Well-Being: What’s Wrong With Florida?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I get the West Virginian misery and the Rust Belt depression, but Florida? Are old people just cranky? Is it the swamps? Unemployment? Housing crisis? Sucky schools?

Maybe I answered my own question.

Gallup has the rest of the data on the states. The mid-west and west (all but Nevada–shocka!) are pretty happy.

I wonder if there’s any correlation with legalized prostitution and misery. Hey, just wondering!

Seems to me, that work and home stress is the key to lack of well-being, more than anything.

Delusion Thy Name Is Democrat

Thursday, March 25th, 2010


The coming two-week congressional break was long dreaded by Democratic leaders, who feared the political fallout of having members go back home without a health care law to tout.

That’s not a worry any longer. Perceptions have turned so much that Democrats are now eager to head home and talk about the impact of the new law, House Ways and Means Chairman Sandy Levin said today.

Levin, D-Mich., said on ABC’s “Top Line” that Democrats are looking forward to defending and explaining the health care reforms they enacted.

“I think the health bill will be very much part of the debate, and we’re very happy to go — we’re anxious to go home and talk to our constituents about it,” Levin said. “But clearly jobs is a major, major issue as well, and we have to address the jobs issue.”

“I’ve been talking to a lot of my colleagues who are in very marginal seats, I think five, six, seven weeks ago they would have been worried about going home, wondering whether or not they were going home to immense unpopularity of an issue,” Levin added.

“I think they now feel that they stood up, the vast majority of them, to their credit. This is a bill that has so many positives. I go home and the people tell me about preexisting conditions, they can’t get insurance. I go home and people say to me that the costs are going out of control, and they are going to lose their insurance. This bill address costs, it addresses also preexisting conditions, it assists people who are uninsured.”

“So now there’s a feeling we can go back home, be proud of what we have done, understand there’s more to be done to implement it, but I think there had been a turning,” Levin said. “What helps most of all are the facts in the bill, and so we’re going to go home and talk about the facts. And I think that the more we talk about the facts and not some of this overblown rhetoric, the more people will understand this is a positive step. It’s in the best traditions of our country.”

So they really believe this? Are they really that out of touch? If so, this demonstrates the problem.

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Trusting The Government To Take Care Of You: H1N1 Debacle

Monday, November 9th, 2009

So you might die if you don’t get the vaccine. It’s a National Emergency. And yet, the government is flopping around. Jennifer LaRue of the Washington Post:

A poll released Friday by the Harvard School of Public Health found that two-thirds of parents and high-risk adults who want H1N1 vaccinations for themselves or their families have been unable to get it. It’s incredibly frustrating to be doing what we think we’re supposed to be doing — taking responsibility for our health and following government exhortations to get ourselves vaccinated — only to have our efforts thwarted by lack of supply.

But to me the most unsettling aspect of the whole mess is that nobody seems to be in charge. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing, and straight answers are hard to come by. And as this report notes, much of the advice out there for avoiding H1N1 flu is confusing and even off-putting.

Now, I bet Jennifer is all for socialized medicine. In fact, I bet government run health care sounds good to the very people complaining about vaccine shortages.

This disconnect is what disturbs me. The government has shown itself to be a terrible steward already. The corruption, the waste. And yet, here we have Congress putting together a health care plan when it can’t deliver a stupid vaccine on time.

About Swine Flu

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

This Swine Flu harms younger people far more disproportionately than the regular flu. Go check out the charts at this link [h/t Instapundit] By the time the vaccinations get fully prepared, Swine Flu will have swept the country. People will either be dead or immune.

In the Spring of the year, my kids and I got what looks like the Swine flu–cyclic fevers (fevers that turn on and off sometimes within an hour), respiratory distress, coughing, aches, etc. It hit me so hard that at the end of the first week (I was in bad shape for a week, weeks two and three were spent recovering), I could imagine how someone could die from the flu. It was awful.

The best thing to do for oneself is to stay rested, eat right, and manage stress. One distressing note is how pregnant women are disproportionately affected. This makes me wonder about long-term neurological diseases. Babies whose mothers had the flu in the first trimester are much more likely to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia. There has been some evidence that Autism can be triggered in the same way. So, this new flu might have more health implications down the road.

Podcast: Dr. Palimisano: “The Public Option Is Not Dead”..And How Young Is Too Young? Kids & Technology

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Dr. Donald Palmisano, former President of the American Medical Association and Director of The Coalition To Protect Patients Rights joined me and discussed the Health Care legislation, the AMA’s support of it and much more. It is a must listen.

In the second half, I discuss kids and technology with my producer Mike Williams (who has two grown daughters) and Tabitha Hale who is from Generation Y. I just got my 10 year old a cell phone. Lots of people think that’s a very bad idea.


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Obama Gets High Approval On Iraq, Lowest On Deficits

Thursday, September 17th, 2009


The troops aren’t home yet. President Obama continues with Bush’s plans. The country approves, according to Gallup:

Of the seven specific issue approval ratings measured in a Sept. 11-13 USA Today/Gallup poll, President Obama gets his highest rating (56%) on his handling of Iraq, and his lowest (38%) on the federal deficit. Obama’s approval ratings on handling the economy and healthcare, at 46% and 43%, respectively, are little changed over the past two months.

And a majority 57% disapprove of Health care. Hmmmm…. again.

A couple thoughts:

1. Did the Press talk down the Iraq War and drive President Bush’s Iraq numbers down? You know, body counts, incessant nattering about torture, etc.?

2. Did the American people actually want the wars just didn’t like the prosecution, the methods?

3. Are President Obama’s numbers so bad elsewhere, people want to be nice about something?

On Weight Loss…

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Hi guys, I see that you’re having a discussion about weight loss [at MelissaClouthier.com]. It’s not a burden to the website. Thought I’d share a couple thoughts and you guys can continue the discussion:

1. Often, there is an underlying issue around why a person gained weight. A physical trauma like a busted knee that forces immobility, say, or an emotional trauma that causes the cortisol-insulin feedback loop to go haywire.

2. Often, a person has to resolve the underlying issue in order to get to the desired weight.

3. Weight loss is a simple equation: burn more calories than you consume. Simple does not mean easy.

4. Nearly everyone (I see this in practice all the time) knows the answers for weight loss for himself on some level. That is, they know that ___________ thing is bad for them and that they should avoid it, but they often feel a compulsion toward the unhelpful thing. There can be a mind or body component here. For example, many people crave sugar because it is a natural serotonin booster which is the feel-good hormone. Like a nutrition expert I know says, “Diabetics are happy people. It’s the starving super models who are mean.” Sugar makes for a sunnier outlook but can reek havoc on the endocrine system. Eventually, the body gets tired of trying to adjust to the swinging. Some people avoid the very foods they need, too. For example, many vegetarians avoid meat because they feel disgusting eating it while suffering low energy. They need meat–they often also need to resolve the hidden digestion issue. Their bodies aren’t breaking food down properly to get the nutrition.

I.E. it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb.

5. Eating unhealthy is easier. People are busy….grabbing carbs–chips, cookies, candy bars, etc. is convenient.

6. Some people need to face the truth: They would rather eat that ding dong (they love ding dongs) than be thinner. I had a diabetic patient tell me, “I’d rather drink Coke and die, than not drink Coke.” Okay, then. I gave advice with that in mind. There were still other things he could do to help himself.

7. Metabolism is closely related to hormones. It IS hormonal. So, especially as we age, our vitality is closely related to our levels of hormones which relates to our activity levels. It’s circular. If the cycle can be broken either by exercising or by intervening with hormone therapy, often a person can get the positive reinforcement needed to press on with the efforts.

8. Weight loss is a very individual thing. What works for one will not work for another. I got into it with the leader of a dance troop who encouraged everyone to eat mostly vegetables and only chicken. Only problem was that one of the dancers was borderline anemic and thrived on red meat. She needed it in a way others didn’t. People need to do what works for them. As my mentor told me, “One person’s pleasure is another person’s poison.” When it comes to diet, it is most definitely true. Also, when and how a person eats is also individual.

Here are some principles (keep in mind, I struggle with this too. I’m healthy, but I am by no means thin.):

1. Start with protein. Start the day with protein–eggs are good. You’ll feel more “full” all day.
2. Eat regularly. That is, don’t stress your blood sugar system by waiting too long between meals and putting your body into a calorie hoarding state.
3. Eat protein with everything. It will regulate your blood sugar and fill you up.
4. Eat socially. Have company.
5. Sit when you eat.
6. Stop eating before you feel full.
7. If food is your non-stop focus, food isn’t the issue.

Anyway, my two cents. Somewhere between obsessive skinniness and obesity, there’s a healthy balance. Genetics plays a big part in longevity. Being at a healthy weight can enhance your genetic potential. These days, I see way more people obsessed rather than living joyfully. Making food a god, either by avoidance or over-indulgence is wasteful. Food is meant to not only be functional but also a sensory and sensual delight. The irony is that for all the focus and fear, people are not getting thinner or healthier, they’re just more miserable. If you’re gonna be fat, might as well be happy!

Liveblogging The Obama Address Tonight

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Overall impression: I agree with Krauthammer: President Obama talked for an hour about selling a program that will save money, make government more efficient and better, only the evil rich will be soaked, etc. As Krauthammer said, “None of the questions nicked him.” Well, maybe the transparency one, but that wasn’t really about the specifics of health care. Basically the president delivered platitudes, outright prevaricated and wasn’t called on it, just like I expected.

I expect a poll bounce from this. The American people will have been soothed yet again and reassured that it will be good for them. He looked radiant, confident, reasonable, and if you’re not paying attention to details, he sounded like everyone will benefit and the rich, who deserve to get screwed, will be. A win-win!

For those who watched, do you agree?

8:53 PM Good grief, the last question by Lynn Sweet is about race relations? Because, let’s be clear: America is still a bad place–even with a black president. Ugh.

8:51 PM “Evidenced based” means that a bureaucrat makes the decision NOT the doctor. He wants science and experts to decide what a doctor should do. Cites an unnecessary tonsil removal.

8:48 PM “Public option will help keep insurance companies honest.” The government doesn’t have profit motives…so now he’s going after insurance companies for making “record profits”. “Where’s the constraint on that?” he asks. He wants to take away one of the few money making industries out there in this economy.

8:44 PM Oh good grief,….now financial regulatory reform. Not even done talking about health care. Or is he done talking about health care? Does anyone believe a word he’s saying? “If shame does not work, at least shareholders should know what executives receive in compensation.” You know, it occurs to me that if something can be said in two words, he uses ten. It’s like he’s just using up time and sounds like he’s saying nothing and yet, when you actually listen, it’s horrifying. The actual content.

I think people just tuned out when he was campaigning because he just lulls you to sleep but WHAT he is saying is so important. It’s insane.

8:42 PM “Things would be worse today, if those steps hadn’t been taken” re: TARP. Question about whether banks have “changed their behavior”. Obama says, “We have seen a stabilization in the banking system.”

8:39 PM: Oooh, good questions on transparency: “Are you fulfilling your promises on health care?” “My understanding is that there are photos you can see who was there.” ” Meetings on C-SPAN,……I would welcome it.” LOL YES! I would welcome it too! I would love to see what these yahoos talk about behind closed doors.

8:36 PM: “Health Care Reform isn’t designed to increase the deficit, it’s designed to reduce it.” Breathtaking.

“Change how those benefits are delivered so they’re more efficient.” Translation: Capitation. Denial of care.

8:30 PM: Steve Green is also Drunk blogging.

It will require “discriminating consumers”. I cannot believe how this man spins lies. I’m sorry, I cannot even say that he’s being disingenuous. He’s blatantly lying.

Here comes professor mode. Now he’s lecturing us on definitions. Deficits. He’s wandering all over.

8:26 PM: Oh please, a person will have a nutritionist and “save all of us”.

OHHHHHHH, and he’s not blaming Republicans. And he praises Olympia Snowe. Uh oh. What does that mean? And the Republicans are contributing? “If they’ve got a good idea we’ll still take it.” How condescending.

8:24 PM: “I want to cover everybody”. Me. Me. Me. “If we just redesign and get rid of waste, in the short term and the long term.”

8:21 PM: Aren’t health care workers Americans?

How can anyone take this guy seriously on cutting costs when the deficit is bigger than at any time in history.

8:19 PM: Question: Why the rush? The letters. The poor people.

8:17 PM EST Sorry guys, my Satellite TV is out and CBS’s live feed wasn’t working. I’m watching now on YouTube here. Translation so far, “Not my fault, deficit neutral,”

“We’ve become so cynical about what government can accomplish.” LOL No, people know exactly what government can accomplish and that’s what scares them.

7:31 Watch this at PJTV ahead of time.

Because, as your blog hostess, I aim to please, I’ll be liveblogging the doublespeak. To get a taste of the future:

“So let me be clear, this isn’t about me.”

And let me be clear, ain’t nothing about this that’s about anything but you. It sure isn’t about what’s good for the people. They have yet to see a real bill yet and if you have your way, Mr. President, they won’t.

I’ll also be blogging over at RightWingNews.com and tweeting, too. And afterward, listen to the Radio Show where John Hawkins and Dan Riehl and I talk about President Obama, polls, etc.

Why A Skinny Surgeon General Matters To Leftists

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Who really cares about a pudgy Surgeon General? Remember K. Everett Koop? He was lovable in his Little House On The Prairie, old timey Doctor sort of way. Was he the Supreme Master of Fitness? Uh, no. But that wasn’t his job. His job, if a Surgeon General, even has a real job, was to explain, in simple terms, important health initiatives to the masses.

The Surgeon General’s job qualifications seem to be one: be a decent doctor, and two: be able to communicate easily. Mostly, people don’t know who the Surgeon General is, though they surely guide and direct policies and form part of an administration’s enforcement minions. So maybe a Surgeon General’s real power is behind the scenes.

Some Leftists believe the Surgeon General is very important. At Going Granola, the anonymous writer, a journalist and life-long vegetarian says:

But she also deserves criticism as a doctor for living an unhealthy lifestyle. Part of the oath of a doctor is the phrase, ” first do no harm.” As a medical professional who knows that diabetes runs in her family, Dr. Benjamin is doing harm, to herself. This does not set a good example for the rest of the nation.

Her personal weight issue is not an attack on her race or gender. (I am amused that it was brought up by a man who obviously is struggling with his own weight) Bringing up Dr. Benjamin’s race is an attempt to shock listeners away from the true debate, it’s nothing but noise to drown out the fact that fat is not ok. Sadly this is just more evidence that being overweight is okay in America.

See, Dr. Benjamin needs to have the moral authority to enforce the states rules. A skinny Surgeon General would be a much better tool to enforce government policies over what you eat, how you eat, how much you weigh, if you get insurance, what treatment you receive, etc.

A Leftist will be upset about Dr. Benjamin because the state power to affect social change is inhibited by a fat Surgeon General. And that’s why a skinny Surgeon General matters to Leftists.

NOTE: On the Right Doctor show tonight at 10 p.m. EST, I talk about this topic with my guests John Hawkins and Dan Riehl. Hope you’ll listen in or catch the podcast later.

Swine Flu: Can We Secure The Border Now?–UPDATED, UPDATED AGAIN WITH VIDEO

Monday, April 27th, 2009

You know that impossible task, border control, is so incredibly daunting and shameful and racist and discriminatory and all…, but if America is swept with Swine Flu and thousands die, will our politically correct porous border still be morally defensible? From a “First, Do No Harm” perspective America’s current border policy seems, well, harmful.

This weekend, I read the coverage of Swine Flu. So far we have conspiracy theories, an unprepared government, weird press coverage, social psychology lessons, and we’re being educated on epidemiology and etiology.

I don’t think this outbreak will be the apocalyptic madness that some gleefully fear. Here’s what I wrote when everyone was apoplectic about Avian Flu in 2006 (more links at the link):

During the Swine Flu outbreak that DIDN’T happen, more people were damaged by the vaccine. Around eight people died in the US from the Swine Flu. Even that number is suspect.

How to prepare for the Bird Flu:

1. Don’t go to China or any other country with a Bird Flu outbreak and work on a chicken farm.
2. Should it come to America: don’t work on a chicken farm.
3. Should it be transferred among people: Use quarantine methods–don’t take Nyquil and stupidly think that you’re not contagious.
4. Use common hygiene. Wash your hands (50% of you don’t after you pee, at least 30% don’t after going poop–what are you, some kind of sicko?). Stay away from public places.

At the grocery store one day, this moronic mother had her child slumped in the front of the grocery cart who had ACTIVE, as in red spots all over his body, Chicken Pox. This is highly contagious. What was she thinking?

The problem that will occur if a Pandemic hits, will be that people have zero common sense. Used to drugs that suppress symptoms (but the virus and bacteria are still active) they wrongly think that they are ok because they are on their feet. They’re not.

I bellyache about this at church all the time. People come in looking like the Bride of Frankenstein, all spaced-out and glassy-eyed. Church is a public place. School is a public place. Work is a public place. Spare everyone and STAY HOME! My one friend recently said, “I was glassy eyed because I was on this really good drug. It really helped.”

“But you were STILL SICK!” I protested.

“Naw,” he said in his “aw shucks” tough cowboy way, “I was fahn (fine)”.

Here are the CDC recommendations. Still, the best treatment for any communicable disease is quarantine and the U.S. government won’t recommend that for Mexico. They’ll screen at the border (since no one comes into the country any other way).

Back in the day, trade routes were the way disease spread geographically. This is still the case. Political correctness could kill us should a true pandemic ever erupt. And, I worry that the pandemic won’t be acknowledged until it’s too late.

UPDATE: Marathon Pundit asks,”Can Obama stop politicking for one minute?” Uh, no.

And the Twitterverse goes swine viral. [Funny]


Michelle Malkin talks about the Blame Bush mantra, blame Republicans and Chuckie Schumer….what, you didn’t think that Swine Flu would be Bush’s fault? Surely, you don’t pay attention.