Valproate Correlated With Autism

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Valproate Correlated With Autism
Anti-seizure meds cause neural-tube defects. Hmmm…a form of Autism might be a NTD.

Aspberger Criminals

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Does it matter why a crime is committed? I mean, if the victim is dead or the merchandise is stolen, does it matter?

The law allows for things like falling asleep at the wheel. Clearly a sleeping person did not intend to murder with his car and yet the pedestrian is dead. Or the old person who, in confusion, pushes the gas instead of the brake when mowing down a group of people, like happened in New York.

So, what to do about a man with Aspberger’s who hacks into United States government computers because of his claimed obsession with UFOs. Here’s what happened says the Guardian:

McKinnon – who used the online name Solo – is accused of hacking into computers belonging to the Pentagon, Nasa and US armed forces in raids conducted between 2001 and 2002.

Prosecutors say he shut down thousands of machines and caused up to $700,000 worth of damage, while the 42-year-old claims he was searching for evidence of UFOs.

Since the incidence of Aspbergers is climbing, the problem of very smart, socially retarded people doing illegal activities for idealistic or obsessive reasons will increase. These same people would be abused mercilessly in prison as they have no social coping skills.

Additionally, once one person gets off because of a diagnosis such as this, all manner of criminal will attempt a similar defense. The fact is that many criminals suffer from diagnosable mental and biological illnesses that interfere with their cognition. Most, though, couple their poor decision making with wrathful violent action. This is almost never true in the case of people with Aspbergers, who are overwhelmingly introverted and passive, except on rare occasions.

I would like to see the government and businesses harness the natural gifts Asperger’s people possess. If the U.S. government were smart, they would hire this guy and put him to work looking for UFOs in the security agencies of China and Russia.

Teacher Who Voted Aspberger’s Kid Out Of Class Suspended

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Here’s a follow-up on the lame-brained teacher who had her five year old students vote their Aspberger’s peer out of the class:

A Port St. Lucie school teacher has been suspended without pay after she allowed her kindergarten students to vote a 5-year-old student out of class.

It took only a few minutes for the St. Lucie County school board to decide the fate of Wendy Portillo.

“My recommendation is a year without pay,” Superintendent Michael Lannon said.

School board members voted unanimously Tuesday on Lannon’s recommendation. Portillo was suspended from the school district effective immediately.

Here’s the thing: A woman this stupid will be this stupid again. Would any parent want her teaching his child?

A years suspension is a fair punishment:
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