I blog with children literally sitting on my head, while cooking in the kitchen, between patients, during stupid TV shows, and most irritatingly for my family, while people talk to me.

This is my personal blog. I also own LibertyPundits.com (a site that shares all the best conservative podcasts) and LibertyPundits.net (a group political blog). I also write for Pajama’s Media and blog at the front page of Redstate.com

Things you probably don’t want to know:

Chiropractic was a profession where pantyhose and high heels were unnecessary which made it very appealing. I thought it would be good to have a “real” profession since writers don’t make money. Helping people feel better is fantastic. Chiropractic is the best health profession–instant gratification. It’d be cool to be a plastic surgeon, too.

I’m ambidextrous.

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I hate shopping. I love books. I do like shopping for books.

I was born and raised in Michigan, moved to California, moved back to Michigan, moved to upstate New York, and now live outside Houston, Texas with my husband and three kids. Yes, I’m a breeder.