Stupid Vegans: Part II

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I wrote a post some time ago about Stupid Vegans. The “stupid” referred to how nutritionally unwise it was to be a vegan. It still garners hate comments. But this comment takes the, er, eggs for sheer stupidity. I share it with you unedited:

ook, not all vegans are stupid. there is the odd case of a vegan who wears leather shoes, or is malnourished, or maybe is a bit scrawny. but it is not fare (doctor or not) to call all vegans stupid. and you know what, even if veganism was an unhealthy diet (which it isn’t, by the way) then i would still refuse to eat meat. because unlike most people, almost 100% of all ethical vegans care about animal welfare and the environment, and would be willing to give up anything for it.

Is any further comment necessary? I think not.

A Naked Amanda Beard

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Because I love you guys and I’m just that generous, I’m going against my ideals to post a naked picture of a lady for you. Now, the ideal I’m breaking has nothing to do with nakedness, because I’m all for that. It’s that the naked lady in question is getting naked for PETA, the psychotic animal rights organization. But the picture is so gorgeous, I’m just asking you to eat a big juicy hamburger for lunch in a fur coat while you’re enjoying this picture.