Adam Lanza And The Look Of Mass Murder: Why do mass murderers look the same?

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

What do mass murderers have in common? Their facial expressions. At least, that’s the way it looks to me.

I don’t know what to make of this, but I thought I’d share these pictures and let you judge for yourself. Basically, I was looking at this Lanza kid and that professor who killed her colleagues came to mind. Then, I thought of the guy in Colorado who killed the people at the Batman showing, and I thought: they all look the same.

Clinically, they all look mildly hyperthyroid–you can see the whites of their eyes in some cases. Their faces are drawn. Their hair flat, dull, and looking like they may be nutritionally deprived.

I want to know what medications these people were on. The public has a right to know about them: their family situation, their parents’ psychological profiles, birth order, any psychological diagnoses, their I.Q.’s, surgeries, illnesses, vaccinations, medications, nutrition, genetics… everything.

Public policy will be suggested, but how can we come up with adequate solutions if we can’t pinpoint the problem? And clearly, all of these people have problems–and they aren’t new ones. People knew they were trouble. In many cases, family tried to intervene.

Don’t they look the same? What goes wrong in the wiring that we recognize this form of crazy? No one is surprised by them. Or these cases seem to rarely surprise anyone. Is it because we see and/or sense the crazy emanating off of them? Very often, they cross paths with psychologists, teachers, doctors, and their parents are worried, overwhelmed, in denial, or inept. [Lanza’s mom had confrontations with the school system.]

What do we do with this?

It doesn’t matter their names. In fact, I don’t want to dignify these killers with showcasing their names. They all look the same.

They share a bleak, blankness in their eyes. Their mouths are drawn. They seem to be removed, distant. And underneath it all, there seems to be a suppressed fury.

The world is unfair. Nothing matters. So kill the world.

These seem to be the faces of malignant nihilism.




Why Does This Story Bother Me?

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

A 7 year old boy calls 911 and begs police to come save his family from a home invasion:

There is no mistaking the terror in the boy’s voice. On the 911 recording, you can feel it like a physical object.

“They come. They come. They open and ring the door. They have guns. Can you come, really fast? And bring soldiers, too,” the unidentified 7-year-old says in 911 tapes played on TODAY Wednesday. He gasps for breath after each burst of words, his voice filled with urgency.

“They” were three men who had forced their way Tuesday morning into a home in Norwalk, Calif., a town in suburban Los Angeles. While the men held the boy’s mother and father at gunpoint, the boy and his 6-year-old sister hid in a bathroom and called 911.

As Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies rushed to the home, the dispatcher attempted to get more information.

“Stay on the line with me. Don’t hang up,” she told the boy. “Listen to me. We’re coming to help you. But just listen to me, OK?”

“OK,” the boy replies.

“When you were in the house, tell me exactly what happened, OK? Just stay where you are and don’t hang up whatever you do,” the dispatcher continues.

The boy started to respond, saying, “OK. The guys, they have …”

At that point, blood-curdling screams fill the tape. The home invaders had heard his voice and had broken into the bathroom. Deputies said one of the suspects grabbed the boy and asked who he called.

“911,” the boy said.

When the suspects heard that, they fled the house, driving away in a car without taking anything or harming anyone, deputies said.

Read more:

When do the police ever get to the scene of a crime on time, ever? They never do.

And if they had, there would have been a hostage situation.

If these homeowners had been armed, however, this story would end differently. Or could.

The helplessness of common citizens before an armed and aggressive criminal should make every American want to buy a gun, load it, and keep it handy.

No, Governor Perry Did Not Nearly Shoot Me

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

That’s a great story to make up, though. Have to give this intrepid blogger (word is that he/she/it is an operative from inside the Kay Bailey Hutchison campaign) credit for creativity. Here’s what anonymous blogger Come And Take It Blog said:

At seven seconds in, you can clearly see Rick point a loaded gun away from the range and in the direction of a woman he is supposed to be teaching to shoot! The muzzle can’t be more than a few inches from her face…she even flinches back a little.

So, I went to the gun range on Friday, January 22, 2010 at Red’s Range in Austin. Governor Perry hosted about 20 bloggers (most of whom had never seen a gun before and were as newbie as me–pretty funny actually).

The Governor showed a couple of us how to shoot. Here’s the video:

First, as is obvious, the Governor did not point the gun at me. Second, I did not flinch from him moving the gun around.

However, I did flinch with all the guns going off all around me, but got used to it.

Bonus: If you watch the tape again, you’ll hear Andrew Breitbart in the background. He looked like he was having a great time. All us city-slicker bloggers in ear muffs and armed must have been humorous for a guy used to Texas and guns like Rick Perry.

Podcast 69: Sex, Guns, & Health Care

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Those topics, not necessarily in that order, unlike real life.


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Human Events

Friday, April 10th, 2009

“Surrender All Your Weapons: You First”

Columbia Tribune

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Are you a domestic terrorist?


Monday, March 16th, 2009

Some Things Are Needs

Killing Mad

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Most people who make it to adulthood have been hurt or harmed by another human being. Some have been hurt by the very one who should defend and protect them like parents, teachers, ministers. That’s a horrible sort of betrayal. And yet, most people don’t make a list, add to it yearly and finally, load up on ammo and guns and go mow down everyone–“offenders” and innocents included.

How mad do you have to be to go on such a killing spree? Killing mad. Like this guy:

McLendon began his killing spree a dozen miles from Samson in Kinston in Coffee County, where he burned down the home he shared with his mother, killing her. It ended about an hour later with him taking his own life after a shootout with police in nearby Geneva at Reliable Metals, where he worked until 2003.

In between, he gunned down four relatives and the wife and 18-month-old daughter of a local sheriff’s deputy on a wide front porch that looks like so many others in Samson. He then turned his gun next door and killed his 74-year-old grandmother and sent panicked bystanders fleeing and ducking behind cars.

McLendon then drove off, spraying bullets through the town lined with old brick buildings, killing three more bystanders.

Once again, the murderer was a quiet guy, had few friends, .. same old story. Basically, a guy with limited social skills but high enough intelligence who focused on all the wrongs against him instead of all the good things in his life.

He took the easy road, really. What’s amazing is that more people don’t take it.

Rather than channel his discontent, hurt feelings and sorrow into something productive (like every miserable artist and most working people) he nursed the hurt and sense of injustice and it bloomed into murder.

Everyone could choose to be this guy. It’s easy to be a terrorist or bank robber or thief or rapist. It’s all about giving in to the basest instincts most people have but suppress. It’s all about externalizing blame and not owning what power the individual does possess.

That most people don’t choose to melt down is what is far more interesting and far less noted. Why do you think people avoid revenge or criminal behavior?

The biggest reason people are good is because…..
They are afraid of negative consequences like death or jail
Their religious beliefs free polls

Clinging To Their Guns

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

I heard a woman over the weekend say,”I’ve always clung to my religion. Now I cling to my guns, too.” Clearly, she’s not alone in her gun (and ammo) clinging. Says Confederate Yankee:

Many people are buying significant amounts of ammunition for their personal supply, from thousands to tens of thousands of rounds each, to one person who claims to have built a stockpile over the past decade of three-quarters of a million rounds that seems to fantastic to believe.

Most claim they are building a reserve in anticipation of ammunition prices continuing to rise. Another significant component are buying ammunition as a hedge against uncertain times, both as an investment, and as security measure.

But an increasing number of people are openly expressing that the reason they are stocking up on ammunition is that they fear the actions of our federal government. These are people who have never been radicals, most could generally care less about politics, and many have never even dreamed of owning guns until now.

I’ve never owned a gun. Going through the hurricanes unarmed frightened me and I’ve just been lazy about doing something. It’s been on my mind, though. I’m one of those people who never thought about having a gun. Well, the idea that the government is working toward limiting my freedom makes me feel rebellious. It also scares me more than a little. The Obama administration’s actions are not about safety, they’re about power and control. The government has enough of both. To arms!

H/T Radiopatriot

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Righteous Rantings

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Guns In Churches
I’m all for them everywhere. Seriously. Where shouldn’t they be?