Matthew McConaughey’s Counter Cultural Speech

March 3, 2014 / 6:45 pm • By Dr. Melissa Clouthier


Remember moments of Oscar night rebellion? Marlon Brando comes to mind. Someone on Twitter said they were happy that the Oscars were devoid of politics.

Actually, politics did enter the artistic arena–it’s just that for the average God-believing American, it went unnoticed because it is part of their culture.

For the Academy, though, Matthew McConaughey’s speech was profoundly counter cultural and “weird”.

This is where we are in America: Thanking God, humbly and passionately, is viewed as strange, different, and even subversive.

America has been transformed, alright. You’re a rebel if you’re a sincere God believer and willing to say so.

  • saveashlii

    Just Freedom Now
    Contact: Ashli

    May 02, 2014

    Dear Melissa,

    HELP!My name is Ashli W. I am an independent grassroots activist, advocating for public awareness about a new form of cyber crime that violates more than justtechnological freedom. Developments in
    neurotechnology and quantum physics is great. But advanced cyber criminals have created new high tech threats, as they are designing wireless neurogadget(technology)3 that violate human rights, committing computer intrusion and engineering energy
    weapons. This is reason for concern.

    Cyber crime poses a major threat in the United States, as does terrorism. But now an entirely new threat has emerged that
    could be considered more dangerous than those two threats combined. A new, more advanced form of high-tech crime has been developed that has introduced new vulnerabilities for government, businesses and individuals.

    These new threats introduce concerns about computer security, especially when big businesses like Target get hit by hackers. In spite of the fact that Target had began installing a $1.6 million dollar cyber security system designed by FireEye, a firm that also
    provides cyber security systems for the CIA and the Pentagon, and despite the around-the-clock security team that monitors Target’s servers, the hackers still bypassed the system during Christmas 2013, one of the busiest times of the year for this retailer.[1]

    Do you also remember when Anonymous hackers infiltrated the FBI? Finkle & Menn (2013)[2], a journalist with, reported, “Activist hackers linked to the collective known as Anonymous have secretly accessed U.S. government computers
    in multiple agencies and stolen sensitive information in a campaign that began almost a year ago.”

    Such attacks show us that modern hackers are organized. They build organizations, they are multi-faceted, and they threaten our standard of living, our vital services, our national security interests, and our privacy. Olavsrud (2012)[3] states, “Sarah Loyd, a director at consulting firm Navigant with deep experience in attack and penetration testing, IT forensics, technical security architecture, and information warfare, states that hackers don’t want to steal accounting money… they want to steal formulas for new drugs and anything they can use commercially.” The capabilities and motivations of hackers have changed.

    How do hackers acquire access to those private servers? How do they know which account to access or when to access a system?
    It almost seems impossible that someone could strike such closely monitored systems at the exact perfect time.

    A new form of cyber crime is being committed, and a high-tech terrorist’s organization is engaging in major violations through more methods than hacking computers. These advanced cyber criminals are engineering actual electronic systems that enable them to access computers wirelessly using radio wave technology, eavesdrop using ultrasound, and cause system failures using electromagnetic energy-based technology, all from long distances. They can attack and access secure systems in any location within the United States, especially the government. If they can access government computers, a flimsy virus protector on a personal computer is virtually useless.

    The next-generation technology being used currently gives high-tech criminals real-time access to sensitive information that can be used for espionage, privacy violations, terrorist actions, and surveillance avoidance, thus posing a real threat to national security. Access to sensitive information could give a hacker the
    ability to initiate a catastrophic failure of control to a critical infrastructure. Today there is a high-tech terrorists’ organization that also engages in other types of high-tech crimes in Houston and all over the United States. This requires immediate attention
    and defensive action.

    By building upon preexisting technology, these computer-based, real-world hackers are engaging in a more developed form of cyber-terrorism. Because hackers have refined their skills and are now not only exploiting their computer skills but also engineering advanced, long-range wireless technology, no longer do they need to spend countless hours trying to decipher government passwords to get into the back door of your system. They are now able to intercept signals and listen to you in your workplace, home, or mobile activity.

    Kelly (2013)[4] from CNN notes, “If something can connect to a network, it can be hacked. Computers and phones are still popular targets, but today, cars, home security systems, TVs, and even oil refineries are increasingly coming under attack.” Therefore, great attention is needed in every area of our online networking in
    order to protect ourselves and our freedoms within this country.

    High Tech criminals are using energy based weapons to not only access computers, but they have developed a new crime that
    involves using energy weapons to violate privacy and to assault. These new types of advanced cyber crimes must be taken very seriously, they infringe on human rights. We have high tech domestic terrorist in the United States and they are undermining the confidence of the US government and they are challenging
    our laws. These new forms of cyber crime need to be
    addressed with policy changes.

    I ask you recognize this serious new crime for of cybercrime. We need to educated law enforcement in Texas and other states on how to address, assess and eliminate this level of crime. We need laws that protect us and from the dangers of these new technologies and human rights abuse by high tech criminals. We need laws that make the use of illegally-constructed or modified user interactive technology and any device that uses ultrasound, radio wave or electromagnetic to harm a human being or animal or any varying form of energy as a weapon a crime. But what we need is
    this terrorist American organization dismantled like yesterday.

    Educating people on the dangers of these types of crimes brings the issue to the surface. This is one only one step. If you are interested in more information please feel free to contact me.

    Best Regards,

    Just Freedom Now


    This new form of crime is serious and the right people need to hear about it. If you can get this out to anyone that can help me get this issue addressed, even recognized or possibly steer me in the
    right direction please be in contact? This is your country too.

    In Houston, we have a high tech domestic (urban) terrorist organization that is operating a remote black market crime
    that involves the sexual exploitation of urban individuals (with an emphasis on urban individuals all races are included: women, children and young men). These criminals are not traditional cyber criminals as they arent concentrating on just hacking computers, they are heavily involved in a real time black market crime, where they remotely sale, trade, sexually exploit individuals in vulnerable populations in their homes or while they are mobile. These criminals
    are using technology that can engage from long ranges, see thru walls, communicate from mid air and eavesdrop. Their weapons use energy based weapons- “free energy” ( i.e. electromagnetic, invisible forms of energy that are available naturally in our atmosphere or emitted by the devices we use{ex. ambient back-scatter}) to violate privacy and even assault. They have
    developed a wireless “brain computer interface” system (which
    gives them the ability to hear thought, manipulate memories, emotions, moods -anything the neurological system can do independently they can do remotely with the technology they have access to).

    I have made several attempts to get this crime addressed and been ignored by local police. These H.igh T.ech C.riminals are using technology that researchers claim to still be developing, or have not developed -which means that at this time only an elite group of individuals in the research and technology disciplines currently have the capabilities to design these weapons. These systems utilized quantum speeds they have the ability of remotely simulated touch, they can contact an individuals body from another location. Naturally this has birth a new sex trade industry: sexual predators,
    pedophiles and others who are remotely engaging in this crime are dangerous as the voyeurs seem to be paying big bucks to engage in this crime . Though these concepts sound quite futuristic and maybe even “matrix like”.

    But if you want compare to a fictional film, the best one is a version of “high tech hostel”. This is a real crime. Criminals dont have to
    abduct a victim, they can remotely rape them in their homes and beds, stalk an individual and violate anyone anywhere using interception technology and free energy. Problems dont get addressed by beating around the bush. As this crime is one that has “secretly” embedded itself in urban communities and these criminals seem to think that they can violate privacy and victimized women like myself, and there are no consequences. I’d like to prove
    them wrong.

    Thank you.

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