Leftist Underage Labor: Forcing Children To Do Their Dirty Work

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

The ends always justify the means if you’re a lib.

Once again, a leftist uses her child as a prop to harass a conservative. Needing to prove a political point, the lesbian mom get that she’s harming a child in the process.

Here’s a gay mom using her son to pester Michele Bachmann, something the child clearly doesn’t want to do. And even if he wanted to, doesn’t have the notion of consequences, i.e., could look back when he’s an adult and have formed a different opinion. Kathy Shaidle has an opinion on this “bullying.”

The Left has a real problem using children for their own coercive purposes.

D.C. mom uses children as human shields at Occupy Wall Street protests. This one in D.C.

Hollywood activists get kids to sing creepy pro-Barack song.

An artist made kids cry for anti-Bush art. (This is really despicable.)

Here’s a union “goon” using his son as a human shield in Portland, Oregon.

Oh, don’t forget this sweet girl used by her dad to block traffic. This is particularly upsetting, too.

And really, these are just the examples I can think of off of the top of my head. There are probably more and you’re welcome to share them in the comments.

The point is that leftists have no problem using children to achieve political ends. They force them against their will and without consent to engage in behavior that is dangerous.

Totalitarians of all stripes are the same, though.

Here’s some Palestinians using their children as human shields.

It’s disgusting whenever it’s used.