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Poor People Sleep Less

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Ignore this study. Here is the reason why rich people sleep more:

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man health, wealthy and wise.”

When we moved from our starter home to a nicer neighborhood one of the most amazing things (besides the fact people actually use their garages for cars) was that the lights were out neighborhood wide around 10 p.m.

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Star Jones: How Not to Leave Gracefully

Friday, June 30th, 2006

When someone leaves a job and cries at a squealing pitch about how wronged she is, other people get the impression that said person was let go for legitimate reasons. Star Jones risks blowing any future career opportunities because she simply cannot fathom that someone would fire her and won’t shut up about it. Right or wrong, it’s done. Move on. She could have exited gracefully and not burned bridges. Too late now.

Advice when fired:

  1. Leave with dignity. Don’t stoop to gossip. Don’t bad talk your employer.
  2. Learn what you can. Did you play even a teensy, weensy part in the process? Just a bit? Maybe?
  3. Look for the opportunities. You’re suddenly free! That career move or city you’ve always dreamed about is possible now. Carpe diem.

Are Americans Overworked?

Friday, June 30th, 2006

This debate comes up every summer as people see their neighbors leave for exotic places and suffer a severe case of Vacation Envy.

On the one hand, Americans seem to have honed the fine art of “busy-ness”–climbing on the treadmill of life and going and going and believing they’re going somewhere. Are they really working so much because they have to or because they want to?

On the other hand, some Americans work with a panic level now, due to downsizings and market instability. Even though the economy is great, people don’t want to be looking for a job. They feel that working harder or at least longer, separates them from the average workers.

Is it possible that the only meaning lots of people have in life is work?

Testosterone for Women

Friday, June 30th, 2006

There are natural alternatives to taking synthetic or mass-produced testosterone. Like so many hormonal enhancements there are unintended health-consequences and most seem to affect the heart.

One common help is adrenal support (this is where testosterone is made in women) in the form of co-factors like B vitamins and Vitamin C and Zinc. Also, there are gonadatrophins, supplements that feed the gland so it can heal by Standard Process. These are natural alternatives to chemically changing biochemistry versus giving the body the raw material so it can heal itself.

Antibiotic Can Cause Liver Failure

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Takers of Ketek beware.

The other Dr. Clouthier talks about beta-blocker dangers. Britons are being removed from them right now.

There is no such thing as a safe medication.

Arabs Hate Israel

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

This just in, Arabs all over Arabia hate Israel. They used to like them, kinda, but still enjoyed giving then occasional nouggies but that was waaaaay back when Isaac and Ishmael were still talking.

Tomorrow, in News of the Obvious, Physicists will discuss the danger of jumping from 40 story buildings. “We’re very concerned that people don’t know the full dangers of leaping carelessly from 400 feet to the ground. Even if you land “right” the fall is fatal and people should know that so they can avoid the risks,” says Dr. Newton.

Money & Happiness

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

It doesn’t buy it, but it sure makes misery nicer.

Al Zarquawi’s Mom’s Blog

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

You think I’m kidding? His mom has a blog and here is what she says:

this burqa is very hot. filthy LA traffic! I am sitting in a boiling hot Prius with some crazy lady named Laurie David. She lent me her blackberry and she is taking me to some expo and i am getting very tired. I would like some water. I spent all of yesterday listening to fat sweaty man named Rob Reiner talk about “footprints.” If my son were here…He would need a big knife for such a fat man. WHy does he always wear such a silly hat? This is the moment when the hand of the Merciful Allah strikes down my son’s enemy for this terrible boxed lunch. There is very little meat in this wrap. all lettuce and caesar dressing. Do they not know who I am? these eaters of pigs… I doubt the Bush one eats boxed lunches. Or drives a Prius. Hold on, Laurie is asking me something… sorry, she missed the exit. . I am a grieving mother of an innocent victim in a war on terror and i am listening to someting called Yanni. this is NoT music. Who are these people? WHen will the hand of the Merciful Allah strike down my son’s enemies and put on some decent music? blessed me this Laurie David drives like a drunk goat. She almost hit a real car.
I miss my son. Not his wives. Combined age, they were 18. I told him to date some one closer to his age, but did he listen? No. And I won’t even get started about the chickens. Now it is time for the Bush one, cursed be he! Allah needs to make level with CNN for bumping me from the show last night. I had all my talking points written down. Sat in the green room for hours. Then they have a fitness instructor on to talk about “problem areas.”
There is only one problem area. That is America.
Perhaps we will stop at Wendy’s. They have those square burgers, no?

She is going on my blogroll. Praise Allah!

H/T Andrew Sullivan. Thanks Andrew, I think our shared humor might be the only thing we share. Maybe not the only thing, but close to the only thing.


Thursday, June 29th, 2006

A nihilistic pursuit. Is that an oxymoron?

Men and Women: Do Opposite- Sex Friendships Work?

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Since I have quite a few guy friends, my answer is yes opposite-sex friendships work. What do you readers think?