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Feminists To Sarah Palin & Working Women: Learn Your Place!–Updated

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Some women just won’t learn. Myself included. If I were the right sort of woman, I’d have this view:

That likely explains why you’re not hearing about this comment Ms. Obama made at the Women’s Caucus of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday about her husband (bold is mine):

He’ll protect a woman’s freedom of choice, because government should have no say in whether or when a woman embraces the sacred responsibility of parenthood.

Apparently, Michelle isn’t aware of, or doesn’t sufficiently appreciate, the viability of adoption as an alternative, or that the adoption waiting lists are long. Like her husband, who says that determining when human rights begin (i.e., when life begins) is “above my pay grade,” she does not appear to grasp the scientific fact that parenthood begins at conception.

See, I’m not a real woman, because I believe that a woman takes responsibility for her choices, including who she has sex with and whether or not she uses birth control. In fact, if a woman has sex with a man, gets pregnant before marriage, I believe she has a couple choices: marry the guy, raise the baby, or put the baby up for adoption. (And I’m not talking about rape or incest which is such a small number of abortions. I am for the morning after pill in those cases. Nuance.)

This brings me to Sarah Palin. The latest issue surrounding her is that she got pregnant with her first kid “triggering” the shot-gun marriage. And, your point is, Alan Colmes besides demonstrating your crass classlessness? She got married. She’s still married. And considering that 90% of married people, Christian or not, have sex before marriage, I’d say she’s in the majority of people. If the story is even true.

So, the National Organization for Women is coming out against Sarah Palin. Of course. She’s not the right kind of woman. She doesn’t know her place. My favorite quote from their press release titled “Not Every Woman Supports Women’s Rights”:

The fact that Palin is a mother of five who has a 4-month-old baby, a woman who is juggling work and family responsibilities, will speak to many women. But will Palin speak FOR women? Based on her record and her stated positions, the answer is clearly No.

That’s too rich. The fact that she is living equal rights doesn’t count. She has her own career. She demonstrated her right to choose and chose to keep her children and chose to birth them even after finding out one child wasn’t “perfect.” She’s not a eugenicist as so many Lefties are proving themselves to be. Gay people take note. You’re next. But see, she made the WRONG choice and therefore she is not deserving of NOW’s endorsement.

The only issue that matters for NOW is abortion. It’s the litmus test. A woman doesn’t matter. She has to be right sort of woman…a woman who believes abortion is the only way. Cassy Fiano notes the condescension toward women:

Also, if anyone wants to talk about condescension towards women, you can’t even begin to have that discussion without mentioning modern day feminism. They are sneeringly condescending to any woman who doesn’t agree with them. This NOW press release is dripping with condescension. It’s as if women can’t understand for themselves what they want. Thank God feminism came along to educate us ignorant women who can’t understand how important it is to be able to have an abortion! So you’re pro-life? It’s OK, honey, you just don’t know any better yet. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what to think, because you clearly can’t decide for yourself.

It would have been better if Sarah Palin had aborted her baby (if it’s really her baby, good grief, the Kossaks are insane in the membrane). Michelle Malkin says:

Of all the moronic attacks on Sarah Palin, and they are piling up, this has got to be one of the lowest of the low.

And it’s brought to you by the morbid ghouls who would rather you abort your unborn children than bring them into the world and increase the planet’s carbon footprint. Left-wing definition of “proper pre-natal care:” A bloody trip to Planned Parenthood.

Have mercy upon them.

NEW, a women’s organization, Network for Enlightened Women, responds to NOW:

Throughout the election cycle, feminists have highlighted the importance of getting a woman on the ballot. They often said they wanted a woman, regardless of party affiliation. That was an easy argument when Hillary Clinton seemed like the most likely contender. John McCain has stolen their thunder by picking a Republican woman. It took the National Organization for Women (NOW) less than three hours to release a statement against Governor Palin.

The Anchoress notes in her aptly titled post Palin: Bad Mother, Bad Woman [read the whole thing, but it will get your blood boiling, my blood has evaporated, it’s been boiling non-stop since the lefties have been spewing their bile]:

Then, Alan Colmes posted (and apparently immediately took down) a piece basically questioning Sarah Palin’s instincts as a mother because she, a month before her due date, and far away from her doctor, did not immediately fall apart when she noticed some amniotic fluid leaking.

This not being her first pregnancy, she did what a prudent, experienced woman who knows her own body would do; she called her own doctor, kept him apprised and did not panic. She made a scheduled speech, traveled home and went to the doctor.

The left is going to try to run with this? If Palin had a “D” after her name, she’d be praised for her calm, collected manner and we would all know that – of course she would have seen a doctor had she needed to – but every woman wants HER doctor with her when she delivers, if it’s possible.

Oh good grief. As a woman who birthed three times, with my fourth, my midwife couldn’t make it in time and I had the baby with my husband and a helper (doula) and at home! Talk about empowered. A real woman knows her body. Women are not weak babies. Real women have babies, as many as they choose, as many as they’re blessed with. I feel like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, “Why am I the only feminist around here?”

MaxedOutMama says this about working mothers, and how they’re hearing all this:

You know, I don’t usually write about women’s issues, but this kind of thing – well, it’s pretty freaky. Apparently the meme that Palin wasn’t really pregnant hit the radio – Thom Hartmann.

However all the claims that Palin should be in a demanding job because she has kids- boy, oh, boy. That’s going to make women see red. Most women in the US have to work for economic reasons, so what this amounts to is the claim that women with kids should be relegated to lower-tier jobs. This is not the sort of thing most women like to hear, but it is the type of thing that professional women know will be said behind their backs. Oh, sure, there are laws preventing prospective employers from asking you about kids, but it’s still an issue. Reading all this is going to push so many buttons for women.

MOM is an economist and a mother. Michelle Malkin is a writer and a reporter and a mother. The Anchoress is a writer and a mother. Gina Cobb is a lawyer and a mother. Dr. Helen is a psychologist and a mother. Ann Althouse is a law professor and a mother. I’m a chiropractor and mother.

But as conservative, moderate and/or libertarian working women, we don’t count. Only a woman who submits to liberal orthodoxy is worthy of support, even if the woman’s life exemplifies the very ideals the special interest group supposedly stands for. But it’s a lie. NOW isn’t for women. They are for abortion. They are for women as victims. They are for special, not equal, treatment.

So feminists like Maureen Dowd have no problem objectifying a fellow woman and dismissing Sarah Palin as being the star of a real-life “chick flick”. As a woman who enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels, and who reads stories to her kids, I find Dowd’s derision particularly entertaining. Why, it’s almost like a fairy tale, Maureen–you know the one, where the older, single witch hates the younger, more beautiful woman who gets the crown and the man.

Earth to NOW and feminists everywhere, who, exactly is the cliché again?


Don Surber expounds on what rights a woman has:

If true, it would have given libs a chance to use their favorite epithet:


You can be an unrepentant terrorist.

You can be a perjurer.

You can be an ex-klansman (Exalted Cyclops at that).

But Lord help you if you are a conservative and you run a stop sign.

Lefties who would complain would be saying a woman has the right to kill a baby even if it survives abortion — which is the Official Position of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama — but not the right to pose nekkid.

Yes, let’s be clear about what’s okay for a woman to do, feminists. We women are too stoopid to figure stuff out, ya know, because like, we’re ignant. Like, I’m from the “West”, Michigan, we don’t know nuthin’. Texas is even worse, ya’ll.


Well, anyone with a brain has been hoping for Sarah Palin for some time (I know I have), but the Left was shocked and figured it was some sign of desperation. Personally, I thought it was a sign of sense. So did John McCain, which actually makes me like him more. From Ed Morrissey at Hotair:

Far from being some sort of panic attack, McCain’s selection of Palin was a deliberate effort to craft a specific message for the general election and for his Presidency, should he win. He wants to challenge his party to recall their reform roots from the Reagan Revolution and the Contract with America. He cannot expect to have that taken seriously or effectively without having a real reformer, and not just a talker, on the ticket with him. He needs the conservative base energized and enthusiastic to make that message effective, and Palin provides both a track record of real reform and energy for the GOP base.

As the Times said on Friday, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The panic seen from the Left shouldn’t surprise anyone, either. After their so-called reformer picked a 35-year Washington insider as his running mate, the ticket of true reform is obvious to even them.

She’s a reformer who happens to be a woman, not a woman who happens to be a Republican. Therein lies the difference between thee left and right.


If you want a more tightly written, succinct summation of the smears against Sarah Palin and the logical responses, you absolutely must read Jeff Goldstein’s treatise on the subject. Here’s just one tidbit about Sarah Palin’s being the anti-feminist:

6) Palin, according to the “feminists” at Feministe and Pandagon, is an “anti-feminist” and “anti-woman” — appealing as she does to women who feel inferior, and who don’t adequately mistrust the patriarchy. Her deeds are unimportant. That she has made her own way on her own gifts and hard work suggests that she has adopted the mindset of a man. Because as everyone knows, we can never truly have “equality” or a “strong female role model” until we have a number of laws that give women special dispensation — laws that are embraced and championed by women of white privilege, not callously ignored by moose dressing hicks with beehives and stretched uteri, married to men who, like, fish unironically.

Read the whole thing and try to not cry. Sarah Palin’s savaging at the hands of the press and the Left will make what Clarence Thomas endured seem like child’s play. She’s a woman, after all. How dare she?

Updated 9/1/08:

Include Sally Quinn in the list of feminists who like only a certain kind of woman:

My first reaction was shock. Then anger. John McCain chose a running mate simply because she is a woman and one who appealed to the Republican’s conservative evangelical base. Now, with news that Palin’s 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant, McCain’s pick may not even find support among “family values” voters.

She is, of course, absolutely wrong. How sexist to think that the only reason Sarah Palin was picked was because of her ovaries. Yes, I was excited to see a woman on the ticket, but I was excited for reasons I write about here.

Sally Quinn, Maureen Dowd, the feminists at NOW reveal themselves, completely unmasked, for all to see. Not that they’ll listen to a working woman with children in fly-over country, but maybe they’ll listen to many women who are paying attention and deeply offended. Women like these at an ABC Days Of Our Lives forum (who knew?):

toohotintx: This whole situation has put a spotlight on the truth that most women have known for a long time: there is a difference between feminism and equal rights.

Under feminism, you only get equal rights if you hold a certain viewpoint.

And another one:

momtomegan: Unbelievable!! Even if it’s true:

#1 – It’s NONE of our business.

#2 – Has NOTHING to do with her ability to be VP.

#3 – Goes right along with her Pro-LIfe stance – so no shock there.

#4 – If this were a Democratic candidate and whether or not she was pregnant before she got married was brought up, Feminists would be screaming sexism.

#5 – She and that man she “had to marry” just celebrated 20 years of marriage!!


alexandra518: If the Dems and media continue to go this route, I know quite a few Democrat women that will get really pissed off, really quick. Funny thing is, it only helps the McCain ticket.

Thanks for the link, Dragon!

TheOneandOnlyEvilDragon: Ya;ll are welcome… and what amazes me is how much of the attacks come from women… hell, even if one doesn;t agree with her policies, one should be able to see that she is a great role-model, and applaud for that at least.

These are the women who feminists routinely insult. These are the women who vote. These are the women who don’t have the luxury of choosing whether to work or not. Often the choice is made for them. These are the women who are “breeders”. They worry about balancing their work and home life. They see Sarah Palin and can relate.

Feminists, you are hurting yourselves.

Sarah Palin More Experienced Than Barack Obama, But Don’t Tell The MSM–UPDATED

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Newsbusters reports Eleanor Clift’s response:

From the show taped on Friday at Washington, DC’s CBS affiliate and airing at various times over the weekend around the nation, mostly on PBS stations:

ELEANOR CLIFT: This is not a serious choice. It makes it look like a made for TV movie. If the media reaction is anything, it’s been literally laughter in many places across news-


CLIFT: In very, very many newsrooms.

And here’s Campbell Brown (who I used to like) doing the same. Remember when Barack Obama’s experience didn’t matter? Remember when it was the hope and changiness? Change you can believe in!

The media is ignoring the fact that Barack Obama is the presidential nominee and has even less experience than Sarah Palin and going to put it to her. Brokaw even mentioned the mayor of a town of 7,000 thing. Keep pounding it, MSM. You make yourselves look like deluded, deranged fools.

Experience. Experience. Experience.

Just keep saying the word “experience”. Keep saying how important it is for a nominee to have experience. Keep telling Americans how a young man with a thinner resumé and no executive experience is better positioned to be PRESIDENT, but a young woman with more executive experience and a reputation for actual reform (as opposed to just talking about it) is less qualified and try to not sound like a sexist pig.

Tom Brokaw spoke with such contempt, too. Humorless, angry and clearly unhappy that he has to be talking about this woman. It takes the radiating light off of Obama. You know, Bill O’Reilly was furious about how NBC went after Palin and the unfairness of MSNBC. Brit Hulme and Laura Ingraham defended Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams, but watching Brokaw today, I think O’Reilly is right. Even Brokaw isn’t even pretending anymore. Anything and anyone standing in the way of Obama’s presidency will be absolutely savaged and he won’t mind doing it.

So, let’s learn a little more about Sarah Palin in her own words. Is she the dumb little inexperienced, small-town, blue-collar, excessively breeding hick the media and Left want to present her as? Via Dri at Ace:

Be careful, media. The American public already believes you’re in the tank for Obama. Being perceived as biased is one thing, being perceived as against a conservative woman who has more experience than your chosen candidate is worse.


Something else occurred to me. The press is wanting to get ahead of Sarah Palin representing herself in her own words. They want to form an image and opinion of her because they know Americans don’t know her. So, with flimsy evidence, if they can avoid showing her concretely and just “punditize” her, they can try to form an image so people will have preconceived notions to filter Palin through when they do meet her.

Cassy Fiano takes on the Lefty sexism, too. Good grief, the Media and Left do not get church-going folk:

Quick hint, lefties: not many conservative men will complain about seeing a conservative hottie in a bikini. And this is America, not Saudi Arabia. We think women should be able to wear whatever they damn well please. Of course, if you see a conservative woman in a — GASP!! — bikini, the lefties start screaming “HYPOCRITE!” and “SLUT!” and “HUSSY!”, and other completely nonsensical things like that. (Again, remember the Michelle bikini photoshop?) They seem to think that the “religious right” wants women covered up, all the time, and think that a woman showing off her body makes her a prostitute. I guess liberals, most of them being atheists or worshippers of Gaia, associate all religions with the Taliban. Unfortunately, here in America even the “religious right” doesn’t mind seeing a woman in a bikini. If that was the truth, I guess I’d get in trouble for posting this picture, huh?

You’ll have to go to her link to see the picture, but I assure you, it’s worth your while. A nice-looking conservative Catholic friend of mine in a bikini.

The press displays their insular, narrow-minded elitism through their Sarah Palin coverage. They might manage to offend just about everyone. Just keep saying the word “experience”. Pit-bull it. Every time you say the word, media-types, your boy Obama dies a little each time.

A Note On Gustav

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

I live north of Houston, but the pre-hurricane masses were quietly filling up the grocery stores today, as was I. Basically, we’re doing the same thing: filling up the cars, buying extra water. And, one thing I learned from the last two storms: buy more perishables. Yes, you read that right. When the stores were closed for four or five days, I can’t remember now, we were running out of milk and eggs. Partly, it was because we were hosting friends who lived in a mobile home and had to feed them too. It was a surprise, but one we should have planned better for. In any case, it was distressing seeing me go to canned food so quickly. I worried about electricity (and we lost that too). I should have worried about bread and eggs and milk.

Brendan Loy is covering the storm. It will be a doozy. Here’s the latest.

We are in the cone of uncertainty, here. But it is unlikely we’ll get hit. More likely, we’ll have people leaving the New Orleans area looking for some place to stay. Preparations here are already under way, but people are tired–not tired of helping people. Just tired. On the upside, there are a lot of NO transplants now. Hopefully, many people from the area will have someone to go to now and not need the government.

Inevitably, questions will be asked about the folly of living in New Orleans in particular and on the gulf generally. I think living there is fine, but people shouldn’t expect to be insured there–well, or they should expect crazy premiums. And don’t expect the government to bail you out. Ditto, those perched on mountains known for mud slides.

We need to pray for these areas and the people affected. It has been a long hard slog these last three years for those who have endured it. It is absolutely disheartening seeing the storms coming. And another one right behind Gustav too. Here comes Hanna. Ugh.

McCain-Palin: Have You Donated Yet?

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Not sure yet? I don’t know how you can’t be sure, but if you’re wavering, go here and see who you’ll be voting for and supporting with your donation.

Donate here and now.

Oh, and if you do donate, you won’t be alone. McCain has received a Palin bump and Zogby has McCain-Palin over Obama-Biden 47-43%.

Update: Tons of pictures of Sarah Palin here.

Democrat Congressman: Yippee! Hurricane Will Hit N.O. Right About The Time of the Convention

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Nope, Democrats don’t use tragedy for their own ends. No sirree:

On a plane from Denver to Charlotte following the Democrats’ convention, I found myself seated behind former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina. Their conversation was interesting to say the least.

For example, they made fun of Sarah Palin for several minutes, Fowler calling her “Dan Quayle” on steroids and Spratt creatively describing her as “just terrible.” They both agreed that, “Other than the simple fact that she’s a female,” she has nothing to offer.

Go here to see the video capturing the loving Congressman in action.

Sarah Palin Topless Photos Revealed!–UPDATED

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Nowhere else on the web will you find what you find here. Scroll down for more excitement or just Lefty insanity revealed.

It’s already vicious. And they’re going after her experience, but here is the best response via an Insty commenter:

Reporter: MR. McCain, how do you respond to charges that Palin has no experience?
McCain: If Obama had as much experience as Ms. Palin, he’d be ready for the VP slot, too.

The Anchoress notes the Obama’s ungenerous spirit demonstrated by his initial response to Palin’s candidacy and also how he’s treated Hillary Clinton. Like the Anchoress, I’m happy to have a candidate who is a working class woman. I am so damn sick of the effete, elite, Ivy league snobs telling Americans how they know more than you. MaxedOutMama feels the same and had her first political orgasm (my husband was a little disturbed at my enthusiasm).

Finally, someone who’s one of us. Finally a political woman who is like the women I know in real life. A woman who wouldn’t have hysterics if offered deer meat, a woman who hasn’t acquired the weary, traumatized Ivy ennui and distaste for real life and real people. A woman who understands it’s a problem if truckers can’t make a living and people can’t stay warm in the winter. A woman who’s shriekingly Middle America and middle class, and would sit down and have a cup of coffee with her plumber. A woman who’d date a plumber.

Yep. And I like her husband, too. He’s hot. He’s a real, manly man. He hunts, fishes, works oil rigs, snowmobiles and takes care of his family. And as “first dude” he’ll be taking care of the family so his wife can serve her country. So, they are a progressive family.

The fact that these people are normal and average will bring the hate. Remember when I was in Key West and I heard a woman sneer that “breeders shouldn’t be allowed here”? Yeah, well, the breeder-hating folks, Gaia-worshiping, gun-hating, church-loathing folks will come out in force. MOM went over to the DU and found this:

And just watch them tying themselves in knots here – the vitriol is spattering everywhere:
24. ohmygod. Calm down.
Stop attacking her because she is a mother or a female. Stop with the whore and bitch comments.
Talk about the issues. Dang–where are all the progressives?

A progressive responds:
31. I will attack her for whatever reason suits the purpose of making her look bad to my audience.

When I am among secular people I will attack her for being a religious zealot. When I am among people from church, I will attack her for being of a heterodox denomination. When I am among liberals I will attack her for her conservative views. When I am among conservatives I will attack her for her for anything they are prove to view as shortcomings in ideology. When I am among women, I will deride the obvious pandering of her nomination and the fact that McCain must not think much of womens’ intelligence, when I am among conservative men who dislike women in authority, I will rub their noses in it.

If I can attack her for opposite reasons over the course of an afternoon, I will consider it an accomplishment.

Same goes for Johnny Boy.

Sexism, thy name is progressive. Of course, conservative women, especially in the blogosphere know this. Most have been subjected to vile treatment, myself included. Eh, whatever. Sarah Palin is tough. She can weather it. Another tough woman, Michelle Malkin, is thrilled with the choice. So are her readers. Both women mess things up for liberals–married, kids, career, conservative politics. It’s all too much. Women, especially, must fit into a category and when they don’t, they pay.

You’re going to hear about, if you haven’t already, about “Troopergate”. Might as well know the truth, because you won’t get it from the MSM.

And what you won’t find here, and I know this is disappointing, is naked pictures of Sarah Palin. Ace gave me the idea for the headline when he posted this:

Lefties are furiously scouring the internet for Sarah Palin’s old position papers on NAFTA.

Just kidding. They say they want to keep the debate elevated and discuss the issues, but that is, of course, like so much of what they say, an utter lie. Mitigated only by the fact they’re so self-deluded about their own righteous virtue and lofty intellectualism they almost believe it themselves.

So what are they looking for?

Well, check out the search which just landed on my site. And the various lefty sites encouraging searching in this direction.

That about sums up the Left. Jeff Goldstein, ever salient, had me laughing as usual:

See, this is why journos in the bag for Obama should await the royal talking points before opening their dullard yaps.

But that was only the warm-up. Here’s the gist:

But in making this argument — that a 72-year old candidate is almost certain to kick while in office — what you have further done is begun alienating aging boomers who will soon be McCain’s age, questioning their worth and viability, throwing into doubt their general competence.

– Which means Roberts has managed to 1) highlight the inexperience of the Dem candidate for president by going after the inexperience of the Republican candidate for vice president; 2) has managed to make an implied argument that the inexperience of a woman is somehow more dangerous than the inexperience of a man, or a man of (half) color; and 3) has managed to make an ageist argument that could, at some level, get aging Dem Boomers to believe that their party thinks of them as prop voters, necessary for victory, but after that, to be set afloat on an ice chunk and allowed to drift off serenely into the great political beyond.

Add to that the calculus that many Hillary supporters will be thinking, “that should have been Hillary!” and what we have here is a perfect storm of identity politics for the Dems to try to steer their shiny yacht through safely.

The Lefties are crazed because Sarah Palin is a she, a mother, a conservative, and has the nerve to have a mind of her own, a job of her own, and an actual maverick. Plus, she’s hot. That’s the final straw.

No topless pictures, alas, but if there were, it would help, not hurt her. Be careful what you look for Dems, you might just find it.

Pictures here doing scandalous things like visiting troops in Germany, standing with her family in front of a mountain, you know, bad stuff.

Update: Ed Morrissey smells desperation. I smell something.

Here’s the essence of it, from Ted Bronson:

The Left, capital “L”, (and can tell you much I HATE having to group the democrats, the environuts, the commies, socialists, and progressives, the feminists, and the gottdammed ufologists into a single label) has been telling us for decades that a woman can do anything, go anywhere, be everything to all and still be a woman. As long as she happens to be a liberal and conform to their agenda. It must be some kind of special hell to them to see a successful woman who isn’t. For decades, THEY have said that women shouldn’t have to stay home and take care of the babies if they don’t want to. Hire a nanny. Force your office to provide day care. Hell, you don’t even need to have a husband to have a baby, but it shouldn’t keep you from pursuing your own dreams or career. Paraphrasing something I heard recently: you shouldn’t be punished with a baby. So instead of standing up and saying “Wow, Sister. You sure are strong to have five kids and a career”, I have heard all day about how she shouldn’t have continued her career since her fifth baby was born with DS. I have heard women, WOMEN, saying that she should have aborted the baby when she found out it was going to be born with Down’s but since she didn’t, she should have had the grace to step out of public life to take care of it full time. I have heard folks today saying that there is no way she should even consider public life with a child that young, even if the boy didn’t have Down’s. These were all folks from Left saying this. The same ones who wouldn’t recognize hypocrisy if it French Kissed their grandmother.

The Left are the same ones who said Clarence Thomas and Gen. Powell were sell-outs to their race.

The Left are the same ones who ran New Orleans and Louisiana for generations and did nothing but beg for help after Katrina when their HARDER hit neighbors in Mississippi were taking care of themselves, while at the same time William Jefferson, D-LA, had National Guard troops haul his ass out to his house to collect $90,000 in cash that he still hasn’t explained.

The Left are the same ones who scream for alt energy but won’t let transmission lines go up.

The Left are the same ones who voted for the war before they voted against it.

You idiots on the Left are so wrapped up in the idea of power for it’s own sake, so that you can enforce your own twisted will on the rest of the populace, that you can’t even see you are using the same argument against Gov. Palin that you would have burned flags, bras, and effigies about forty years ago.

If there were only naked pictures. Gun pictures. They’re almost as good.

More at Amused Cynic: “Joe ‘Pitbull’ Biden meet Sarah “Barracuda” Palin”

Sarah Palin: Girls Want To Be Her, Guys Want To Be Married To Her

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Sarah Palin will solidify votes from a couple groups of people: hetero women and the men who are married to them. Allah is worried that hard-core feminists won’t vote for her. Maybe not, but there are a lot of working women, younger and less bitter, who will happily swing from the Dems to the Republican side. In addition, the men who dig these women, the working guys, like Sarah’s husband, will vote McCain, too. Here’s what Allah said:

Are McCain’s and Obama’s interviews usually transcribed phonetically like that, with “ya” in place of “you”? The meme’s already aloft, you see. I’m not sold on the idea that she’s going to attract women voters either, especially Hillary types. One of the subtler virtues of the hick meme is that even if it doesn’t convince voters she’s dumb, it might at least convince PUMAs that she’s not “our kind” of woman. The left is exceptionally good at authenticity games, and the better Palin does on the trail, the more fervently they’re going to push the idea that she’s a traitor to her gender whom no “real” feminist would ever support. My boss gets that from them 24/7.

Here’s the thing. There are so many women on the Left that are schooled in identity politics. Just as the vast majority of blacks will vote black, to their own demise (see Detroit, see New Orleans), there are many Leftist women who will vote for women. And the Democratic men tread on Sarah Palin to their own demise. I don’t think Obama et al fully comprehend the anger at being passed over and that Hillary wasn’t seriously considered for Vice President. If they don’t get it yet, they will. So, it won’t be outraged Republicans defending Palin, it will be outraged women. There’s a lot of them. (And there will be some women who go after Palin for being a traitor to her gender.)

Sarah Palin isn’t a girl who was married to a political genius, ala Hillary Clinton’s relationship to Bill. She isn’t Nancy Pelosi riding on her hubby’s money train. Sarah Palin is a self-made woman. She knows hard work. She knows motherhood. She knows the challenges of balancing work and family. Most important for her Vice Presidential job, she knows the challenges of being an executive in a state.

Time will tell what she’s made of. But as a basketball playing, gun shooting, fish-boat working, mother of five, I’m guessing it’s tough stuff.

The Left will try to paint her as a female Dan Quayle (revealing the feebleness of their criticisms). The Left will try to paint her as a dumb hick or as Begala says “former fisherman” (revealing their contempt for the average American). The Left will try to paint her as just a “trophy candidate” (revealing their contempt for people who are gifted).

And they will be discounting, how a conservative woman like me greeted my daughter when she got home from school. I showed her that a woman, a mother, a worker, a conservative woman is the Vice Presidential candidate. This is very powerful.

Conservative women wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because the ideology conflicted. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for a woman with socialist policies. And it bothered me that Hillary’s experience came on the coattails of her husband.

In contrast, Sarah Palin is a self-made woman. And the Democrats who are skewering her, do so at great risk. They undermine their own candidates. They further alienate a frustrated portion of their base. Sarah Palin as a Republican Vice Presidential candidate is historic and exciting. She is a great choice which is why they are lashing out in panic.


Some on the Left are understanding this, I think. For example:

Palin accepts that Hillary Clinton suffered from sexist coverage (something the Left blogs have NOT accepted. See John Aravosis for instance) but that Hillary should have sucked it up. Pretty bad stuff. But she did not call Hillary a whiner or deny that Hillary faced sexism.

I don’t see what is so bad about Palin’s statements about Hillary. In fact, as a woman, I too, was irritated with Hillary’s tears, which seemed self-indulgent and defeating to women trying to gain respect.

Well, some get it. Others just don’t. I can think of negatives for all the women listed here.

Live Blogging Sarah Palin Announcement

Friday, August 29th, 2008

A little Van Halen blasting while John and Cindy McCain comes out. One thing about the smaller venue. The crowd sounds blaringly loud. Everyone is fired up There is more energy here than there was at the DNC all week. Crowd singing Happy Birthday to John McCain who is 77. Now, they’re shouting, “John McCain!”

11:21 CST McCain is looking for someone to shake up Washington. He says he had many good people to choose from. Crowd is absolutely rockin’. Loved hearing about the “good people of Dayton”.

He has found the “right partner”. “Someone who has fought corruption. Someone with executive experience. Someone who reached across the aisle. Someone with strong principles, a fighting spirit and deep compassion.”

Now he’s talking Sarah Palin’s parents. Principal and secretary at elementary school. She was a union member and is married to a union member. A stand-out high school point guard. I like her more already. A mayor. And now a governor. She knows how much things cost.

He is proud, that the week that we celebrate women’s suffrage, a devoted wife and mother of five (huge cheers), she’s not from these parts and she’s not from Washington, but when you get to know her, you’re going to like her. She’s got the grit and good sense that’s exactly what we need in Washington today. She knows where she comes from and who she works for.

She stands up for what is right and doesn’t let anyone tell her to sit down.

11: 28 The next Vice President of the United States…Governor Sarah Palin of the great state of Alaska. Here she is with the kids. Wow, she’s a hottie! Her husband is nice looking too. She’s wearing dark suit. Hugs McCain and Cindy. Daughter holding the baby. Other daughter in red. Little one in cute dress.

People going nuts. Nice looking family. She’s got her hair up. Glasses on. Here she is. Crowd is wild. Absolutely wild.

11:31 Hugs McCain. “I know it will demand the best that I have to give and I promise nothing less.” Now, she is introducing her family. Husband Todd. Celebrating their 20th anniversary today. Lifelong commercial fisherman. Production operator in the oil fields. Steel worker and union member. World champion snow machine racer. He’s a manly man. Awesomeness.

Son Track (didn’t get his name) is in the United States Army. HUGE cheers. Serves in an infantry brigade and leaves September 11 for Iraq. Chants of USA!! USA!!

Bristol, Willow, Piper and son Trig. Trig born in April. Wow, she looks good only a few months from childbirth.

Her agenda as mayor: stop wasteful spending, cut property taxes and put people first. On some Alaskan ethics commission, she is a reformer. Stands up to special interest, big lobbyists, big oil and the “good old boy network.” Sent oil revenue back to the people of Alaska.

Working on a 40 billion dollar gas line through Alaska to lead America to energy independence. She champions reform. Ends earmarks.

11:36 A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not why a ship is built.

She is a good speaker. Doing very well. Her timing is good. She’s comfortable up there. Now she is supporting John McCain. “This is a man who has served his country not just his party. This is a moment that requires resolve and strength of heart. My runningmate is a man who has shown these qualities in the darkest of places in the service of his country.”

Wow, she is knocking it out of the park. “There is only one candidate who has truly fought for America and that man is John McCain.”

11:41 CST It was John McCain who refused to hedge his support for our troops regardless of the political costs. As the mother of one of our troops, and as the commander of Alaska’s National Guard “that’s the kind of man I want as Commander-in-Chief”.

Oh NO! She did not just name Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton. “The women of America aren’t finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all!”

11:45 CST Wow. She just nailed it. Awesome oratory. Awesome rhetorically.

As a side note, I’m glad she didn’t go all mommy-ish like Nancy Pelosi. She struck the right tone–aggressive and upbeat and supportive and exciting, but made it about America.

Wrap up: Interesting, I got an IM from a Texas blog friend who said that this must really bother Clinton, because if McCain is a one-term president, Hillary would be facing another woman in the 2012 election. Hmmm….

Republicans Will Steal The 2008 Election

Friday, August 29th, 2008

You know, the surest sign that the Democrats are waking from their collective Obama hangover is this: is a project of Democrats for America’s Future (DAF) DAF is mobilizing the project to monitor voter registration and the actual vote on Election Day in 2008. The campaign will shine a public spotlight on every last irregularity. Democrats for America’s Future is urging every Democratic candidate to pledge not to concede a single race until every last vote is counted.

In his appeal to Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. writes: “No more 2000s and 2004s! … The Republican Party mounted a coordinated, criminal campaign to steal the 2004 Presidential election — and it worked. Now, as another election approaches, you and I need to stand together to make absolutely certain it doesn’t happen again … We need your support to raise the funds now to make sure that ‘no voter is left behind’ on Election Day!”

I received this email today from the organizers. This is, of course, pure projection and begs for some ACORN attention. That liberal group has been investigated, and convicted, repeatedly of voter fraud.

Michelle Malkin has covered the ACORN nuts here, here and here.

It’s just silly that the Dems are concerned about voter fraud. Watch them. When they start accusing, is when they reveal their own tactics.

Is America Ready For A Woman Vice President?

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Remember when Geraldine Ferraro was picked and you just knew that sunk Walter Mondale’s chances? I got the feeling then, that it wasn’t her liberal policies alone, but that she was a woman, period, that sunk them. How about 2008?

America is ready for a woman Vice President.
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Sarah Palin helps or hurts McCain’s chances (assuming she’s the nominee.)
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