Why Are There Still Obama Surprises? Breitbart Video Cometh

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

There shouldn’t be any surprise videos about Obama, should there be? Do you find it stunning that there’s more out there about Obama?

The press no longer functions independently. It is wholly co-opted by the Democrats. Americans don’t really want to believe this yet, but Breitbart bringing out videos four years after Obama is president demonstrates how corrosive and complete is the press-Democrat collusion.

Just. Wow.

See Jim Hoft for the whole story.

Conclusion: Tea Partiers Need More Drums And Catchy Phrases #teaparty

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Leftists love yelling things like Justice NOW! Well, I believe in justice too. On 9/12, I want to yell justice for all! or something like that. We need better chants.

Also, huge props to Katy Bedingfield, my friend from North Carolina who blogs locally. Those people are brave.

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Illegals and Communists Protest Arizona Law in Raleigh (Video)

by Katy

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Canada’s Health Care Reveals What A “Public Option” Plan Really Looks Like

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

This Pajamas video by Steven Crowder is a must-see. It’s 20 minutes of human evidence about horrible health care. And remember, the rich will always be able to afford to pay for better care. The public plan forces middle and lower income people who have good medical care now, into a government-run abyss of waiting lists, rationing and outright denial of care.

And check out the facilities. No gleaming, beautiful waiting rooms. Cinder block, gray, socialist, misery.