Scariest jobs graph via @elizcrum

Friday, July 16th, 2010

div class=Amp_Commentary_Wrapdiv class=Amp_Post_TextpThe scariest part of this is what is NOT noted: The number of people relying on the government for their livelihood. Couple the jobs misery with the increase in Social Security folks and you have a perfect economic shit /
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Underlying all this is systemic uncertainty. The Obama administration has created a hostile business environment that makes businesses unlikely to hire even when they have cash because they fear demand will be low and their tax obligations will increase./p/div/divdiv class=Amp_Content_Outerdiv class=Amp_Top_Wrapdiv class=Amp_Source_FirstspanAmplifyrsquo;d from a rel=clipsource target=_blank title= href= class=Amp_Middle_Wrapblockquote class=Amp_Content_Item cite= cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0trtddiv id=entryhead
h1The scariest jobs graph you’ve seen yet/h1
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