Why Are There Still Obama Surprises? Breitbart Video Cometh

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

There shouldn’t be any surprise videos about Obama, should there be? Do you find it stunning that there’s more out there about Obama?

The press no longer functions independently. It is wholly co-opted by the Democrats. Americans don’t really want to believe this yet, but Breitbart bringing out videos four years after Obama is president demonstrates how corrosive and complete is the press-Democrat collusion.

Just. Wow.

See Jim Hoft for the whole story.

Inbred Professors

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Glenn Reynolds links to these alarming statistics brought to us by the Tax Prof:

A key finding of the report is the partner status of full-time faculty:
Academic Partner: 36%
Employed, Non-academic Partner: 36%
Single: 14%
Stay-at-Home Partner: 13%

Well, if the professors weren’t screwing students, they were screwing each other and then screwing the students. Because of the inbreeding, a student who pisses off one prof hooked up with another prof risks a double-whammy.

What this little analysis doesn’t say is what percent of the Employed, Non-academic partners work for the school. I’ll bet it’s a big percentage. So don’t tangle with someone in the administration, either, because he or she is likely married to a professor who teaches a required class. They talk.

And yes, to be clear, I am suggesting that professors are human and a part of the grading comes down to how much they don’t hate you–if there is any subjective grading. (There’s a couple profs who actually seem to like students, but for the tenured folk, the liking the students schtick was a pretense that was left behind twenty years ago.)

Back to inbreeding: I’ll just put it this way, the creative learning environment seems to be the same well that other, um, creative energy comes from and professors have a lot of creative energy. As long as it’s well-channeled, the students are usually safe. Usually.

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