Kevin Jennings Grooms Your Kids For Predators

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Pedophiles call it being “friendly”. Psychologists call it “grooming”. Kevin Jennings call it “educating.”

The safety school czar is all about taking your child’s innocence with the sanction of the public schools and all the force of the authority of a “trusted adult”–a teacher doing the dirty deed. This story is so disgusting, I’ve been stymied. How to write about this wretch-inducing story? There is no way to oversell the harm. Here’s some of what I wrote for Pajamas:

So the freaks who want to have easy access to children try to institutionally desensitize them to abuse. That’s what child predators do. They “groom” children so that when they cross the boundary into sexual abuse, it isn’t really abuse; it’s another “choice.” And if the child feels badly, well, it’s because the child has been enculturated by a puritanical society. The solution is to sexualize children from the moment they can walk and talk. Probably earlier.

A pox on these freaks houses. Their efforts rob children of childhood and destroy the innocence in sexual discovery. It is an abomination. There is not a teenager alive who hasn’t figured out what parts go where. Why is sexual education even necessary? But it’s not about sexual education. It’s about justifying their own base behavior and the warped childhood experiences that brought them to their current state. To remove their own shame, they wish to shame everyone. They wish to rip natural coming-of-age experiences to threads and make it a profane thing.

You can go to the story and get background and go to the links therein for more information and then come back. I’m going to elaborate a little more on the disease that leftists like to spread and call it health.

There is no defense for encouraging a 15 year old kid who is gay bar-hopping. That kid is prey. The 40 and 50 year old men trolling those places look for an easy, young mark. And Kevin Jennings didn’t discourage the child from such unsafe behavior nor did he encourage the boy into therapy to get help for his lack of self-worth. Kevin Jennings didn’t tell him that mixing alcohol with alcohol is a nice prescription for lowering inhibitions and ending up in situations where one catches a disease, or worse.

And then there are the children who read these materials–kids who have never even contemplated the sort of fetishistic acts described. And then there’s the children who are told stories of incest and abuse and it’s painted in a positive light.

What is Jennings thinking? What are his minions thinking?

If they have children, they know what a struggle it is to give a child childhood. With the internet and all the rest of what passes for entertainment, including commercials, it’s nearly impossible to have a childlike view of anything.

And there’s this: I would bet these same people would condemn the Catholic Church for hiding sexual abuse. The educational materials trumpeted by Jennings are institutional mandated abuse. Can anyone imagine the church printing and sanctioning this sort of material? And yet, in the secular humanist’s church, the school, is the holy institution and they have pushed forth and promoted behavior that would offend many married adults.

There is no excuse. Parents and all citizens need to fight back against these people and their destructive ideas.