Democrats v. Republicans: California v. Texas

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Who wins between California and Texas? Well, as a Texan who lived in California for three years, the answer to this question is clear.

Will Franklin has put together some fascinating infographics about how Republicans and Democrats feel about Texas and California. Go take a look. It’s not surprising, really, but to see it laid out is still disturbing.

As Will says:

Fascinating. There are two dominant models for governance in America today. The California model of high taxation, bloated government, forced unionization, enviro-luddite regulation, higher unemployment, and intense domestic out-migration of individuals and businesses, versus the Texas model of low taxes, streamlined government, right-to-work labor laws, balanced environmental regulation, abundant job creation, and robust domestic in-migration.

Despite having 12 million fewer people, Texas exports 56.8% more than California.

Go read the whole thing. Wow.

My conclusion? Democrats really, really don’t care about fiscal responsibility at all–not even a little bit. They must think there’s a magic money tree somewhere.

Podcast: Andrew Malcolm and I Talk About Meg Whitman, More Chicago Politics and Health Care

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Andrew and Melissa talk about the “belly of the beast” Chicago, what’s up with Meg Whitman, and much more.

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Western CPAC: Bright New Political Hopes Steve Poizner And Chuck DeVore

Monday, October 19th, 2009

California conservatives, and really conservatives everywhere need to take heart. There are some very solid conservative candidates coming up through the system. I had the pleasure to meet and speak with both Stephen Poizner and Chuck DeVore (whom I’ve interviewed before on my Podcast here). There will be an upcoming podcast featuring Steve Poizner’s interview.

Stephen Kruiser, the comedian and Twitter powerhouse from California said this about Steve Poizner [Kruiser also has two other posts recapping the conference you should check]:

All of them were gracious and interesting but I was really impressed with Poizner. I didn’t know much about him prior to this weekend and found his focus on the California voters who don’t declare a party affiliation to be one of the first decent ideas I’ve heard from anyone in the California GOP in a long time. The Republican party here is a dysfunctional mess and is in dire need of a strong, clear-headed leader.

Poizner has a young, new media savvy communications and press team. Honestly, any candidate running for a national or gubernatorial office who doesn’t have a new media specialist on board is hard for me to take seriously these days.

The interesting thing this weekend was that while the organizers didn’t seem to get New Media, the politicians sure did. All but Meg Whitman gave access and spent copious amounts of time with bloggers. A couple bloggers, including California bloggers, didn’t know either Steve Poizner or Chuck DeVore very well. This time was well spent.

Ed Morrissey says this regarding the disconnect between the event sponsors and new media:

I won’t return to events sponsored by the same organizations in the future. The big problem with the conservative movement has been its self-appointed leaders telling others to shut up and follow in lockstep, and I don’t think any so-called movement leaders taking that approach have the first foggy clue about what the New Media and Tax Parties mean.

Ed has far more coverage about the event. Including the video interview with Chuck DeVore. I have the audio and will be working on the transcript today. Here’s what Ed says [Video at the link]:

We had a few opportunities to talk with DeVore over the course of the event, and each time he impressed as a man who relishes a debate on principles. Both he and Steve Poizner have celebrity opponents in the upcoming election; Poizner will run for governor against Meg Whitman (more later on that). DeVore believes that he will benefit from Fiorina’s national profile will mean more fundraising opportunities for DeVore. He’s already generated some impressive numbers, and polling shows him even with both Fiorina and Boxer. Fiorina, by the way, never made an appearance at WCPAC.

As for established politicians, Dana Rohrbacher also sat for bloggers. The interview is here. He was excellent and clear-headed. He also seemed to understand the Tea Party movement and what conservatives really want. He admitted that there is a rift on Capital Hill between Republicans. I’ll write more on the rifts in an upcoming post.

Western CPAC wasn’t short on drama and that deserves some attention, too. Still, the event was encouraging. For once, the politicians were the bright spot. I know, it’s shocking to write it, even. Credit is due to Steve Poizner, Chuck DeVore and Dana Rohrbacher. They should give us hope. There are good guys out there and they deserve our support.

Podcast: Chuck DeVore On Environmentalism Gone Wild [Hello Cap-n-Trade], I.O.U.’s, Prison Release & Other California Craziness–Like Barbara Boxer

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Don’t look now, but while the citizenry wrestles over the notion of Health Care legislation and what that all means, a big (literally bigger) pile of odious legislation sits in committee waiting to enslave Americans with taxes and limited lifestyle: Cap-n-Trade. To understand just how awful Cap-n-Trade is, one only has to look at California to catch a clue.

And how IS California these days? Well, the air is cleaner, which is nice, but unemployment is approaching 15-20% generally and nearly 40% in the agricultural industry. In addition, taxes are going up, prison populations are being released, I.O.U.s are being given, and the state has a prohibitive cost of living associated with less jobs.

Can you say misery?

And yet, the very elements that made this mess, sit in the Cap-n-Trade bill. That bill, by the writers admission, will cause unemployment to increase. There is a provision for more welfare to be paid for those who would be put out of work. It’s a mess of a bill, that would make failed California the model for the nation.

Chuck DeVore talks about all of these problems and the solutions. One solution is to start voting conservatives into office. Barbara Boxer wants to visit upon the nation the Great Depression circumstances now in California. She needs to go.

Chuck DeVore will be challenged in the primary by Carly Fiorina. Voters need to look closely at this woman. Fired from HP, fired from the McCain campaign, not interested enough (or too worried about the political implications) to make a stand and vote, Ms. Fiorina has a couple things the Republican leadership love: money and name recognition. Since America is not yet a Fiefdom, it would seem that ideals and character should matter too. I hope California voters pay attention to this race.

Listen to it all on the podcast. It’s informative.


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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Fixing California Would Mean Fixing Citizens