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Baby Weight, Growth Charts & Hysteria

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Poor parents. It’s like the Eddie Murphy bit in Nutty Professor, “Oprah needs to decide. Fat or thin. Fat. Skinny. Fat Skinny.” That’s like the CDC and the American College of Pediatrics and children’s weight: parents worry all the time.

If you want to have a healthy weight baby here are Dr. Melissa’s recommendations:

  1. Breast feed exclusively until six (6) months old. The baby will be a perfect weight for that baby. If the baby is big, look at the parents. If the baby is small, look at the parents. Don’t worry!
  2. After six months, only introduce table food (that is, whatever the family is eating) when the child meets these criteria: a) can sit up un-aided b) has enough teeth to chew c) baby shows interest. If the baby does not demonstrate all of these traits, do NOT table feed yet.
  3. Continue to breast feed until the baby weens himself or is around two years old. Whichever comes first. Some nurse after two, but there are no health reasons to do so. A baby does not have a fully developed immune system until age two. Nursing helps the baby develop an immune system. Reduced or non-existant ear infections, robust health can be expected with breast feeding.
  4. As you ween, feed the baby healthy foods. NO fruit juice, no milk. Empty calories and unnecessary especially if you’re nursing. How does the baby get calcium? you ask. Raw, organic cheese, organic yogurt should give enough. Get the kid in the sun with NO sunscreen (heresy!) so the body can metabolize the Calcium and lay down bone. Healthy kid, strong bones, no extra fat.

By the way, babies need fat. Good fat. Give him avocadoes. Give him cheese. A healthy, active , breast fed baby won’t get obese. He just won’t.


Flu 2006: No Big Wup

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Here is my Flu Predictor scale: If the Federal Government is screaming about the risk, it will be a non-existant flu season. Sheesh.

The flu was weak this year and the reason cited is that the vaccination matches the flu virus closely. The reason the vaccine matches closely, is because the vaccine is based on the previous year’s virus. If you got the flu last year, you won’t get it this year–most likely. You’re immune!

Oy. I am 100% AGAINST flu vaccines. They are worthless. And the health risks outweigh the benefits.

Male Contraceptive Pill

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

It has been a source of consternation that men don’t have a contraceptive device besides the universally maligned condom while women have several–none of which are very good. Men have simpler hormonal systems (duh!) than women and yet it is women whose complicated chemistry gets manipulated with The Pill, Norplant, DeproPrevara and other hormonal contraceptives.

A manly pill is just what the Doctor ordered! Research shows that it’s completely reversible, too. It is fascinating how unmotivated men have traditionally been to take contraception into their own hands. They don’t pay with the physical consequences (and sex now always trumps money later–the child support they would have to pay doesn’t seem to change a young [or old] man’s behavior). If a man got pregnant, this problem would have been addressed millenia ago.

Blog Layout Comments

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Yes, the three columns can be distracting. It does help me get more info on the front page. For those of you having a difficult time reading it due to font size, I suggest that you increase the font size on your browser. At the top, click View and Font Size should be there. Just increase it. Voila! Bigger!

Yes, It’s a tad busy. When the side colums get filled up and lengthen, there won’t be so much visual clutter. I can get rid of the green thing at the top. That is annoying. Who knows what I’ll do next. This took me hours to put together, but I was sick of the black background. Let’s all live with it for a while before another change. 21 days and if everyone hates it, I’ll change it.

Another Busy Bee

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

My Blog Tagline has changed to Information Pollination. Here’s why:

I try to be a busy bee. My name, Melissa, means honey bee. And my great love in life is spreading ideas and knowledge and helping people use that information. Without bees we wouldn’t have just about anything green we eat. No fruit. No flowers. Bees are necessary. And yes, sometimes I bug people.

See? It fits!

New Format

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Shocked everyone? I thought that maybe this layout would be easier to read. Let me know what you think.

Comments are very welcome!

Pope: Cites Lack of Love in Marriages and Towards Children

Friday, April 28th, 2006

It never ceases to amaze me that an old, never-married dude has more insight into the machinations of human relations than most long-married folk I know. The Pope speaks again. This time about small families and divorce saying “lack of love” is causing both.

I agree. It is so simple, but so true.

True love, the patient, kind, humble, variety of love and not the romantic, lust-driven, selfish kind of love everyone honors is the answer. To everything.

You Tube

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Dear Readers, most ofl you are middle-aged people not up on technology who read this blog. A few months ago I brought your attention to MySpace, the group social networking website that has ensnared many a young lad and lassie into ill-advised activities due to youth or rebellion or both. They do seem to go together.

In the spirit of being informed, here is another online phenomenon: YouTube and other video posts. Much like blogs, these are snips of home movies that are comedies, serious commentary, etc. Here is a snippet that almost every kid under 25 knows by rote. You should, too, if only because it represents the sensibilities of a generation. It is the climax of the movie Napolean Dynamite, this generation’s Ferris Bueller and if you don’t know who that is because you’re too old, there really isn’t a similar film from the 50s and 60s. (Which explains Ferris’ cult status.) Probably the closest you’d get is Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver. Actually, though, Napolean is hardly cynical, never really bad and his worst emotion exhibited seems to be that he’s forever put upon. Haskell, like Bueller, were manipulative and rotten in a fun-loving way.

Anyway, media is being experienced by young people through these on-line vehicles, not the TV exclusively. They play video games, they play virtual reality games online with thousands of other people (I haven’t tried it, honestly, because I just know I’d get addicted. I liked Dungeon’s and Dragsons but wasn’t allowed to play with the guys when I was a young teen. You keep not believin’ how nerdified I really was as a youth. Things haven’t changed much.) Kids today and adults, too, are searching for original sources of all information: music, news, entertainment, arts, everything.

Inventor Friend

Friday, April 28th, 2006

A friend of ours has created a new kind of Bow and Arrow that allows the arrow to float rather than resting on a notch before it gets launched. I’m guessing the benefits include reduced resistance, greater accuracy, etc.

Vote here for Stuart’s invention in the History Channel’s Sweepstakes. He is one of 25 Americans included in this! Yes, we have very smart friends.

Restaurant Inspections

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Reading the Houston Chronicle’s Lynn Ashby’s column today brought some helpful information that I thought I’d pass along. He published a link to get to an online review of Texas restaurants and their health inspection reports.

Just go to Scroll down until you see Select Online Service. Enter your Zip Code and Voila!