Justice, Texas Style

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

The tragedy though, is that this child is dead. This family, devastated and grieving will have to live with this. They won’t however, have to worry about this guy doing it again.

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Police kill suspect in Mineral Wells boy’s death
By TANYA EISERER and JON NIELSEN / The Dallas Morning News

Police fatally shot on Sunday afternoon a man who had been suspected in the abduction and slaying of a 4-year-old Mineral Wells boy.

Arturo Pacheco-Barrera, 23, was a suspect in the ransom kidnapping of Salvador Briones Jr., who was found dead late Friday in an abandoned building on U.S. Highway 281 in Mineral Wells. Authorities have not said how the boy died.

According to a relative, Pacheco-Barrera was considered a family friend who did work on Briones’ house in the 700 block of S.W. Fourth Avenue.

About 6 a.m. Friday, the boy’s father checked on Salvador and his three sleeping siblings before leaving for work. After he got to work at a construction site, the 39-year-old father received a call from the kidnapper. According to relatives, the caller said that he had Salvador and demanded $15,000.

Briones could not be reached for comment, but a relative said the father received a couple of more calls in quick succession from the kidnapper.

Concerned, Briones called his wife who was still at home to check on their four children. When she went to the bedroom, she saw the back door open and the boy gone. The other three children, a 2-year-old, an 8-year-old and an infant, were OK.

Mineral Wells police said Pacheco-Barrera went to the Police Department for questioning. He led authorities to an abandoned building in the 3600 block of Highway 281 where they found the boy’s body.

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