Hillary Clinton’s Hissy Fit

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I got this from RightWingSparkle and it had me laughing. Some might not think this whole episode is very becoming…or funny. John at Powerline rightly notes that Hillary is “still angry after all these years”:

The Clintons’ “two for the price of one” shtick was always pretty weird. Hillary Clinton’s one great career move was marrying Bill, a political genius. But she often seemed to be burning with rage because her own equal, if not superior, merit was going unrecognized. That’s never really changed, even though Hillary has gone on to enjoy her own career in recent years.

Jules Crittenden says, “She’s BAAAAAAACK”:

It’s the Hill we all know and love from the campaign. Upstaged by Bill, with Obama and Biden out there on the road, doing her job, the last straw was in Kinshasha today when some hapless Congolese university student asked her, “What does Mr. Clinton think, through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton …” CBS has the vid. She looks around, a little stunned, then commences operations on Joe College, with big scary eyes. Money quote follows:

“Wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not secretary of state, I am.”

AP has the story, how she’s been out of circulation, plus the history of this “complicated couple.” OK, rest of the quote:

“If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

Isn’t Ms. Clinton so very diplomatic and dignified? Restart button, indeed.

Hillary Clinton The Nemesis

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

President Barack Obama will have a steep learning curve in office. The protocol, the ritual, the press, the lack of privacy, and it’s all new, new, new. I suspect that every president has to get on top of all sorts of rules and regulations for behavior. And I suspect it’s daunting.

Imagine learning all that stuff while your Secretary of State and former rival knows it all already. How bad must that stink?

While watching Secretary of State Clinton look Presidential today, I felt sorry for Barack Obama. He stood to the side while she basked in the glow. He looked on while she looked….stately. All I have to say, is that it’s got to be tough being new and inexperienced and unready while your nemesis looks and acts and could pull off, easily, the part.

It’s always a hassle dealing with the Clintons. I wish President Barack Obama good luck.

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Obama’s Cabinet Human Shield–UPDATED

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

My brother and I were discussing Barack Obama’s team. We were also discussing Obama’s propensity to throw unhelpful people, and ideas for that matter, under the bus. Where George Bush didn’t seem to know when to cut his losses, Barack Obama will cut even those closest to him, if their presence is a problem. Even grandma.

I’m not so sure I’d want a place in an Obama cabinet. To me, they will form a human shield he’ll employ whenever a policy turns out stupid. He hired “the best” and if the best screwed up, it won’t be his fault, it will be theirs’.

A note about Hillary Clinton. She is a junior Senator from New York, a worker bee, and by all accounts diligent. Will she end up taking up State? My brother is convinced she has to, that it’s her best chance at power. My thoughts immediately turned to Colin Powell. Everyone is expendable. Would Barack Obama dump Hillary Clinton? Why wouldn’t he? If he thought her presence harmed him, he would. Does she want her political career to be at the leisure of this president?

There is more drama surrounding the Clinton-Obama dance than King Lear. If I don’t miss my mark, Michelle Obama hates Hillary, and Bill hates Barack. I do not use the word “hate” lightly. When the Obama camp accused Bill Clinton of being racist, that did it. Interestingly, both Barack and Hillary seem to share a common trait: the willingness to subsume personal feelings for power. Hillary has spent a lifetime building that muscle and Barack had to learn quickly to survive Chicago.

So, will there be trust between staffs? Will Clinton adhere to Obama’s policy positions? I actually think Obama makes a good guess about Hillary. She has put up with an outrageous political partner her whole adult life–enabling, covering for. This is old territory for her. It is also comfortable. She will spend the remainder of her career second fiddle (who is Joe Biden, again?) to a powerful, charismatic man.

UPDATED: A fly in the ointment already?

Prediction: Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Obama ignores her at his own peril. He makes her his running mate at his own peril. I wouldn’t want that family anywhere near power, but Obama might not have a choice at this point. Evidently I’m not alone in my political instinctitude. Ace says:

Obama, however, has had a bruising couple of weeks, and if his cultists’ caterwauling is any indication, he’s almost panicking. He’s not doing especially well with swing voters, and he doesn’t have a lock on Democrats’ votes, either.

It’s Hail Mary time.


Vice President Hilary Rodham Clinton.

John Hawkins is also going down this road and says:

So, how do you get back on track? With making some sharp moves that can turn this election back in your favor.

1) Select Hillary Clinton as your Vice-President to reunite the Democratic Party and start publicly inviting seasoned old hands to join your administration IF you win (a little humbleness would be helpful here given your reputation for arrogance). Publicly getting men like Colin Powell, Sam Nunn, Joe Biden, John Kerry to say that they would join your cabinet would certainly make the public breathe a little easier about putting you in the White House.

From a pure meanness perspective, I love the notion of Joe Biden being Obama’s veep. It’s a superb choice. The only man who is a bigger bloviating snob than Obama is Joe Biden. Just being in Biden’s presence will make Obama look humble in comparison–well, less arrogant anyway.

Another thing about Obama’s veep pick. I suspect there is no way to pacify the Democrats with his choice. No matter who he picks, he’ll peeve someone. But with the polls finally coming into the honest range (who ever believed the 12 point leads in polls that Obama supposedly enjoyed over McCain? please), Obama is going to have to do something.

That something will be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Note: The Dems at Kos seem to be living in an alternate political universe where Obama is a superstar and going to run away with the election:

Bottom line is that, like in other polls, the GOP base has consolidated while the Dem base, while more enthusiastic, has not. Obama has room to move up, but it’ll take work to get there. And then there are the conventions, which, based on these numbers, come at the right time for Obama. How much upward room there is for McCain remains unclear, based on what is a poor showing amongst indies (Obama favored by 11) and the stated 9 in 10 GOP voters picking McCain. In all the polls, base support is a major difference between the candidates, though I haven’t seen the cross-tabs or the exact figures (or the party ID numbers, for that matter.) But if indies favor Obama by that much, he’s in decent shape.

Obama isn’t in decent shape. He’s in trouble. He has been from the beginning, but the Democrats have wanted Obama to be the savior. It has blinded them from the truth. He has always been a fragile candidate. I think Ed Morrissey has a more accurate analysis:

Democrats have to wonder what it will take to elect Obama. The more money they raise, the worse he seems to perform. The more he’s seen, the more ammunition he provides for Republicans. After winning the nomination, Obama should have shored up support and extended his lead from the post-Hillary bounce. Instead, he’s flailing in the water, and looks in over his head.

Barack Obama is right where the Clintons figured he’d be and Hillary is just waiting for the call. She’ll save Obama. Maybe. Or she could be the noose around his neck. It is possible she could be both salvation and suicide. Salvation for now. Suicide for later. But politics has had stranger bedfellows than this.