Facebook Facilitates Israel Hatred

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

The Fan Page on Facebook is not subtle. The last status update reads:

Israel is not fighting war against Terrorism; it’s fighting WAR AGAINST HUMANITY and INNOCENSE!… “Fuck Israel”.

It’s also not very literate, but that sort of enhances the foaming-at-the-mouth sputtering. Distressingly, there are 121,363 fans of this page. That’s a lot of people who hate Israel.

I wonder where to find the “Hate Women” fan page. I’m sure it’s close to the “Hate fill-in-the-blank racial epithet-here” fan page. And of course, there’s the I Hate Iran Group with a whopping 117 members.

But the Fan Page isn’t anti-Jewish, no sirree. It isn’t antisemitic. They LOVE the Jews they just want the state where Jews live destroyed. And the names of the haters aren’t Muslim. Nope. They’re just your average open-minded Middle Easterner expressing their free speech.

This Facebook Fan Page would be an example of ignorant philistines using the modern Western culture against itself. These people do not believe in free self-expression. They do not believe in individual rights. And they most certainly do not believe in Israel’s right to self-determination free from being bombed by their neighbors. They are racists and fascists and it is shameful that Facebook allows this group to exist when similar Fan Pages aiming hate at other groups or people would be banned.

If Facebook is a safe community, why is this tolerated? And if it is tolerated, will the Ku Klux Klan be allowed to start a Fan Page with pictures of burning crosses? Just trying to clarify their terms of service here.