This Is How You Message: YouTube Videos That Are Making TV Ads Look Sad

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

To the Democrats:

To the Republicans:

American Resurgence:

This last one was made by a teenager. Nice production value, don’t you think? And, by the way, I’m in it.

Massachusetts Miracle:

“Momentum” Ad By Scott Brown

*This is a TV ad but it is so good, I included it.

What do these videos/ads have in common?

1. They connect emotionally
2. The message is clear
3. The feel is positive, optimistic
4. They inspire action
5. They promote connection

These are great examples of videos that touch heart and mind with an understandable, actionable message. Note that there isn’t a lot of flash and dash with any of these videos, yet they’re all easy to watch and absorb.

Good stuff. I like it.