Obama’s Abortion Position

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Here (h/t Ace):

Just to clarify.

And also, related: Why Sarah Palin is immoral for NOT having an abortion. No, they aren’t joking. Says Cassy Fiano:

So, I guess in this guy’s mind, we should have no Helen Kellers or Franklin D. Roosevelts; no Lord Byrons, Lord Nelsons, or Beethovens. Is that the argument? That unless you’re 100% “healthy” — and by whose standards is “healthy” defined anyway? — you don’t have a right to live? And what gives this guy the right to decide?

I grew up with my Down’s Syndrome cousin. She was as integral to the family as any chromosomally “perfect” person. The funeral home could not fit all the people when she died. She was loved and she loved. She lived on the farm and she contributed.

What amazes me is that these same people will go to any length to save a dog or get naked for PETA and will turn around and show callous disregard for human life–either flawed or inconvenient.

A note on late-term abortions: My sons were born at 24 weeks gestation. One died after contracting MRSA at the hospital. One received the best medical care and is now in 5th grade. These are children. People. The notion of having a botched late term abortion and then allowing that child to die, or actively kill the child is beyond barbaric.

Radical leftists like Obama embrace eugenics and a life inconvenienced by unplanned children. It is horrifying. What birth defect do you have that makes you unworthy? What circumstance created your inconvenient existence?