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Who Cares What Don Imus Says?

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Does it matter that a talk radio host is racist? I’m serious. Howard Stern has made a good living, um, exploiting sex and weirdos and everything and everyone else. Now, Don Imus has supposedly waded into racist waters again, although it seems that his words were misinterpreted. But let’s just say he did say something racist, does it matter?

Mike Nizza asks:

So what is at work here, folks? Have Americans all lost the ability to detect sarcasm (the subject of this excellent science story)? Is Don Imus guilty of racism? Was this episode the calculated controversy-stirring of a veteran shock jock, meant to split the debate in two? Or is his on-air transformation complete, from a voice that was outrageously racially insensitive to one that is quite sensitive indeed?

Bah! Who cares? Don Imus is free to spout his opinions and people are free to listen–or not. That Al Sharpton get’s his boxers in a bundle or that Pacman Jones even responds at all gives the talk show host a bigger platform than he deserves.

The bigger concern is that Americans have lost their humor. Every moment in time has taken on the breath-taking gravity of a near-death experience. Life is all so serious. Between the economy, oil prices, race, sex, gender, age, fatness, whales, trees, birds in nests, abuse, flu, weather and all the rest, there is no topic that is safe to laugh at anymore. The lack of laughter demonstrates a distressing loss of perspective.

People can choose to see tragedy or comedy. It’s more fun to laugh. If Don Imus makes you laugh, listen. If he gets on your nerves, turn the dial. In the meantime, it would be nice if the hysteria were taken down a notch. Life is pretty good. And even when it sucks, there is something to laugh at.

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Nutters In Nests

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

My friend in Oakland insists that I don’t have the big picture. Oh, I have it alright.

Bush Was Right

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Liberals were wrong. History will be kind to George W. Bush.

Chinese Deal With Recalcitrant Muslims

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

The government gets peeved, they plow down the mosque. Ya gotta hand it to communists, they can be efficient when they want to be. Gateway Pundit muses, “Obviously, the Chinese could care less about the reaction from radical Islamists over the demolition.”

I’m wondering how brave radical Islamists will be in going after the Chinese government. The Chinese seem pretty confident.

Big Breakfast, Lose Weight

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Makes sense. The key my furry friends is good fat (a little) and protein. It fills you up and gives you long term energy. So, slow down and have some eggs for breakfast. You’ll feel better all day and eat less too.

More Biased Reporting–UPDATED

Monday, June 23rd, 2008


The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a plea by environmental groups to rein in the Bush administration’s power to waive laws and regulations to speed construction of a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border.


James Lileks sums up the modern press:

It is amusing, really – after sticking people’s heads in the muck every day for years, promoting every faddish scare, fluffing the pillow beneath every yuppie worry, swapping the straight-forward adult approach to news with presenters who emote the copy with the sad face of a day-care worker telling the children that Barney is dead – in short, after decades of presenting the world through the peculiar prism that finds in every day more evidence of our rot and our failures, they wonder why people are depressed. Hang the banner, guys: Mission Accomplished.

Whales Lose Supreme Court Case and the NYT Laments and Gnashes Teeth

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Check out the first paragraph of David Stout’s opinion piece, I mean, hard-hitting New York Time’s reportage:

The Supreme Court sided with the White House on Monday in two cases involving national security and worries about the environment, strengthening the Bush administration’s drive, at least for now, for sweeping executive powers in the post-9/11 world.

“At least for now..”. Sounds ominous, David. When Democrats run things and put whale-loving justices on the Supreme Court, all will be good. Hold on, Mr. Stout, with Obama it will all be better soon. And here is what has got Mr. Stout so upset:

In the sonar case, the justices said they would review a decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which on Feb. 27 upheld most of a lower court ruling that banned high-powered sonar within 12 miles of the coast. Environmental groups had sued to block the use of the sonar because they feared harm to whales and dolphins.

The Bush administration has argued that the sonar training exercises, used to practice tracking of hostile submarines, are vital to national defense, that the possible harm to marine life was being exaggerated and that, in any event, military need should take precedence over the welfare of water creatures.

“This is an issue that is essential to national security, and we welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to review this case,” Lt. Sean Robertson, a Navy spokesman, told The Associated Press.

Southern California’s coastal waters are home to dozens of species of whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions, including nine species that are federally listed as endangered or threatened. Marine biologists have said the sonar in question generates extreme pressure that can disorient and injure the creatures, disrupting their feeding and mating schedules and causing injuries. The Navy has insisted that it takes adequate protective measures, but the Natural Resources Defense Council disagreed, and sued to stop the tests.

The government and military hates children and animals. And the Supreme Court sided with the haters! It’s just all too much. In addition, the Supremes said that the government doesn’t have to do environmental studies for every portion of the desolate desert that separates the U.S. and Mexico. The administration has unfettered ability to put up that blankety-blank fence. Horrors!

So many things jump out at me from this stupid article. First, the writer doesn’t even attempt neutrality. He makes no pretense whatsoever about his bias and just hangs it out there for all to see. This is the New York Times, people, the paper of record. Second, could the outrage be directed at anything sillier? I mean, come on. The Navy shouldn’t be able to do sonar maneuvers that would be vital, I should think, should the West-coasters want a decent defense if they’re ever attacked. And who would scream the loudest if a fleet of Chinamen stormed Malibu? Third, about the fence and environmental studies. Anyone who has been along the border of Mexico and the U.S. knows it ain’t the loveliest terrain. What the hell is there to protect environmentally? Good grief. I get not wanting to hurt whales and dolphins and I’m guessing the Navy doesn’t want to. But what is out there in the vast sandy emptiness that needs to be protected?

Soon, though, David Stout will be psyched. Obama will win, put up justices who love babies and animals and the world will be a less mean place. I get weepy thinking about it, but not for the reason Stout does.

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High Gas Prices Cause Parents To Murder Children

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Murderous impulses abound these days. In Houston, children seem to be particularly vulnerable to their parent’s frustration. It’s a new phenomenon, really, child abuse, and the local government officials are grasping for reasons what has so recently gone horribly wrong. The Houston Chronicle’s Dane Schiller reports:

With word Saturday that yet another parent was implicated in an attack on his children — police say he led them to the partially burned bodies — there was a feeling that something is horribly wrong with some families in the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

“Whether it is high gas prices or people not happy with their jobs or whatever, we have got a lot of anger and violence in our society, way too much, particularly family violence,” Houston Councilman Peter Brown said.

Later, another expert gives his explanation:

Still, Klineberg said, they speak to growing stress for families, including the challenge of making ends meet.

“It is tough out there. People snap,” he said. “And when you have 6 million people, one or two are going to snap in a bad way.”

A few years ago, Andrea Yates drowned her kids in a bathtub. The gas prices were a moderate sub $2.00/gallon. Houston didn’t want for violence in 2005 and gas prices were fantastic.

Houston’s unemployment rate was higher in 2006 than it is now, so murders should be lower now. And maybe they are. You won’t find this out from the local press, though, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. And what is the narrative? The economy is horrible. Life is horrible. Gas prices are high, oil companies are bad and that’s horrible.

Oh wait, when looking at the numbers, though, murders were up in 2006, but it wasn’t unemployment, it was the fine folks from New Orleans. As those yahoos got put in the clink, the murder rate declined in 2007. And looky here:

HPD officials say that the City of Houston has recorded the fewest numbers of murders for the first quarter of this year since 2005.

The unofficial numbers show 78 murders were recorded through the first three months of this year.nThere were 88 murders for the same period in 2007. That’s an 11.3 percent decrease.

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt said the decline shows that the department’s targeted crime initiatives and overtime programs throughout the city are paying off. “While murders are nearly impossible crimes to predict and prevent, we do feel our overtime programs in place, including those officers assigned to our Crime Reduction Unit, can impact crimes that could escalate to murder,” said Chief Hurtt.

Wow, those are dramatic numbers and not at all the impression one gets from reading something like Dan Schiller put together. The notion that there are always going to be nutso crazies killing their kids doesn’t occur to these people. What occurs to them is that it’s politically expedient to exploit a child’s horrific death at the hands of a parent and blame……the latest trend.

Whether it be Twinkies (really depression) or oil or the economy or global warming or fill-in-the-blank excuse, according to Leftists no one is responsible for his murderous impulses and it’s always worse Right Now! because it fits the latest trendy, alarmist call to action. It’s stupid. I hope no one is paying attention to them.

Oh wait, they’re not.

H/T Rorschach

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Obama’s Grandiosity

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I was watching a rerun of Saturday Night Live where the comedian playing Campbell Brown actually orgasms on camera during an Obama debate answer. I don’t think it was parody. The press is beyond parody.

As sickening as the press’ weepy adoration can be, though, it doesn’t approach the emetic power of Obama’s autophilia. Cassy Fiano went to the Obamassiah’s website and found his interpretation of the Declaration of Independence. So, now, Obama has his own re-worked presidential seal which Mickey Kaus notes (via Glenn Reynolds):

Is Obama’s new faux-presidential, alternative-reality seal his “Mission Accomplished”? If you wanted to emphasize to voters that the Democrats’ nominee is a bit stuck up, it would be hard to do better. I suppose he could start requiring reporters to stand when he enters the room. … The seal probably started out as a bit of fun. But unless David Axelrod is insane, the thing will never be seen again. .. 2:15 A.M.

and, Obama wants history to start now, with him. Cassy says:

I especially love the line “the first presidential election truly funded by the people”. In that sentence, Barack Obama is smearing every single former President as illegitimate. Amazing. It’s as if Obama is actually starting to believe the hype, that he’s starting to actually see himself as the Obamamessiah. And I have to wonder, does he really believe that every other President was not funded by the people? Does he really think that? With that sentence, he’s painting even our Founding Fathers as swindlers and con-artists who cheated the people to get the Presidency, and himself as the benevolent Savior breaking away from that tradition.

I don’t think that Obama is just believing the hype. He’s been high on his own noxious emissions for a long time now. He’s becoming more, well, exhibitionistic, since he’s ostensibly clinched the Democratic nomination. Before it’s all over, the emperor will be running around naked and doing back bends while in discussions with Ahmedinejad so we can appreciate him in his unfettered, diplomatic glory.

Obama is his own hope he can believe in.

What Up?

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

This weekend I’ve been working on the new blog. It is going to be so cool when it’s done, but we’re a little way away from finishing it up. The guy working on it, Daniel, is a saint. When it’s finished, I’m going to write and tell you what I put him through and how he has surpassed all expectations. Truly, if you need your blog or website worked on, Dan is The Man.

FYI, I’m moving over to WordPress and using Hosting Matters and so far, I love both. I use MoveableType with John Hawkin’s blog Right Wing News and don’t like it as much. Of course, I’m not a programming guru. No one uses Basic anymore. So, take my opinion for what it’s worth and it aint’ worth much. Thanks for the push Rachel and Cassy! (Dan did Cassy’s work, too, that’s how I found him.)