Podcast: Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works Talks Tea Party, Crowd Sourcing And The Power Of The People

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Freedom Works President Matt Kibbe talks the Tea Party, the power of the people and why he’s so optimistic about the future. We also talk about how technology has empowered the people and why that’s a good thing. People mentioned in this show include Dick Armey, Matt Lewis, Ryan Hecker, the Dallas Tea Party, Ludwig Von Mises, Thomas Sowell, Mike Lee of Utah, and many more. Check out FreedomWorks.org!

Or, listen here.

Conservatives Pushing Back: Illinois, Florida and California

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

This will be a good year for not just Republican gains, but for conservative gains. Consider Marco Rubio in Florida:

Marco Rubio, who began last year as a total unknown, has pulled ahead of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate Republican primary for the first time, in a new Quinnipiac poll released today.

The poll shows Rubio leading Crist by three points, 47 to 44 percent – a lead within the poll’s 3.8 percent margin of error. In last June’s Quinnipiac survey, the little-known Rubio trailed Crist by 31 points.

Crist still is viewed favorably in Florida, though his approval ratings are on the decline. A bare 50 percent majority approved of his performance in office — down from 59 percent last October — with 38 percent disapproving.

And then, there’s the Illinois race where Mark Kirk is trying to portray himself as conservative–while he voted for Cap-N-Trade. Patrick Hughes is the obvious choice here, too. Over at Furthermore:

The simple mention of Kirk’s name has consistently drawn louder boos at IL Tea Parties than the names of Dick Durbin and Roland Burris. For the record, Kirk voted YES on Cap and Tax, NO on the Surge and he is NO friend of gun owners. Kirk also was against the partial birth abortion ban!

But, we are down to seven days. That’s 7! I sure hope the Tea Parties can act together in time to help! Conservatives across the country are seriously considering a last minute ‘air drop’ of support into Illinois for Pat Hughes. Please help.

A money bomb today over at Hugh’s site.

And then there’s California where Carly Fiorina speaks Democrat lingo:

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina found herself in political hot water Friday after speaking warmly of Jesse Jackson and saying democracy won’t be “truly representative” until “at least” half of elected officials are women.

In a speech that became public Friday, Fiorina fondly recalled the Rev. Jesse Jackson — a controversial figure across the political spectrum but anathema to many on the right — “very graciously” visiting her at HP years ago, when the two worked together to boost diversity among Silicon Valley’s work force.

“I like to remind people that women are not a constituency — women are a majority,” Fiorina said during her Wednesday night speech in Sacramento, hosted by California Women Lead, a nonpartisan group that encourages women to seek public office. “Women are the majority of voters and we will never have a truly representative democracy unless women make up half, at least, of our elected representatives.”

At a time Fiorina is seeking to appeal to conservatives, the most reliable voters in Republican primaries, her remarks could prove costly. Critics on the right, including one of her opponents in the GOP Senate primary, argued that her speech smacked of identity politics and bristled at her ties to Jackson.

And Chuck De Vore has been there, from the beginning, laying the groundwork for a conservative to capture Barbara Boxer’s seat.

The wonderful thing about these hardcore primary challenges is that establishment, bloated-government Republicans are having to answer for betraying the Republican brand (whatever that is).

Ultimately a new slew of “Reagan conservatives” will remake the party into a more fiscally restrained, responsive party.

The general election will also be bruising and rigorous. Good. Both Democrats and Republicans have been way too self-satisfied and unresponsive to their voters–they give the impression that the only way to have influence is to buy it.

Maybe a serious threat to their seat will wake politicians recognize their role as a representative, not an imperious leader.

Jill Dorson: Disappointed Barack Obama Voter? Blame Sarah Palin!–UPDATED

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Dear Jill Dorson,

I get that you’re embarrassed that you voted for a newbie like Barack Obama. I get that you are a sucker and bought the hype. I get that you’re sorry for your stupid vote.

You should be sorry.

You made a silly, immature decision based on superficial feelings, celebrity hype and empty promises. That sort of decision-making is great for voting for things like People Magazine’s Hottest Guy, but you know, this is the leader of the free world and all and such trivial motivations should be left behind–like in High School.

But no, you voted for Barack Obama for this:

Seven years later, I am ashamed to say that I was blinded by charisma. Obama was so convincing that I stopped caring about what he knew and started getting caught up in the euphoria. Imagine having a president who came from a broken home, who had money troubles, who did grass-roots community service? A young father. The first black president. It pains me to admit I got caught up in the hoopla.

Really? He had a tough life? He had a “compelling life story”? Aw, produce a made-for-TV Lifetime movie for the man. Don’t vote for him for President.

Worse, you voted against John McCain for similarly petty Teen Beat reasons:

Before John McCain unwittingly picked a tabloid-magazine cover girl for his running mate, I was leaning toward going Republican this time around. I did the second time Bush was on the ballot and I very nearly did the first time, too. But as soon as Palin climbed out of her igloo and onto the national scene, well, there was no turning back for me.

That Igloo-dwelling woman ran a state, you silly girl. She had executive experience–which is more than can be said for Barack Obama. Seeing Barack Obama gracing every Tabloid (and yes, I include Newsweek) didn’t dismay you. Seeing a Republican, conservative woman who happened to be beautiful dismayed you.

You are a chauvinistic bigot.

You think that your ideology makes you superior. Worse, you overlooked a candidate who was exactly what you wanted–fiscal conservative and socially rather liberal–because of his vice presidential candidate?

I call bullshit.

You are trotting out your sorry excuse for your vote now, because you know that there is nothing hipper in lefty circles than hating Sarah Palin. You try to save face for an immature choice by blaming a Vice Presidential candidate who would have no bearing on the Presidency.

But hating Sarah Palin does bone up your trend-seeking cred. You can still be the cool girl in school by hating the most beautiful girl and regretting schtupping the hottest guy and finding out that he’s just a big talker.

Grow up.

This country cannot function when voters act twelve years old and make electoral choices like this:

Like many others, my view is narrow. I vote for the candidate I think will be best for me. I often define myself as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. But above all, I want to feel safe and I don’t want to feel that I am being ripped off. I want a president who inspires me and cares about my contribution to the fabric of the country. I want a president with experience and savvy, a Commander in Chief who puts our country and its citizens first.

Really? You voted for who was best for you? Best for you how?

Your self-esteem was stroked by voting for Barack Obama. Feel better? You are a “good person.” You voted for the first black president. You were historical. But you didn’t vote for the guy who would “keep you safe” or who had experience or someone who would put America first.

No, you voted for someone just. like. you.

Barack Obama is vapid, self-serving, believes his own hype, long on talk, short on action, he’s in over his head, he’s immature and made an art of blaming.

Just like you.

You hurt the country with your narcissism, just as President Obama has hurt the country with his narcissism and will continue to do so.

Blaming Sarah Palin for your lameness is just par for the course. Another typical, face-saving decision by a childish voter.

You have three years, Ms. Dorsan. I suggest you spend them worrying less about the Republican party and giving them advice, and more about growing up.

How will you even know a good candidate when you see one? You’re so blinded by your superficial needs that you’ll likely vote for the next feel-good dummy who comes along.

Good luck with the maturity thing. Being a grown-up is hard–just ask President Barack Obama.


Melissa Clouthier
A Proud McCain Voter

P.S. John McCain wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t my favorite candidate and I probably would have loathed many of his decisions as President. But he would have been better than Barack Obama. That was obvious to anyone not swooning like a groupie.


Seems I’m not the only one irritated with Ms. Dorson. Another Black Conservative says:

Well, Ms. Dobson, apology not accepted. Instead I offer you a big fat “F*ck you”! Your colossal stupidity has doomed millions of Americans, who were ten times smarter than you, to the same fate of unemployment you now endure. You and your ilk run around pretending you are the smartest things on two feet, yet you could not see a dime store con artist standing right before you!

You knock Sarah Palin as being a dumb soccer mom, but had you had three functioning brain cells, you would have noticed that Sarah Palin predicted exactly what Obama was going to be all about during her convention speech. How is it a supposed mental giant like you could not plainly see what poor rube Sarah Palin figured out in 5 seconds flat?

Moe Lane adds this:

You admit that your first impression of George W Bush was incorrect. You admit that your first impression of Barack Obama was incorrect. You admit that your first impression of what an Obama administration would entail is incorrect. And then you spend an amazing amount of precious apology time revisiting your unfavorable first impression of THAT WOMAN. Have you considered following the trend line, there?

While we’re on the subject: you are aware that THAT WOMAN made many of the same objections about Obama’s experience and future plans, yes? I mean, really: there was no reason for anybody to be surprised at what happened.