Men: It Depends

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

So Fausta asks about this study about manly men versus more feminine men. The feminine man she brought up was one of my faves: Orlando Bloom. She contrasted Orlando with Sean Connery. Ew. Connery strikes me as an ornery axxhole–just not very nice. Now Orlando? Well, the research talks about strong jaws and brow lines. Orlando actually has both–he’s just long and lanky and more manicured. He is also a vegetarian–which, I admit is a downside. Is he a girly man?

I’m thinking back to Paul Newman as a younger man. He was hotness until the day he died. Pure yum. He raced cars. He walked like a badass. He had the smirk. But he didn’t strike me as jerk. Cool Hand Luke….manly, right? Or what about Clint Eastwood at all ages? Or Johnny Cash? Manly, hot, badness.

And, as a woman, are you gonna get a certain type based on how they look? I mean, does the square jaw, broad face, dense muscles get you a worse kind of man…like Sandra Bullock‘s Jesse James? But Tiger Woods isn’t all that broad-faced guy…so no guarantees. And what about John Edwards? He’s the classic fem guy…I wouldn’t count on a feminine face.

Women like what they like. In the Western world, it might not mean survival but it might mean satisfaction.

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