were against this procedure in a survey taken two years ago. I’d venture to guess the number is higher now. Each year that passes, the ability for doctors to understand these tiny babies increases. No one doubts that they’re babies. If born, with treatment, they survive. Just like grandma survives a stroke, if given treatment. Just because she’s on life support for a while doesn’t mean that she’s not alive.

The thing is, we all know this. We all know that the baby is alive.

The disingenuous left wanting to paint those who are pro-life as wackos know that the majority of Americans, and even they themselves, know the baby is alive. For them, it’s not about killing the baby. It’s about promoting the life of the mother–rarely literally, mostly metaphorically. This whole topic is about a woman controlling her destiny by controlling her uterus. They conveniently ignore the control she had when the baby was made.

This procedure should be illegal in all 50 states. A man like Dr. George Tiller should have committed maybe 20 of these procedures over the lifetime of his practice to save a woman who was going to die, imminently, because it was either her or the baby. It should be so rare and unique that we all agonize with the devastated family. I know a woman who had this horrible choice as her body marched toward death with leukemia. The moral choice was clear, but she will live forever with the loss of her child. It was not a fetus. It was her baby. And the choice was devastating.

Otherwise, we become a nation immune to the horrors of these deaths and all bear the guilt of allowing such a thing to happen.

Dr. Tiller was murdered. His profession and his expertise was legal. A raving lunatic took justice into his own hands and killed this man in cold blood. The killer should get the chair for an act so premeditated. He clearly planned this killing.

The rule of law rules all. A murderer should be brought to justice. When it comes to late term abortion, the law needs to be changed.

Killing Mad

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Most people who make it to adulthood have been hurt or harmed by another human being. Some have been hurt by the very one who should defend and protect them like parents, teachers, ministers. That’s a horrible sort of betrayal. And yet, most people don’t make a list, add to it yearly and finally, load up on ammo and guns and go mow down everyone–“offenders” and innocents included.

How mad do you have to be to go on such a killing spree? Killing mad. Like this guy:

McLendon began his killing spree a dozen miles from Samson in Kinston in Coffee County, where he burned down the home he shared with his mother, killing her. It ended about an hour later with him taking his own life after a shootout with police in nearby Geneva at Reliable Metals, where he worked until 2003.

In between, he gunned down four relatives and the wife and 18-month-old daughter of a local sheriff’s deputy on a wide front porch that looks like so many others in Samson. He then turned his gun next door and killed his 74-year-old grandmother and sent panicked bystanders fleeing and ducking behind cars.

McLendon then drove off, spraying bullets through the town lined with old brick buildings, killing three more bystanders.

Once again, the murderer was a quiet guy, had few friends, .. same old story. Basically, a guy with limited social skills but high enough intelligence who focused on all the wrongs against him instead of all the good things in his life.

He took the easy road, really. What’s amazing is that more people don’t take it.

Rather than channel his discontent, hurt feelings and sorrow into something productive (like every miserable artist and most working people) he nursed the hurt and sense of injustice and it bloomed into murder.

Everyone could choose to be this guy. It’s easy to be a terrorist or bank robber or thief or rapist. It’s all about giving in to the basest instincts most people have but suppress. It’s all about externalizing blame and not owning what power the individual does possess.

That most people don’t choose to melt down is what is far more interesting and far less noted. Why do you think people avoid revenge or criminal behavior?

The biggest reason people are good is because…..
They are afraid of negative consequences like death or jail
Their religious beliefs
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Murder, Abortion, No Big Dif

Friday, February 6th, 2009

It’s a fine line, isn’t it? I mean, really, an unwanted child shouldn’t be in this world because that’s bad. So, I think we should reframe this unfortunate event as a mercy killing. RedInkTexas notes that the mother might as well say, “I want you to murder my unborn child, I just don’t want to watch…” . He continues:

She WILLINGLY went to an abortion clinic to have a late term abortion. But when the child was born alive, she was aghast that the abortionist put the child in a plastic bag and suffocated it. Yeah, like that was any more humane than trying to kill it some other way… The fact that it was done by someone without a medical degree is in my mind kind of secondary. SHE INTENDED TO KILL THIS POOR CHILD! Now she is suing because the child died. What in hell is wrong with this picture? Who is the Murderer here? I say the woman who went to the clinic to kill the child is the proximate murderer here. She took the pills. She knew what they did. I say hang them both for first degree murder, they both conspired to do this.

It was a mercy killing. Sheesh! I don’t understand why people are so judgmental.

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What Concerned Family Members Do

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

You’ve probably heard this happy story, but since they seem to be so few and far between, I’ll share it too:

Pennell, a waitress at Hannah’s Bar-B-Que in Lenoir, N.C., had left her job shortly before 10 p.m. last Wednesday. Before heading home, about 20 miles away, she stopped at a Wal-Mart to purchase birthday materials and home supplies. She made a call to Mitchell to see if he needed anything and left, the store’s surveillance camera recording her departure at 10:14 p.m.

Pennell then made a stop for gas at a station at 10:26, according to authorities, but that was her last recorded activity. Just after midnight, her husband reported her missing. A search, in earnest, would be launched the next day.

Although a K-9 team searched around her house, police officials mostly believed from the outset that Pennell’s car had gone off Route 321 — which would prove to be a great challenge for searchers because of long stretches of thick brush covering deep ravines.

Five days later, she was found:

“It was something we all wanted. We were praying for an outcome like this, and for it to become a reality — that was a blessing for all of us.”

Road to recovery
Pennell is now recovering at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, having suffered a skull fracture and other traumas as well as dehydration and hypothermia. As of Tuesday night, she was still listed in critical condition.

“She’s doing good, considering the situation,” Mitchell said.

In contrast, guys who kill their wives don’t call the police and mothers who kill their kids don’t report their children missing for over 30 days.

People always say, “Well, you don’t know what you’d do if you were that stressed.” Um, I think you do. You’d go crazy trying to find that child or wife or husband. That’s what you’d do. And you most certainly report the person missing right away.